Dripshipper: US Dropshipping

Dripshipper: US Dropshipping

by The Doughty Organization

Sell coffee with your logo on it! We dropship! USA Dropshipper

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The Apache Group, LLC.

This application is a wonderful idea and will be a serious money maker if it's improved. However, at the moment it is only seriously disappointing. Currently, you need to make one of two changes. First, you could change the price to reflect the service you provide. Or, provide WAY more options for a more professional private label program.

The application itself is very much not user friendly. Further, the payment system seems greedy and certainly not worth the services it currently offers. If you’re going to require a payed subscription, why do I also need to pay to upload my own logs and access product photos? Why would I pay for a fairly pricy subscription, only to have to pay for all the services which the subscription clams to offer a second time?

There is a lot of potential here. But I think the packaging needs to have WAY more options. Then entire point is to allow for private labeling, yet you don’t allow for real customization of the packaging. At present, you only allow a small logo to display on an otherwise unchangeable bag. As a result, it seems cheap and unprofessional. That said, that’s fine given the fact that this is the only application like this in the Shopify marketplace. However, if your priced like a premium app, you should also preform like one…

Developer reply

October 1, 2019

Hi there! Thank you for your review. I think you have some great ideas and would love for you to email us at support@dripshipper.io so I can hear more about the different private label options you would like.

Just to clarify, You do not need to pay to upload your logo and access product photos. That comes as part of the app subscription.
Also, we have a "Custom Product" where you can upload your own custom labels, and choose from different bag options to more customize your product. I'd be happy to walk you through that if you reach out to support.

Thank you again for your review, and I sincerely hope to hear from you and see what we can do to make our service better.

Old Fort Camping & Survival Supplies

Absolutely a bad experience. I paid $18.00 for a logo that was never completed. Cannot seem to get in touch with anyone at this point. Even Dan, the founder emailed me and I couldn't get back to him (undeliverable). Samples that I ordered took 2 wks to get here. Customer service is lacking in that more detail is needed than just ref a tutorial. Product cost is excessive. A little better communication here would go a long way

Developer reply

September 16, 2019

Hi there! Thank you for your review. Sorry for lack of communication. We have been sending email replies to all of your emails. Perhaps check your junk folder for them? Since we did not get corrected custom label designs from you (needs to meet FDA guidelines), and you have discontinued using Dripshipper, we have already processed your refund of $18 for the custom labels you ordered.

Kitty's Beans Coffee and Tea

I have been using this app for at least 9 months now. It seemed like a great idea and super easy, but the $25./month fee is too much for what you get, and the prices are too high to make a profit. It just isn't worth selling coffee with this app. Making just $4.00 a bag means you have to sell at least 7 bags in a month just to pay the fee for the app, let alone your shopify fees and other apps. It's a money loser. You can tell yourself you'll soon be selling 100's of bags a month and it won't matter, but how are you going to pay for FB and IG ads to get to that? Money pit.

Then there's the inventory problem. Last week I had a huge order placed, only to find out days later that 30% of my order was discontinued. A notification about the discontinued origins had been sent out months before that got lost in my inbox. I had just a week before checked the app and was changing a few things and there was no indication of discontinued items at that time. After my large order, the app coffee selections finally changed. When the order was finally shipped (over a week after it had been placed) no one could tell me what was in the delivery. I was told to "ask the customer" what they had received. What?! How does it look to the customer if I don't even know what I've shipped?

I looked into going directly to Old Chicago to bypass the app, but their requirements for drop shippers make it pretty difficult.

Finally, it's difficult to sell coffee online as a new brand when you can't get samples to send to potential customers. They only allow you a few samples for yourself. Then you have to hope your customers give it a try on your description alone. The coffee is great, but the app is awful. I'm moving to another coffee roaster so I won't have an expensive middleman between us, and can order samples when I want to do a promotion.

Savage Perk

Ran a test order in my store and the k cups that showed up did not work in my machine and the coffee was worse than Folgers when I was able to get it to brew. Packaging was poor at best, using this service will not help you build a brand, it will sink you right away, you will never see return business or good word of mouth if true coffee enjoyers are your targeted audience. Save your $25.00 and just resell something else, like coffee from anywhere else.

