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Generate documentations

Generate multiple types of shipment documentations quickly and easily.

1-stop platform

Platform for order fulfilment, shipment labelling, organising a DPEX collection and tracking the delivery status of each of your order


Provide your customers with self-service, up to the minute status of where their order is – reducing time you spend on Customer Service

Om DPEX Worldwide

DPEX Worldwide Online Integration

Fully integrating with DPEX Worldwide online system, this easy to install and configure app assists you in the creation of high quality and accurate shipping documentation to accompany your packages – whether they be travelling locally or around the world. What this app will help you to do:- * Import pending orders directly into DPEX Worldwide online system. * Print labels (as well as commercial invoices if required) and fulfil your orders via DPEX Worldwide online system. * Track and monitor your orders that are being shipped to your customers.

What is DPEX Worldwide Online System?

DPEX Worldwide online system is an easy to use web-based portal specifically designed to assist in the preparation and management of shipments being delivered. In particular, DPEX Worldwide online system will:- * Assist in the preparation of consignment notes/delivery labels (and commercial invoices as necessary). *Provide management of receiver names and addresses (your address book) for future orders. * Send automated shipment notifications to your recipients to make them aware that a shipment is on the way to them * Provide up to the minute tracking and monitoring of your shipments currently in transit * Let you set alerts to advise if there is a problem/delay in the delivery of your orders. * Allow the setting of user preferences to further ease the preparation of future shipment documentation. * Provide you with the ability to generate reports and statistics of your current/historical shipments including transit times. You can event schedule these reports to be sent to you automatically at preset times!

What Next?

So, take the first step to save yourself time, reduce Customer Service enquiries and avoid the mundane task of preparing shipment documentation.



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