DPD Integration

DPD Integration


Creates and tracks DPD Shipments (20 countries supported)

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Easy shipment creation

Don't lose time filling shipment forms. You can create shipments for orders automatically or manually with just one click.

Keep customers informed

Orders are automatically updated when the shipment status changes and the customer is notified on delivery status.

Faster order processing

Labels and Packing slips can be printed in bulk for orders with tracking number, so you can save even more time.

DPD Integration 정보

This is an easy to use app that allows you to save the time used to fill shipment forms.

This app requires a DPD account, in order to use their API to generate the shipments. The integration works only for companies registered in one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria (Speedy), Portugal, Italy (BRT), Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Slovakia (if you need DPD integration for another country, please get in touch with us)

You don't need to fill forms in DPD’s web page anymore. You can set the app to automatic mode and each time a customer orders a product fulfilled by DPD, the shipment will be created automatically. You can also disable automatic creation and generate shipments with one click for the orders you choose.

Also, to make things even easier, we integrated in the All Products admin page a functionality to set the fulfillment service on all selected products.


  • Label printing directly from the app
  • Print packing slips
  • Bulk printing of Labels and Packing slips
  • Return labels (UK, Bulgaria, Romania and Baltic countries only)
  • Automatic filtering rules (Premium plan and higher)
  • Batch order fulfillment - filter and select the orders you want to be fulfilled with DPD, then start fulfillment for all selected orders, in a background process which will not block your web page.
  • Mobile friendly status - see order delivery status on your phone or tablet
  • Tracks shipment status and updates the shop orders accordingly
  • Provide tracking history to customers
  • Can set orders as Paid when the payment is Cash on Delivery and the package is successfully delivered
  • Set the fulfillment service on products in bulk
  • Reports shipment creation issues like wrong address or phone so you can fix it and be sure the package gets delivered
  • Shipping cost estimates (only for Romania)
  • Reduces the amount of time you spend filling shipment forms
  • Creates shipments automatically or manually with one click
  • Enable Predict service (UK, Ireland, Slovenia and Croatia only)
  • Shipping method mapping to DPD services (UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Bulgaria, Switzerland)
  • Delivery to Pickup Points (UK - Ship 2 Shop, Baltic countries, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia and Romania)
  • Show the DPD order history in website - this way you can provide more details to your customers, about their orders, directly in your store's website.
  • Scan order barcode to find the order (on mobile under Shopify app or with external scanner in browser)

You can find more details on our web page.


  • DPD API,
  • DPD Local UK,
  • Klaviyo

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  • You can create up to 30 labels per month free of charge.



$0.05 per label after the included labels are used

  • 100 labels included
  • $0.05 per label after the included labels are used
  • Label printing



$0.04 per label after the included labels are used

  • 250 labels included
  • $0.04 per label after the included labels are used
  • Label printing
  • Order history in website



Additional plans available. See our pricing page for details

  • 500 labels included
  • $0.03 per label after the included labels are used.
  • All features in lower plans, plus
  • Automatic filtering rules

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This app is fantastic and if you have any issues or requests the support is amazing. Thank you for this great app!

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 19일

Thank you very much!

Future Forests

We just set up the DPD integration by WS Assist and are thrilled by how well it worked with our existing order processing. Having all of the customers' shipping data auto-populate into printable labels is life-changing. Their customer service is also exceptional. Within a day of signing up for a paid option we requested an additional function to be added to the app. Bogdan, our contact at WS Assist, took it upon himself to contact DPD directly and work with them to create a completely new field for us within the app. I am thrilled with this app and with WS Assist!


Super App, and Super Support. The App is very convenient and get's the job done perfectly. And the Support is always there to help. Thumbs up

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 15일

Thank you very much for your review!