DoT Products extra details

DoT Products extra details

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Show product attribute or item specification in tabular format

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Show Attributes in table

Don't let your customers go to other sites to check specification of products.

Attract more sells

By providing full details in easy to read manner you will get more sells.

Shorten your description

Shorten your product description. less writing more content.

Über DoT Products extra details

DOT products extra details is a product attribute and specification app to show main features of your product.In other words, it is a tool to showcase itemised details of your products which includes its type, quality, materials used, specific feature and best selling points, etc. By using this, you can convey all the information related to your product to customers in a clear and concise way.

***It is the need to time because if a customer is left wondering about the specifics of a product, they’re more likely to go elsewhere to look for the information and unless your site’s price is significantly lower than your competitors’; they are likely to just buy from the other site where they have got its complete information***

Why to use DOT products extra details:

  • To Provide Information or attribute that is important enough to be shown in a product detail page in tabular format.
  • It conveys information in an easy to read format. No one want's to read full product description. So, it becomes important to provide them full product specification in an easy to read table.
  • To have full control on your product attributes.
  • To have full control on styling of your table so that you can modify styles of table to match your theme accordingly.
  • You can use one product details for other product too.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It helps to get an assurance of client satisfaction because customers know exactly what they have ordered.
  • It helps you save efforts and time from answering queries related to product specification.
  • 24x7 support available from us at Deals on tips.
  • Free for Trial and Affiliate shops

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3.1 von 5 Sternen

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Update: I was contacted by DoT products and they worked on my problem and now the app is up and running again. All of my information that I have input is still there and the problem has been resolved. I downloaded this app and thought it would be perfect for my shop. I have a wine shop and wished to list the attributes of each wine in an attractive way. I spent about 12 hours uploading the individual attributes to 60 wines in my shop. They looked beautiful on the front end. I was so very happy! I came back a few days later to complete the other 17 or so wines in my product range. The app had stopped working. In my back end, the app says I'm "forbidden" access. At first, it just spun and spun trying to find products. Then, a few days later, forbidden access.

Antwort des Entwicklers

12. Oktober 2021

Dear Babarolo team,
We appreciate your feedback. Our server was attacked that's why app was not working and we were not able to get your emails. We apologize for the same.
While you were struggling with the app, our team was also working on the server restoration. Finally we are live and I am assuring you that the app will never get down again.

In the future if you have any problem in using this app or need any help, you can directly message me on skype > yudi0812



It has been working flawlessly until today. It is not working today. Please fix this issue asap. Because this section is very important to our customers to see our shipping dates which we created as information through the app. The app admin fixed the issue today. Thank you for your service. Edit : This issue happened several times and the styling of the app is totally disabled. We sent the developers so many emails but nor the problem has been sorted and neither we have recieved response. So we deleted app today. We do not recommend this app.


Excellent app if you need to display product specifications. Looks very clean and fits in the tabbed section of my pages perfectly. Would recommend.