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29. Januar 2024

The customer support and service needs work. They constantly ask you to things that don't work or resolve your issues. If more was done to investigate the root issues. I.e. invoices not showing paid my Customer issue could have been resolved weeks ago.

Bespoke Cuppa Beverage Company
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Etwa ein monat mit der App
2. Januar 2024

This app/company connects you with two roasters to drop-ship coffee and tea. It has created the connections that I may not be able to make independent of them. They also host meetings/webinars in conjunction with the roasters to help develop sales strategies and aid in marketing.

Leo's Cafe
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
17. Mai 2022

I have used this program for years and have loved it. More options on labels (including color) and more options for single serve and single serve packaging would be great but beyond that, I am very happy with the service.

MotoMilitant Coffee
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Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2023

We added some more coffees for the k-style cups. I recommend you check them out!

Thanks for your review!

28. März 2023

Good and fast Support and Service and they try to help in any possible way.
App is working really good, just one small issue is the Shipping Carrier is missing in the API transfer from app to shopify therefore if your company is not in a country with USPS you have an issue with the carrier, but rest is working finde and again. The support is really good.
We are looking forward for more features.

Inner Peak Coffee Company
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5. Januar 2019

Just opened my store this week and received my first order. Second order already in the system. Past several reviews are not good, hoping that is a very small percentage of business owners. I will keep watching...

In The Grind Coffee Company
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31. Mai 2020

Pro's. This app has given me the opportunity to find a great niche with US based products. The free shipping is a life saver. It has given me the ability to build a brand with very little overhead. The coffee is delicious.

Con's: The free labels. (a critique more than a complaint). I am appreciative of them, but it seems like the generic design could pop a little more. Starting out, the labeling system is a catch 22. Designing your own labels really increases overhead when you aren't making enough sales to justify the cost of custom labels.

The Temecula Roaster does a really good job with the generic label print outs. The Old Chicago Roaster labels are often smeared when delivered and lack quality. The coffee from both organizations is great, which is why I utilize both roasters.

Firehawk Coffee
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 8. Juni 2020

Old Chicago Coffee Co. switched to a new label that is the same size... but satin, glossy and weatherproof. This will prevent the smearing mentioned in the review and look much higher quality. The old labels were more like matte paper and are no longer used. All shipments now have this new label from Old Chicago Coffee Co.

Thank you for the feedback. I want to make sure we work hard to turn those 4 stars into 5. I am going to see what we can do! I'm open to adjusting our templates. Please send a message to us and ask for Danny. If you had a good example for the free label templates, perhaps we can review it and see if we can get that to replace a current design. We have design resources if you have a look-alike you're interested in.

24. Januar 2023

There has been importing issues recently but from what I understand, it's for optimization of the app which could only mean it's getting good. I hope they'll have more better features and finally have tea on their catalog.

Great support too! I thank Raheel for answering my questions patiently. Thanks!

Hot Mary
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2023

Thank you for your review! I'm sorry there has been an importing issue recently.

If your issue hasn't been resolved, please reach out to our live chat inside the app, and we will get it resolved for you right away.

21. September 2018

Firstly, the coffee is delicious. I have enjoyed it very much myself and have been forcing cups of it down my friends and colleagues throats. The aroma of a freshly roasted bean is glorious. Delivery is quick and the free shipping is fantastic. Integration with the app is seamless. I have a good website in that is working nicely with the Dripshipper app. Before I put more time in to marketing my only concern right now is the label. I have seen other peoples products popping up with the same free label including the company image we upload. My fear is that there will be an influx of online coffee retailers with the same looking label and people will become savvy to the fact that it is all coming from the same place and sales will not come. The other option available is to put money in to producing labels with them and or have a photographer they work with produce photos with your labels which could run in the thousands depending on how many coffees and number of photos you want to take. I spoke to Danny about this and he mentioned they are hoping to improve label services in the near future after I asked if it was possible to print directly on to the bags. My goal is to have a beautiful and professional bag that rivals the biggest names out there. All correspondence from the team has been extremely fast and professional. I am excited to be working with Dripshipper and am excited about what we can achieve together. Highly recommend you check it out!

Aim High Coffee Co.
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18. April 2023

I appreciate Dripshipper for the ease of use. I do wish it was easier to create our own labels and flavors and work with the roasters. The roasters ship quickly, but I can't add my own touches to the shipping. Roasting and shipping myself would be a better way to go to create a better experience for our customers. But I am happy with Dripshipper and the ease of getting started. Thank you!

Monster Buck Coffee
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28. Juni 2022

I like that Dripshipper has great products and gives you the option to have your store built for you. I'd like a little more customization options (specifically the ability to put different blends/flavors into pods). Ease of use is fantastic but the margins are fairly slim.

Upper East Coffee
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The Doughty Organization hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2023

Thanks for your review! We recently added more coffees for the pods. So I hope you can check them out!