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Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution

eCommerce Order Fulfillment

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eCommerce Order Fulfillment

As your next fulfillment partner, Dotcom delivers your brand experience- tissue, inserts, even a spritz of perfume to excite your customers.

Multichannel (B2B) Fulfillment

Breaking into new channels or scaling your business? Whatever the opportunity, Dotcom will execute your fulfillment strategy and vision.

Transportation Optimization

Implementing custom freight solutions to achieve your cost & time-in-transit goals. Guiding you to the right mix of carriers & services.

Dotcom Distribution 정보

Dotcom Distribution’s order fulfillment services fuel growth for emerging eCommerce and multi channel retail brands.

This app allows brands who have their products fulfilled by Dotcom Distribution to manage orders, inventory, shipping methods, and view returns data directly from the Shopify admin panel.

  • Direct integration to your Shopify store - orders flow from your store to Dotcom Distribution
  • Map all shipping rates and services
  • Tracking information with support for multiple tracking numbers per order
  • Inventory management
  • Item management
  • Configurable low stock alerts
  • Returns reporting
  • Supports electronic gift cards
  • Multi channel support

Benefit From Our Shipping Rates

Dotcom Distribution has negotiated heavily discounted shipping rates with every major parcel carrier, and we share the benefits of these rates with you. Our intelligent transportation management technology analyzes each package to select the right carrier and service, based on your customized logic and rules. This means you get the proper balance of shipping speed and cost, every time.

Dedicated to Customer Success

As a Dotcom Distribution customer, you are assigned a named Program Manager to ensure your program is running smoothly and on track with your growth forecast.

High Touch / Experiential Pack Outs

Dotcom Distribution takes your brand experience seriously. We follow your pack out guidelines down to the letter to deliver the perfect experience to your customers, every time. Whether you need tissue paper wrapped around your product in a specific way, a spritz of fragrance in the box before it’s sealed, or something even more special to delight your customers, we can do it.

Scalable Picking & Packing

We understand growth. Our processes and systems allow us to help you scale your business to any level while consistently delivering your brand experience.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a luxury or lifestyle brand in the fashion, apparel, cosmetics, skin care, or hair care space, and you’re processing 150 - 5000 orders per day, this could be a perfect match! Contact us if you have questions about how we can serve your program.

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Pick, pack and ship starting at $2.50, storage starting at $0.55 per month.

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