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20 mars 2019

Ran a test order in my store and the k cups that showed up did not work in my machine and the coffee was worse than Folgers when I was able to get it to brew. Packaging was poor at best, using this service will not help you build a brand, it will sink you right away, you will never see return business or good word of mouth if true coffee enjoyers are your targeted audience. Save your $25.00 and just resell something else, like coffee from anywhere else.

Savage Perk
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 21 mars 2019

Thank you for your review! I am sorry for your negative experience. Quality is highly important to us, so we want to know more information, if possible. We roast our coffee the day before it ships to ensure a quality taste. So knowing more about your experience would be greatly appreciated. We will follow up via email to learn more.

Another feature we have to help with packaging, is by using our custom label design section where you can have a fully designed label placed on the bag, instead of the more generic labels you had on this order. This feature sounds like it would be very helpful for you in creating much better packaging. We have this feature available, if you want the best packaging options.

22 februari 2021

Joined recently (Jan2021?) and not the easiest App but easy enough to setup Custom Label and product in store. Cons-- I do not like how the product image posts in Shopify (you will see --very low-end presentation). Cust.Srvc is decent to horrible range -- 3x sent emails, questions, comments and always get short msg's back.. sometimes not even fully addressing my questions. Is this because i am on lowest paid plan? So cust.Srvc increases with price you pay per month? Anyway, tried 4 different coffee blends so far and not thrilled with any -- i am used to Peets or Philz brands (and Starbucks Decaf Medium blend) and they all have so much better flavor/after-tastes than these blends rec'd... i open a bag of Peets or Philz beans and i still see oils glistening on beans/bag.... bags i rec'd (both Sample ones and regular ones) are fairly dry . i want my customers to LOVE products we carry so we are struggling on keeping this or not.... great great idea and love the app will tie into Shopify (for ease) .... but product flavor, cust.srvc and high pricing seem like this will not be well rec'd long term. So probably going to Drop this product so Let me know if anyone knows another Drop Shipper coffee supplier ! Thanks!

2 månader användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 27 januari 2023

I'm sorry the coffee didn't live up to the quality we strive for.

I hope the best for you and your business.

Thank you for your review.

8 maj 2018

So far great app. Easy to use and support is top notch. I would recommend this product so try it out.

3 dagar användning av appen
16 september 2019

Absolutely a bad experience. I paid $18.00 for a logo that was never completed. Cannot seem to get in touch with anyone at this point. Even Dan, the founder emailed me and I couldn't get back to him (undeliverable). Samples that I ordered took 2 wks to get here. Customer service is lacking in that more detail is needed than just ref a tutorial. Product cost is excessive. A little better communication here would go a long way

Old Fort Camping & Survival Supplies
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 16 september 2019

Hi there! Thank you for your review. Sorry for lack of communication. We have been sending email replies to all of your emails. Perhaps check your junk folder for them? Since we did not get corrected custom label designs from you (needs to meet FDA guidelines), and you have discontinued using Dripshipper, we have already processed your refund of $18 for the custom labels you ordered.

4 januari 2023

There is a reason they are leading the food chain in coffee dropshipping—fast, easy to use, communicative, and price. We look forward to a long relationship, and so should you!

Luna Bean
2 dagar användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 27 januari 2023

Thank you for your review!

Love it when we have a happy merchant!

Let us know if we can be of any help.

If there is anything else you could need, please feel to reach out to us via live chat inside the app.

9 mars 2023

I would not do business with them. They will secretly charge your card and send an email saying a customer just orderd. They did this to me even though i did not have single product in the store yet and the store also was not open for customers to browse or purchase. They did refund me but could not answer as to why this happend, i do not trust them very poor.

Jupiters Coffee Daze
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 9 mars 2023

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We only match directly to store SKUs.

We certainly would not want to ever maliciously charge a merchant. That would not work out well for us in the long run and would be immoral.

There must be some confusion here. I will look at this personally (owner of Dripshipper), see what happened, and get back to you.

28 juni 2023

The chat support has been very helpful. My shopify partner created a website with many bugs that I am now fixing and many questions unanswered. The chat support has always helped me. Even Mr Doughty (owner) reached out to me if I wanted help. I absolutely will accept any help I can get since I am on my own now. Lets hope once I start marketing the sales will hit the fan.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
12 maj 2020

I used this app to startup my online coffee business, def would be tough for anyone to make money using this service though as you must pay $10.77 and hope to sell 12oz of coffee for $15 -$17. And a pound for $15+ which you'll be lucky to sell for anything above $18. In my opinion they provide great service and great to help you get started, but not feasible for long term businesses. Plus $25 monthly fee on top of paying 75% of your profits to them. Look elsewhere before getting started and compare prices. Overall im happy with my experiences so far but the prices are just way to high.

Coffee Plz
30 dagar användning av appen
30 april 2020

You cant compete with establish Coffee Roasters. Their price are the same as yours but their product presentation is far superior. That is because you cannot customized your packaging without spending big. The free packaging does not look good i guarantee you that. Customer Support is not the worst but it does not feel they want you to succeed in this business. In conclusion if your not willing to spend money in this business, just stay away.. you will not succeed.

Ichi Coffee
27 dagar användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 30 april 2020

Thank you for your review. We always recommend to our merchants to compete on quality, not on price. Our coffee beats the large companies through quality. Our beans are higher grade, and they are roasted the same day we ship. So our beans are always fresh roasted, unlike any of the other big companies selling coffee on shelves.

17 februari 2023

Simple process. Fast shipping. The coffee is a little pricey according to my friends and family. Not by much. Just a few bucks for profitability and market share. The marketing tools you have to look for should be a little easier to access. Other than that, so far so good. Oh, my first sale was packed and shipped within a day which was wonderful. (It was a friend of mine that purchased to help me out)

Dog Hair Coffee Co.
27 dagar användning av appen