Custom & Draft Orders For POS

Custom & Draft Orders For POS

Lazer Technologies

Create And Add Draft And Custom Orders Directly Within POS

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Add Draft Orders To POS Cart

Easily create or add any draft or custom order, it's line items, discounts, and respective customer info directly to your Shopify POS cart.

Create & Manage Draft Orders

Search through draft/custom orders, edit statuses, and add them to your Shopify POS cart. After checkout the draft is automatically deleted.

Add Custom Services & Products

Add custom services and custom products to your draft order, and directly to your POS cart. Manage the workflow status of your draft orders.

Custom & Draft Orders For POS 정보

What is Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS?

Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS is one of Shopify's most popular apps for creating and managing draft and custom orders right within your Shopify POS device. With this app, you will also easily be able to add draft orders created by any app or system to your cart in Shopify POS.

To get started, simply

  1. Open the app, search for an existing draft/custom order (or create a new draft/custom order) that you want to add
  2. Review the details of the order (such as the associated customer, line items, and applied discount, and more)
  3. Add it to your POS cart!

Install it now, and start immediately managing your draft and custom orders right from within Shopify POS.

All the features you need

After speaking to numerous merchants, we've listened and incorporated many features to help you and your business continue to be successful with draft orders inside Shopify POS.

  • Search and view open, invoice sent, and completed draft orders by draft order number, customer email, customer name and draft order tags.
  • Create new draft orders directly from POS, no need to go into Admin anymore
  • View the contents of all draft and custom orders, and edit any draft order (editing only applicable for draft orders created through the app)
  • Create a new draft order from the current contents of your cart
  • Select a customer and add a customer to any draft order
  • Add any line item to a draft order
  • In addition to adding existing products as a line item to a draft order, you can now create any custom service or product as a line item to a draft order without it saving as a product in Shopify Admin
  • Create custom workflow statuses and add a workflow status to your draft order
  • Set a discount for any draft order
  • Add any draft or custom order (and all of it's contents - line items, properties, discounts, customer details, and more) to your POS cart in one simple click
  • Automatically delete a respective draft/custom orders when checkout is completed on the POS device
  • Works on any POS device

Missing A Feature?

We love feedback and we'd love to hear about your experience. If we are missing a feature that you need, let us know and we will do our best to add it to the app.

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Unlimited Access


  • Create new/edit existing draft orders
  • Add draft orders to POS cart
  • Add custom services or products to draft orders
  • Manage workflow statuses

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Installed the app, but it wasn't working, I've contacted the developer and got it resolved within a few emails.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 18일

Hi there, I'm so sorry in the delay of response. I was out of town and just got back. I've replied to your email and am ready to help you get the app running well for you. If you can email me back at, I'd love that :)

Halifax Watch Company

Solid App, Solid team behind the app, fully recommend it. We switched to Shopify POS last year, we do about 100 Watch repairs a week and found this app based on the recommendation from someone at Shopify, it did about 75% of what we needed. I emailed there support with the small changes that would have made this app perfect for how we do repairs, they implemented the small changes like a search bar, were excellent in communication and even though it was a few months (During Covid) as soon as they implemented the updates they emailed me to tell me what they did.

Boar and Castle

This app makes it super-easy to create draft orders! They're also very communicative which was a big help to me as I was getting setup. Would highly recommend!