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  • A virtual fitting room for your customers (Get Higher Conversions)
  • Provide custom size recommendation across any brand (Minimize Product Returns)
  • Enable personalized sharing on social media like Facebook & Whatsapp! (Get More Footfalls)

Why does your store need Dressy (a virtual fitting room) ?

With plenty of apparel choices and brands available not only online but also offline, shoppers don't just need more apparel pictures but more personalization.

How does it look on me is a common user concern addressed with Dressy. It is affordable (10 times cheaper), easy to integrate (takes no extra space) and is also available in a FREE plan.

1. Bouquet of features for the avid fashion shopper

Buy one and get many free. Here are some of them.

  • Virtual Fit - All it takes for a user is a single TRY button click to try out an apparel and a second. This is possible, provided the shopper inputted a picture for the same in any of the flexible modes viz., Facebook, Upload / Webcam, Dressy inbuilt model
  • Recommend Size - Size charts are innumerable. However, the math is simple and Dressy accurately predicts the size from your brand's size chart of the apparel in focus. This is possible, provided the shopper entered her/his measurement data through any of the modes viz., Most preferred brand & fit or Vital body measurements.
  • Compare Looks - With an add-to-compare button, shopper can add different dresses of interest and check out how those multiple apparel look on the her/him side-by-side. Easy decision making.
  • Social Share- Find out what user's friends opine about a virtual fit look in real-time. This brings more brand visibility & credibility and thus gets more footfalls to the store.
  • Personalized ads- Targeted ads now get personalized that gives the user, the ability to try them out, even before visiting the store. 10% of Saphire & Diamond price plan revenues is offered as cashback towards ads for your store.
  • Mix & Match- Increase your sales by enabling the user to check out how an accessory or a jacket looks on a dress that she/he shortlisted.
  • Shoppers login with facebook and our servers automatically process user's facebook pictures and identifies the best fitting picture for use with Dressy. Here is a sample user workflow. For higher pricing plans, anonymous login and consumer analytics are also available.

    2. Dressy integration on your store

    Installation is automatic for most of the shopify themes except a few and involves extra effort only from Dressy team for those few. Only apparel and brand data needs to be shared by the merchant depending on the pricing plan chosen. Here is a list of all the steps involved for either party


    1. Install the app

    2. Choose a Plan

    3. Email size chart of one or more brands you have

    4. Email product/SKU identifier (IDs)

    5. (Optional) Email extra images of aforementioned products, only if their corresponding pictures on Shopify do not match this specification

    Dressy Support

    1. On Merchant's store: Add two lines of code (Javascript) to the store's HTML.

    2. On Dressy's server: Create merchant account, add chosen brand size chart, enable the chosen SKUs for virtual fit. The time taken varies from a few hours to a few days depending upon the total number of SKUs and size charts.

    3. We use rocket science to create cutting edge fashion technologies

    Dressy team has superlative experience in computer vision, augmented reality, wearables and artificial intelligence. Proof. Dressy was awarded the prestigious NEXT B2B 2014 by Global Shapers Hub of Germany and is a featured product at London College of Fashion. The lead innovator is an MIT TR35 Innovator awardee.

    4. Email / Demo

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write (24x7) to us here : hello@dres.sy We will also be able to set up a demo for one of your products on our sample store.

    Go ahead, install our app for FREE and enthrall your shoppers!


There are 4 pricing plans available, covering all kinds of retailers.

  • 1. Cart Conversion

    ZERO Installation charges
    ZERO Subscription charges
    0.95%** of product value only on Try-To-Cart*

  • 2. Order Conversion

    ZERO Installation charges
    ZERO Subscription charges
    4.95%** of product value only on Try-To-Order*

  • 3. Fixed Monthly

    ZERO installation charges
    Monthly fee @ USD 2 per SKU
    (Minimum 10 products)

  • 4. Usage based

    ZERO installation charges
    5 cents per Try Click
    5 cents per Share Click

  • We are temporarily waiving off the requirement of $200 deposit on all plans. So, ZERO deposit.
  • * If a customer tries a product virtually using Dressy and then adds the same product to cart or orders it, then only we charge a commission.
  • ** $20 is the maximum cutoff to commission. So, if your product is originally priced at $1000, the commission will be capped at $20 and it will not become $49.5 as mentioned above. A bill saver.
  • 30 days

    Support & Sales

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