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29. März 2024

BEWARE. Joana (Help Desk) is pretending to know trademark law, accusing my company of "potential." trademark infringement. Dirpshipper is hiring an incompetent help desk from the Phillippines. I'm glad not to do business with Dripshipper!

Dripshipper has two help desk employees. This company is unprofessional and all marketing. The coffee is different from what they describe. I love coffee; this stuff is similar to the average supermarket brand. Please do your research before doing business with this company. I should have, and that's on me.

High Desert Java
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 2. April 2024

Thank you for your review. I (founder of Dripshipper) looked into this issue personally. It does appear there could be potential trademark infringement with the brand you were using.

If you own the trademark or have an application filed for the trade name you wanted to use, that would be sufficient enough for us to continue.

We have amazing, high quality beans that we use for roasting. I'd love to hear more about your experience with our coffee, if you would like.

Please feel free to email us so I could chat about it. Best of luck to you! Sorry it didn't work out.

6. Oktober 2023

The worst experience I’ve ever had with a company. Any and every name I chose was not allowed. When asked why they said it sounded similar to other businesses. I tried three different names and wasted a lot of time on this.. horrible experience! I do not recommend!

50 Caliber
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
21. September 2023

I hope this app to go for free in the future

Cana Mea
28 minuten mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 27. September 2023

I'm so sorry to hear you did not get what you were looking for out of this app. We wish you luck in your future endeavors!

Bearbeitet am 29. Dezember 2022

12/19 update-
Customer order has fallen through the cracks. They ordered Dec. 18, the order didn't ship that week. I understand companies shutdown during the holidays, however Dripshipper said it's between one and seven business days for orders to process and the same timeframe for shipping. Support initially did not look into the specific order to provide more info when I had a customer grilling me about shipping (so I look like an idiot not being able to provide answers). His order didn't appear in the Dripshipper app so support told ME to recreate the order and mark it as paid. I refused and said that's not for the customer (me) to fix. We gave Dripshipper access to Shopify and they replaced an order which screwed up our accounting because the order wasn't marked as free AND the customer (already pissed off) got another email saying he ordered again but for a different amount of money. (Remember, all this is on you to relay to the customer because they think it's YOUR product that you're shipping.) While waiting for support to clear up the order, it gave me plenty of time to find the websites for the coffee suppliers and see that they have their own dropshipping and private label setup. I've reached out to them, updated my Shopify review, and discussed with colleagues how to ditch the middleman and work directly with suppliers for easier and cleaner communication.
In simple terms: You pay $30/month to be a third party without direct access to the supplier to provide your customer timely and accurate information. Dripshipper is simply a middleman app that adds another layer (meaning time delays and complexity -- and cost) for simple coffee orders.

Everything you read about the customer service is true. Before we started using the app the replies seemed quick and helpful. When we were on the free trial we had two orders placed for our store. The first order was July 3 but there's no info about it (it's July 12 today), and a second order was placed the next day. The second order shipped and the customer already has it. When inquiring about order status the support people respond that they don't have access to Shopify info, even though I sent a screenshot of all the customer info. Several emails back and forth and I still never got specific details about the order in question. Be mindful of delayed responses because it makes US look like an idiot to OUR customers. If dropshipping is so secretive, remember that they have no idea that another company is messing with your customer service. To recap: a full 10 days after a customer has ordered -- our very first customer, no less -- there is no info about the shipment, the support team doesn't answer direct questions, except giving copy-and-paste replies about timeframes. Thankfully our customers are understanding and we're playing it off as "sorry about this, we're new and still getting the hang of it" but I'm expecting them to flip out and call out OUR bad customer service because of poor communication from Dripshipper.
If we hadn't spent a ton of money on creating our store I'd have shut it down before the 14-day trial ended. What a shame.

Buff Boy Brewing Co.
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The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2023

We've made some great changes to our customer support team to make sure we are all being as helpful as possible.

Thanks for the review!

Bearbeitet am 17. September 2021

I had an order canceled because Dripshipper refuses to honor my card on file. But they still managed to bill me for the month with the same card they applied a “Do not honor” code to. When I reached out to get assistance they kept telling me to ask the bank and when the bank told me there is nothing wrong with my card I wrote to a rep and Dan got NO RESPONSE but received an email about prices going up. I asked for someone to help me or give me a refund and no response. This was my first app and in the beginning they were very good but I need a vendor who will be honest responsive and not try to get over on me when I’ve been paying every month regardless whether or not I made a sale. This is bad business.

