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Custom Donation Amounts Accepted in Your Store

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Custom donation amounts

Allows your customers to make custom donations, no managing different product values means more time for your mission.

Everything in Shopify

Cut down on the extra work to reconcile your sales and donations from separate e-commerce systems. Keep everything in Shopify!

Donations @ POS

Accept donations as part of your online sales platform and on Shopify POS to help boost your organisations income.

Über DonateMate

Make donations as a product

*** NEW *** DonateMate is now Online Store 2.0 compatible! Add a donation widget to your homepage, cart or other product pages all with the drag and drop of your mouse. No coding is required!

Post-checkout donations are now in beta release! Ask your customers to add a donation to their order without risking the original purchase.

DonateMate allows you to accept donations in your Shopify store. Regular products in your store can only have a finite number of pricing options but having a custom donation app means you can focus on getting paid rather than managing your product donation values.

DonateMate will enable you to accept donations of any amount for an unlimited number of transactions.

DonateMate provides:

  • NEW! Donations are now available as a post-checkout donation!
  • Custom Donations accepted in your Shopify store
  • Any value donations, not limited by the percentage of the original sale
  • Donations can be the only item on order or appear alongside your normal shop products
  • Accept donations in all currencies active in your shop.
  • Manage multiple donation products
  • Add donation widgets to any number of other websites; all transactions go through Shopify
  • Shopify POS support for donations
  • A Class customer service

Don't pay for additional payment portals when you can take advantage of the secure Shopify checkout system. With DonateMate, not only can you accept donations as part of a typical transaction, but you can also add a donation widget to any other website that will automatically bring the user to the Shopify checkout to complete the transaction.

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Free Plan


  • Custom Donations in your Store
  • Dedicated Donations Product
  • Process $100 of donations per month
  • Email Support

Seed Plan


1% transaction fee for transactions above monthly quota

  • First $1000 per month included, then 1% transaction fee
  • Set minimum donation amount
  • Shopify POS support
  • Email Support

Growth Plan


0.75% transaction fee for transactions above monthly quota

  • Everything in Seed plus:
  • First $5000 per month included, then 0.75% transaction fee
  • Remove branding
  • Priority email support

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Incredible customer service! Ben went above and beyond. I had a special request and he made it work perfectly.

Girl Just Pray x Tykenia Mercedes

Let me say this first. DonateMate is a MUST if you’re looking for 5-star customer service! Ben reached out to me shortly after installing and setting things up to solve an issue that I didn’t even know was fixable. I’m usually not the type to reach out to customer service because I don’t expect fast help so I try to fix things myself. So the fact that Ben scanned my store and noticed the issue and even offered to fix it for me was beyond my expectations. I didn’t know service like that existed when you download apps for your store. Also, the initial setup was fast and simple. I love it!

Sos Miss Dolittle

The app does what we were expecting, and Ben (the developper) has been awesome to support us with the install since there was a little bug! Thanks Ben!