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BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter

Developed by Grizzly Apps

3654 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • We believe that your customers shopping experience should be pleasant and easy, encouraging them to buy and making them come back for more.
  • By helping your customers shop in their local currency you decrease customer frustration and cart abandonment.
  • Our app helps you do this by converting your prices to their local currency, automatically and based on their location.

New Feature

Now you can hide the Currency Converter, if you wish, and have it run only in the background. Your customers will still see the converted prices, however without seeing the currency converter. (for the Elite version only)

Free version (the only free currency converter with free installation support)

All the features of the "Free" version are forever FREE. Free version includes:

  • Free for life

  • Add up to 5 currencies

  • 3 beautiful designs

  • Free Technical Support

Elite version

If you want a more powerful, feature rich currency converter, we recommend the Elite version. Elite version includes:

  • $9.95/month with 30 days Free Trial or Free for Shopify Development Stores

  • 160+ currencies

  • 3 beautiful designs

  • Auto switch by customer location

  • Price configuration (round prices, remove decimals etc.)

  • Checkout currency notification

  • Price on hover

  • Hide Currency Converter so that it only runs in the background

  • Assign currency to country

  • Free Technical & Design Support (we can help you place the currency converter in the right position on your website)


Works out of the box with any theme, and looks amazing!

Supports any Currency

Works with 160+ currencies including Bitcoin. Converts prices instantly, on any devices, any theme, even if you use ajax. You can even add all the currencies with the push of a button (which you can’t do with any other app).

Currency Rates get updated twice a day.

Auto-select currency based on Customer's Location

The app detects your customer's location and automatically selects the currency for them. They can also change it manually if they wish from the Currency Switcher.

Beautiful Design

Choose from 3 different currency converter themes, one more beautiful than the other.

Price configuration

Removing price decimals is as easy as Pi, so that your customers can see beautiful converted prices like €3 instead of €3.14159.

Our app informs your customers

Since Shopify doesn't allow us to convert the prices on the Checkout page, we came up with a few ways to inform your customers of this. Either with a custom message on the cart page or if they hover over the converted prices, they'll be able to still see the original prices.

So why is it better than the other currency apps?

  • Better design, user experience and overall quality

  • We inform your customers that the currency can't be changed on the checkout page

  • We offer more features, such as the ability to change what currency a country should use. For example, in case you want your customers from England to view the prices in Euros instead of GBP.

A message to our customers - Why we do what we do

We believe in not only making great apps, but remarkable apps that truly stand out in your customers eyes. We are passionate about what we do and we want to leave you and your customers with a smile on your face after you experience our apps :)

BEST Currency Converter reviews

3654 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (336 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (67 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (17 reviews)
  5. 1 star (67 reviews)

Just had the app installed. still no change on products or cart... please help.


mmmmm its i dont know they told me to like and comment then we will offer u our free service so


the app change nothing,,i don't know whats the problem


Have emailed twice in the past week for you to fix a issue with the app.
Works until I get to my add to cart page then says the product price is $179.51 when the product is only $17.95. The total is right but the product prices aren't. This looks misleading to customers and may turn them away thinking they will be charged more. If I don't get support help in a few days I will be disabling the app to find another. I want to launch my store but need this issue fixed before I do


Hello support, your application does not work for me, I need you to configure it for me


Stingy company - worst customer relationship

I've used the service for nearly a year and then paused my store for a few months. I forgot about the recurring payment and paid about 5 months subscription without having used my store. I asked for a refund for at least the last month since I just paid it and there were still weeks left in the month I paid for. They said they can't approve the refund. I've done this for 5 apps which I accidentally paid for nearly half a year and all of them happily refunded the money except this one.

-Greed has poisoned men's soul


The WORST SUPPORT EVER received! The developer Vlad was not helpful at all. The code didn't work on my site even if I entered the codes as per instructions. The converter was displayed on the bottom of my footer, instead of on my main navigation. I've asked them to fix it and they just simply put their hands up because I'm on their 'free' plan and I would have to upgrade to get proper support. It's a joke. The design of 'no theme' looks primitive as it's not 'transparent' at all, like it's advertised. It's a waste of time. I immediately uninstalled it and found another app which is MUCH BETTER and it's free. Because of that, I will upgrade to their paid plan. BEST Currency Converter have missed out on my business.


The app is buggy and support is too slow, worst part is that i told the developer i dont want them to give access to figure out why it was not working when you have compare prices instead let me know what piece of code needs to be changed.

I was flabbergasted when i got an email stating that there developer has went into my store and made the necessary changes, what is all that, i thought they would need access to the store, i simply installed the app, does it mean any tom dick and harry can access my store, why, How can Shopify allow this, what about data security and privacy everyone is talking about.. On top of that my other apps like Whatsshare stopped after i installed this app, removed this, this is very scary, how can someone access your store simply when you install an app. There needs to be a mechanism where they should request the store owner and if they agree should go in and not otherwise.


Does not change amounts as required when selecting currency.


Not working in my shopify website

From $0.00 / month

All the features of the "Free" version are forever FREE.
"Elite" version is Free for Shopify Development Stores.

30 days

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