BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter

by Grizzly Apps

Show prices in customers local currency. Make shopping easy.

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Lulu Babe

When my store is viewed on mobile, this app pushes my header menu just out of the visible screen. Customers have to scroll to reach the menu.




The prices change with this app, be aware, I used it twice and they didn´t resolve the problem, I have disabled the app for those reasons

White Rabbit Japan

Unfortunately, this app formats some currencies incorrectly. For example, Japanese Yen currency do not have decimals but Doubly will display JPY with decimals unless you turn off decimals in which case all other currencies (such as AUD, CAD, USD, and the EUR) will be rounded to the nearest integer!

I hope this app developer will improve their app by adopting the International Organization of Standardization ISO 4217 rules regarding minor units of currency.

Sharp Aroma

It's a nice app but it has styling and compatibility issues! I'm using the Venture theme and this app pushed my cart to the middle of the header (on top of my logo) on a mobile device.

Little Green Panda

Had some issues setting it up - and customer support was not helpful at all. Currently looking for an alternative


Every single time I install this app on one of my stores , Ihave the same exact problem. The converter does not convert. I am obliged to call support and even then sometimes it still doesn't work.


The only problem I have with this app is the way it incorrectly formats currencies. The app should default to the standard way a currency is formatted at a MINIMUM. This is a Shopify app not a FOREX trading app. For example, the app can convert Japanese yen into ¥100.01 (decimal points are not used for the Japanese yen) or it can covert the USD to $1.001 (anything after the hundredth decimal point is not used for daily life). Please review and fix the way the app convert currencies to be standardized with the minimal format of a currency, not this FOREX trading jumbo that makes no sense on a shopping platform.

The Alpinist

The app works as advertised. But if you care about good design of the currency switcher be prepared to do custom work or get a different app. The Country/Currency Icons are very low res. It looks awful on modern high pixel-dense screens. Support has not been very helpful. I asked if there's a way to change the Currency "Symbol" of our main currency. They use "SFr. 10.00" and the generally accepted and most used way of writing it here in Switzerland is "CHF 10.00". They did answer but said they don't know if or how certain things are possible and that I should contact a developer to find out. I get that they can't do everything, but you'd think they know by now what is possible with custom work and what not. Anyway, I am still evaluating this app as well as other currency converters. Will update once I found a solution.

Relux shop

not showing currency change on my site. thats why ,will review 5 stars if its for free and and thats it