BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter

by Grizzly Apps

Show prices in customers local currency. Make shopping easy.

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Bohemiam Jungle

Hello support, your application does not work for me, I need you to configure it for me


Stingy company - worst customer relationship

I've used the service for nearly a year and then paused my store for a few months. I forgot about the recurring payment and paid about 5 months subscription without having used my store. I asked for a refund for at least the last month since I just paid it and there were still weeks left in the month I paid for. They said they can't approve the refund. I've done this for 5 apps which I accidentally paid for nearly half a year and all of them happily refunded the money except this one.

-Greed has poisoned men's soul

Erthe Co

The WORST SUPPORT EVER received! The developer Vlad was not helpful at all. The code didn't work on my site even if I entered the codes as per instructions. The converter was displayed on the bottom of my footer, instead of on my main navigation. I've asked them to fix it and they just simply put their hands up because I'm on their 'free' plan and I would have to upgrade to get proper support. It's a joke. The design of 'no theme' looks primitive as it's not 'transparent' at all, like it's advertised. It's a waste of time. I immediately uninstalled it and found another app which is MUCH BETTER and it's free. Because of that, I will upgrade to their paid plan. BEST Currency Converter have missed out on my business.


The app is buggy and support is too slow, worst part is that i told the developer i dont want them to give access to figure out why it was not working when you have compare prices instead let me know what piece of code needs to be changed.

I was flabbergasted when i got an email stating that there developer has went into my store and made the necessary changes, what is all that, i thought they would need access to the store, i simply installed the app, does it mean any tom dick and harry can access my store, why, How can Shopify allow this, what about data security and privacy everyone is talking about.. On top of that my other apps like Whatsshare stopped after i installed this app, removed this, this is very scary, how can someone access your store simply when you install an app. There needs to be a mechanism where they should request the store owner and if they agree should go in and not otherwise.


Does not change amounts as required when selecting currency.

Ajretail Dimaond

Not working in my shopify website


Not sure if i installed correctly or not, but i cant test to see if currency is changing?


stupid app when customer want to buy this app not convert currency

Awesomely Squishy Art

I've been receiving a lot of add to carts, but no sales. Out of confusion, I decided to figure out why. I discovered that the currency converter app was messing up the prices on my website. To clarify, imagine being on Amazon, you see a product for $45, you add it to cart, then at the checkout page, it's $450. I had to remove this app from my website.

I understand that bugs may happen with apps, but this is unacceptable. It probably cost me a bunch of sales. Not HAPPY.


it doesn't work, had to delete it i'm glad i didn't upgrade my plan