Luxury of Variety LLC
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The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 8. Juni 2020

Woohoo! Glad to be working together :)

Bearbeitet am 7. Juni 2019

Well, they started off good - I've used it for 6 months, but don't count on the advertised "Ships Within 3 Days". The last few months it takes at least 10 days for them to process and then 3-4 days for the customer to receive. I've spent too much money promoting this bad service and am getting complaints. I'm looking for another coffee dropshipper. I don't even care if it's manual ordering - I'm at the computer or phone everyday anyway
ON June 6th: On Thu, Jun 6, 2019 at 03:30 PM, "Customer service" wrote:
I am sorry if you feel that we have wasted your year and money. Our production team is still trying hard to keep up with all the backed orders for several weeks of delay. DON'T EXPECT 3 DAY PROCESSING.
ALSO, DON'T EXPECT THAT THE COFFEE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY ADVERTISING WILL BE AROUND WHEN YOUR CLIENTS ORDER IT AND THEY WON'T TELL YOU UNTIL AFTERWARDS!!! "I hope this email finds you well. The order for XXX cannot be fulfilled due to unavailable coffee which are Cameroon and Burundi. "Uganda", "Burundi", "Honduras", "Rwanda", "Cameroon", "Bolivia", "Mexico" are discontinued at the moment until further notice. Kindly let us know which coffee should we substitute it with so we can process the order. Also, the main company is out of Timor, so They just might let you know they're out of that AFTER your customer orders it. This company has been a royal headache for a year and don't think for one second they care about you and how hard you've worked to promote THEIR business. There are other private label coffee companies out there. Don't be conned into thinking this one is turn-key ... It's NOT!

Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 21. März 2019

Thank you for your review. I also enjoyed our email discussion on how to better improve.

It is true that 2 out of your 16 orders shipped after the 3 business day mark. We apologize for that and have put measures in place so it won't happen again.

10. September 2019

I have been using this app for at least 9 months now. It seemed like a great idea and super easy, but the $25./month fee is too much for what you get, and the prices are too high to make a profit. It just isn't worth selling coffee with this app. Making just $4.00 a bag means you have to sell at least 7 bags in a month just to pay the fee for the app, let alone your shopify fees and other apps. It's a money loser. You can tell yourself you'll soon be selling 100's of bags a month and it won't matter, but how are you going to pay for FB and IG ads to get to that? Money pit.

Then there's the inventory problem. Last week I had a huge order placed, only to find out days later that 30% of my order was discontinued. A notification about the discontinued origins had been sent out months before that got lost in my inbox. I had just a week before checked the app and was changing a few things and there was no indication of discontinued items at that time. After my large order, the app coffee selections finally changed. When the order was finally shipped (over a week after it had been placed) no one could tell me what was in the delivery. I was told to "ask the customer" what they had received. What?! How does it look to the customer if I don't even know what I've shipped?

I looked into going directly to Old Chicago to bypass the app, but their requirements for drop shippers make it pretty difficult.

Finally, it's difficult to sell coffee online as a new brand when you can't get samples to send to potential customers. They only allow you a few samples for yourself. Then you have to hope your customers give it a try on your description alone. The coffee is great, but the app is awful. I'm moving to another coffee roaster so I won't have an expensive middleman between us, and can order samples when I want to do a promotion.

Kitty's Beans Coffee and Tea
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10 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 28. September 2020

I will give 0 for UX design. When creating custom labels you have to select each option and wait it loads before selecting the next option. I made my choices and then product details are completely different! I wrote to "customer support" it's been a week and no answer yet, there is no customer support.... everywhere you read in FAQ sections states "bottom right corner" for live chat.... there is no chat bubble anywhere!!!! I'm just starting with this service and my expectations where far far away from reality. My order says "Queued for production..." no more. There is no information anywhere about many things. You can't add different grinds to the same custom product when using custom labels, you should be able to make groups and then upload them to shopify. I seen pictures of the product and the ones you supply for marketing purposes and are not the same! there is no place to read product specifications before adding custom labels... there is a section "now our products" where nicaraguan coffee si supose to be medium roast and then you add custom label and product details says "LIGHT ROAST".... thats really bad for business!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blend Brothers Coffee
7 monate mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 4. Dezember 2021

Hi there! If you're willing to give us another try we have completely revamped our UI/UX to be SO MUCH BETTER now. Custom labels are a breeze now. Thanks for your feedback!

19. Juni 2023

Terrible experience. They charged 100 times for those label rejections. Zero support. Should I mention the printed labels look like a toilet paper in real life? They feel so cheap in your hands I wanted to cry. My home printer does a better job. Also they seem to make money not on selling coffee but on rejecting your labels. Just go to another supplier - save money. Wasted many months on this for nothing.

Vereinigte Staaten
6 monate mit der App
18. Juli 2020

Simple setup, TERRIBLE support. They seem to only offer chat support - there's no way to contact an actual human. So now, my best customer is stuck without the coffee they ordered A WEEK ago and I will likely lose them as a customer. This app is close to worthless...

First & Folsom
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5 monate mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 18. Juli 2020

Thank you for your review.
The issue you are having is because the order was not paid for until 7/16, so that is why it hasn't shipped yet. All our orders ship within 3-5 business days from when the order has been paid for. We don't start processing shipments until cost of goods sold have been paid for.

We have full-time reps available, but are typically only open during regular business hours of 9am-5pm M-F EST. Which is why we did not respond to you last night.

We will put in a request with production to expedite your order to hopefully help.