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28 december 2022

So far so good. I'm just getting it all set up and getting to know it properly but so far I like the help I'm getting, the tutorials, etc. There are some small discrepancies though so just double check if you're unsure and they will be helpful in a timely manner

Ungefär 3 timmar användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 27 januari 2023

Thank you for your review!

Love it when we have a happy merchant!

Let us know if we can be of any help.

If there is anything else you could need, please feel to reach out to us via live chat inside the app.

21 september 2023

I hope this app to go for free in the future

Cana Mea
28 minuter användning av appen
The Doughty Organization svarade 27 september 2023

I'm so sorry to hear you did not get what you were looking for out of this app. We wish you luck in your future endeavors!

9 september 2020

If your trying to build a brand steer clear of this app. The packaging options are pretty much limited to a custom label. This is the only coffee app I've been able to find on Shopify. Your better off doing some research and finding a company that will partner with you to provide a much better package. First impression are everything. A generic bag with a Custom label slapped on it is not worth lowering your brands perceived value.

The Gift Shop For Coffee Lovers
15 minuter användning av appen
Redigerat 2 augusti 2018

Horrible customer service. Not worth the time getting a business started when no one can answer simple questions. No information about the quality of the products is given.

***UPDATE*** Within a few minutes of this review being written, I was contacted and my questions were answered.

En minut användning av appen
17 maj 2018

I'm pleased with the app so far and Danny is very responsive to questions. I think it has so much potential to be a great dropshipping tool in the coffee niche.

I'd like to see more features implemented, such as custom labels and international shipping (they are working on it). I'm not selling yet, just getting started so I cannot talk about the coffee quality or customer feedback.

I'd like to see descriptions improved. They are very short and do not offer sufficient information. Knowing about the bean quality (AA - AAA and so on), process (hand-picked, sun-dried, washed, etc.), caffeine levels and variant recommendations for customers who have no idea (light, medium or dark roast depending on the type) would make things easier. Mockups are also much needed!

Overall a good app and I hope it will keep improving. Cheers.

Coffee Till The Coffin