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

Thank you for your review! I am sorry for your negative experience. Quality is highly important to us, so we want to know more information, if possible. We roast our coffee the day before it ships to ensure a quality taste. So knowing more about your experience would be greatly appreciated. We will follow up via email to learn more.

Another feature we have to help with packaging, is by using our custom label design section where you can have a fully designed label placed on the bag, instead of the more generic labels you had on this order. This feature sounds like it would be very helpful for you in creating much better packaging. We have this feature available, if you want the best packaging options.

Ember Craft Coffee

The app is glitchy. It rarely opens without error. More importantly, it takes days to process an order. They must forward their orders to a second drop-shipper. Thank goodness my friends and family ordered first. Turn around time is embarrassing. The coffee costs too much. The shipping cost is too high. Use this app and before you know it your brand will be ruined. Very disappointed. Steer clear. Find another solution. Save time and money.

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear about your experience. We have free shipping on all our products every time. We would love to work with you to show you how to adjust your store settings to set your store to free shipping to match our offering.

Our order processing time is within 3 business days and we are always working to improve this. Since we roast the beans right before shipment, we have our challenges in improving the order processing time, but hope to get there.

Woodward Roast Coffee Co.

The people who gave this a five-star review are obviously just coffee lovers and not even into running a business. Yes, this service probably provides amazing coffee. That does not matter at all when you want to run a business, especially if you want to profit AT ALL. This service is selling you the coffee for $10. They are getting a lot of profit off of that! They recommend you to sell it for $14. Nobody EVER buys a bag of coffee for $14. Don't believe it? Try it yourself. You can spend $50 on ads to get just two sales (crazy people who spend that much for a bag of $8 at the most coffee), and you lost $42. Not only is this service profiting immensely from selling this coffee at an unreasonable price for you to sell at an unreasonable price, they also charge you $25 a month. So lets say you decide to put $100 into marketing with an amazing ad and an amazing audience, and you only get a few sales because most people are still sane. You lost all that money, then you get charged $25 for the service that already screwed you over, and then $29 for your Shopify business that didn't even make a cent. Does Printful charge ANYTHING? No because they profit off of what they sell to their dropshippers! Dripshipper is not worth your time, energy or stress. Stick to Oberlo. Dropship regular products. They say you can build a brand with this, but you can't build a brand for a product that nobody buys. No matter how much you sell your marketing cost will still be more than your profits. It is insane. Do not even think about starting this. Do not make the same mistakes I did. If you find another coffee dropshipper that is reasonable, go with that. Dripshipper is not worth your energy.

Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee

Well, they started off good - I've used it for 6 months, but don't count on the advertised "Ships Within 3 Days". The last few months it takes at least 10 days for them to process and then 3-4 days for the customer to receive. I've spent too much money promoting this bad service and am getting complaints. I'm looking for another coffee dropshipper. I don't even care if it's manual ordering - I'm at the computer or phone everyday anyway
ON June 6th: On Thu, Jun 6, 2019 at 03:30 PM, "Customer service" wrote:
I am sorry if you feel that we have wasted your year and money. Our production team is still trying hard to keep up with all the backed orders for several weeks of delay. DON'T EXPECT 3 DAY PROCESSING.
ALSO, DON'T EXPECT THAT THE COFFEE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY ADVERTISING WILL BE AROUND WHEN YOUR CLIENTS ORDER IT AND THEY WON'T TELL YOU UNTIL AFTERWARDS!!! "I hope this email finds you well. The order for XXX cannot be fulfilled due to unavailable coffee which are Cameroon and Burundi. "Uganda", "Burundi", "Honduras", "Rwanda", "Cameroon", "Bolivia", "Mexico" are discontinued at the moment until further notice. Kindly let us know which coffee should we substitute it with so we can process the order. Also, the main company is out of Timor, so They just might let you know they're out of that AFTER your customer orders it. This company has been a royal headache for a year and don't think for one second they care about you and how hard you've worked to promote THEIR business. There are other private label coffee companies out there. Don't be conned into thinking this one is turn-key ... It's NOT!

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

Thank you for your review. I also enjoyed our email discussion on how to better improve.

It is true that 2 out of your 16 orders shipped after the 3 business day mark. We apologize for that and have put measures in place so it won't happen again.


Expensive minimum monthly. No sales. People did not want their coffee.


Terrible customer service. Never answering emails and they give us any suggestion about shipping cost and products details.