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  • Simple install of Drip (getdrip.com) on your Shopify store.
  • Start collecting customer and potential customer email address in 3 minutes
  • No HTML, JavaScript, or CSS skills required.

Safely, easily, (and finally!) get Drip working on your Shopify site.

You can have Drip on your store in 3 minutes

You've signed up for Drip, created a well-written campaign, and even enabled lead scoring to find your best potential customers.

But now you've got to install Drip to your Shopify store and you're stuck.

They give you some JavaScript to install, but:

  • how the heck do you "install" this piece of code?

  • where do you put it?

  • how do you know you've done it correctly and not messed up the whole design of your store?

You're not a programmer. You're not a designer. You just want to get Drip installed on your store.

No fuss, no mess

Imagine if you didn't have to mess with the JavaScript.

If instead of modifying your theme and risking a mistake, it was push-button easy and just worked by itself.

Then you'd finally be able to start a mailing list of potential customers.

Then your email campaigns would run.

Then those potential customers would come back to your store and start placing orders.

Dripify makes installing Drip to your Shopify store easy peasy.

No JavaScript coding.

No hand-editing your theme.

No worrying if it worked or if everything is right.

Using Dripify you can install Drip in under 3 minutes, just by clicking a few buttons.

click click click click Done


Do I need a Drip account to use Dripify?

Yes, you will need a Drip account in order to use Dripify.

Can you help me setup Drip and an email marketing campaign?

As a long time customer of Drip myself I can give you some pointers and ideas for your Drip campaigns.

However, you'll need to setup Drip yourself. I'd be happy to recommend someone you can hire to do the setup for you.

Will Dripify slow down my store?

Not at all.

Dripify installs Drip directly to your Shopify theme so your store still runs and loads from Shopify's high-performance servers.

Drip itself uses a technology that won't slow down your site while it loads.

What if I change my theme?

Dripify has the ability to reinstall Drip easily. Just login, click the button to remove Drip, and then click the button to install it to your new theme.

How quickly can I get setup?

Within minutes. Don't believe it? Check out the video above for the full installation process.

How to get Dripify

To get started using Dripify:

  1. Click install or the green GET button above

  2. Enter your store's URL

  3. Login to your store

  4. Allow Dripify to access your store through Shopify

Eric Davis

Little Stream Software

P.S. If you're using Drip and need an easy, fast, and safe way to integrate it with your store, this app is an easy decision. Install it now.

Dripify reviews

3 reviews
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I would make two or three changes on Dripify and only one or two would be reflected on my Shopify page. When I asked for tech support was told that I needed to pay $50 a month for help. I don't think the Dripify platform works properly. It would be nice if it did though. The features look interesting.

I've switched to MailChimp.


I recommend this app to every Shopify store owner that uses Drip for their Email marketing. This app means that you don't need to hire a developer or try to add th Drip code yourself. Dripfy quickly adds the Drip code to your store's theme so you don't need to!

Eric has great, responsive support and a simple one-time fee means you aren't paying every month.

Little Stream Software has the best Shopify apps on the market.


WOW! I love the app. It literally took 3 minutes to install. If you dont know how to code and use Drip, I highly recommend this app. It makes it so easy.


Unlike most apps, we only charge you a one-time, up-front fee - exactly as if you were hiring a developer to install Drip into your site (but at a fraction of the cost!)




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