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Recurring Donations by Bold

Recurring Donations by Bold

Developed by BOLD

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Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Accept Single or RECURRING donations on your Shopify store.
  • Track and display your fundraising goals with customizable progress bars.
  • Back end dashboard to track all your donors and upcoming scheduled donations.

Introducing the first app that allows you to accept donations on your Shopify store in a way that doesn't interfere with selling your regular products!

What does it do, in a nutshell...

This app allows you to accept one-time or recurring donations on your Shopify store. The recurring donations can be weekly, monthly, yearly etc... whatever you choose! You can also add goals with live progress bars to show your customers the total goal amount and exactly where you are in relation to it. People love to see charities reach their goals!

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Full Control, Analytics & Reporting

On the Back End the app gives you full control and detailed reporting of your donations and donors. You can set up one, or as many different donations as you like! The analytics page lets you track progress and trends over time for individual goals, or all goals together.

Donor Management is a Breeze!

On the Recurring Donors screen you can see all your recurring donors, what they're currently donating, and the frequency. We also built in a basic "budget view" to show what's in the pipeline for the next week, month and year. This is a summary of committed recurring donors, which is extremely important for budgeting and letting you know what $ you can count on coming in.

Tax Receipt Exporting

If you give your donors tax receipts once a year, no problem! The app has a slick export function that lets you export a CSV file with all your donor's information, amounts, etc.

How does it work?

Making a donation is as simple as creating a product in your store and designating it as a "donation product" in the app. You can use the product images and description to put all the details of the charity and give your call to action. Once it's designated as a "donation product" the special donation widget will appear on the product page and the normal "Add to Cart" button will disappear. It's just like magic :-)

You can turn any product into a donation product, and you can embed the donation widget anywhere you like on your website!

For example, you could embed it on a Page, or Blog post like these examples. The app gives you a Liquid embed code if you want to put it in your theme's template files and it gives you an HTML embed code if you want to simply embed it on one specific page.

Checkout doesn't seem weird

It would seem awkward if you made a donation, added it to the cart, and forced you to go through the regular checkout entering a shipping address, paying a shipping fee etc... So we designed it not to do that :-)

After somebody enters the amount they want to donate and selects a frequency, the app takes them directly to the page where they can enter their credit card information and complete the donation right there. It won't try to take you to the cart and it won't try to make them pay shipping. It's just quick, clean and simple!

Customize Everything

Some would say this is overkill, but absolutely everything about this app can be customized! The donation widget, the goal/progress bar, the fonts, the colors, the dollar amounts, the frequency, the language settings, the thank-you page, the declined page, even the details on the checkout screen!

Built in Email manager

The app has a built in email manager that lets you build customizable emails that can go out to one-time or recurring donors. It uses merge fields so you can make it custom by making it automatically insert their first name, donation amount and much more.


Common Questions

Q - Can I have more than one type of donation?

A - Absolutely! In fact, you can have as many as you like. There's no limit to how many different types of donations you can create with this app and it also doesn't affect pricing :-)

Q - Do I have to use Stripe as the payment gateway?

A - For the donations, yes. For the rest of your site and your normal checkout, no. You don't have to change anything in your payment settings in Shopify. Just leave that the same and if customers buy a product that doesn't change at all. To use this app you'll need a Stripe account to accept the donations, but ONLY the donations. Stripe is really an amazing company and extremely easy to get set up. It's free and they approve your account on the spot. So the fact that you need a Stripe account won't cause any delay. You can sign up for a FREE Stripe account here.

Q - What happens if someone's recurring donation is declined?

A - If a payment doesn't go through, or if a donor's credit card expires you'll get notified and you can update the credit card setting. There's an admin panel within the app that allows you to see all successful and unsuccessful payments and you can simply update their payment details right there.

Q - How can I stop or edit someone's recurring donation?

A - There is a "Recurring Donors" panel that lists all your donors, their details, what they're paying, etc. From there you can edit all their details and payment info.

Q - Is there liquid code required for this app to work?

A - Yes there is. If you're comfortable editing liquid you can do it yourself by following the instructions here. If you're not comfortable with liquid no problem! We can do it for you :-) We offer a full installation for $25.00. Don't worry, if you decide the app is not for you and uninstall it before the trial period we offer a 100% refund on that.

Q - How does the pricing of this app work?

A - The app is $9.99 a month plus a 1% processing fee only on donation transactions. That's it!


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$9.99 / month

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1% transaction fee on donations

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