Drip: Email Marketing

Drip: Email Marketing


Email and SMS marketing automation for ecommerce stores

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Forms to grow your audience

Use lead ads and forms to attract more customers and feed your segments.

Email, SMS, and automation

Create and automate ecommerce campaigns with pre-built, customizable templates.

Segmentation and reports

Easily segment your audience and see precisely what revenue each campaign drives.

Drip: Email Marketing 정보

Whether you’re selling vintage sneakers, plush toys, earth-conscious beauty products, or high-end jams online, you're in business to bring your passion to more people. That’s why you started your business. And that’s why you work hard to grow it.

But you didn't get into this to become a digital marketing expert. You shouldn’t have to worry about understanding A/B testing, the technicalities of automation, or retargeting pixels.

That’s where Drip comes in. Making ecommerce marketing easy is our passion. We’re here to grow your revenue with less effort. Using Drip, you can implement your marketing with the click of a button, and automate your campaigns to drive revenue while you sleep.

Drip is the marketing engine behind current and future ecommerce champions. But don’t take our word for it, here’s a direct quote from one of our customers, Shantell - “Ecommerce just got easier... if you have an ecommerce store then Drip is the only software that you should consider."

Here’s how it works.

Forms to grow your audience

Shopify CEO, Tobi Lutke, said it best himself: “Email lists and websites are the only two things you can own on the internet. Everything else is just rented.” We couldn't agree more. You already have a Shopify store, now let's help you build that email list. The fact is that all great ecommerce marketing starts with list growth. Drip’s easy-to-create and highly customizable forms allow you to acquire new customers by serving up relevant offers at the right time. And best of all, our form builder makes it simple to incorporate your branding to provide a seamless customer experience.

Email, SMS, and automation

Want to stand out in a crowded inbox? Create email and SMS campaigns that convert. Have you heard of our pre-built templates? Yes. Pre-built. Drip offers pre-built, customizable templates that make it incredibly easy to get up and running in minutes. Let your welcome series, winback campaigns, and abandoned cart workflows run in the background while you're asleep. And we aren't just talking about email. Drip's SMS features allow you to engage with customers on the latest marketing channel that's seeing sky-high engagement rates.

Segmentation and reports

Segmentation is key for high converting marketing campaigns. Drip allows you to create dynamic, living audiences based on customer actions you care about. Segments update automatically, making it easy to understand what each shopper is browsing, opening, clicking, buying, and beyond. And our dashboards? They show precisely what revenue your campaigns drive.

So go ahead, try Drip free for 14 days, bring your passion to more customers and make your store revenue soar.


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Pricing increases based on number of people.

  • Segment based on browse & order history
  • Automated customer journeys
  • Easily create beautiful emails
  • Multi-channel A/B testing
  • Unlimited users

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I really needed a tool to help me with my email marketing and this is IT! It's super easy, intuitive and fun to use. I highly recomend!

LNOC Store

Drip is both easy to use and really powerful. There's nothing that you can't do with it! You can connect multiple services just like Shopify and set up pretty much anything you want to retarget your customers and send them e-mails. Greatest service ever!

Natch Essentials

This app has been great in scaling our DTC business. There tech team (Andrew Koch in particular) has been amazing in ensuring we are running at our email campaigns the best they can be!