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Fecha de modificación: 7 de abril de 2024

[EDITED] I changed it from 5 stars. i gave it 5 because I was asked to by the dev team so the Shopify algorithm favored them, and I did not want to be rude with them as I was still trying to use their service. I felt disingenuous with my rating, and since I’m not using it now, I will correct it.

My summary is that it favors only merchants with particular niches, and it’s absolutely NOT for people looking to dive into dropshipping business with no customer-base (leads). The reason why dropshipping with Ali, which DropCommerce devs are dead set against, worked is the products could be retailed cheap on Amazon and eBay, and shipping costed little to nothing all on top of the fact that Amazon, which the dev is also dead set against, can drive customers TO YOU with minimal upfront.

On the contrary, you CANNOT do that with products on DropCommerce; they’re too expensive for sale on Amazon. They don't even want you retailing things there even if you see an opportunity. This is backwards thinking as Amazon's logistics is top notch, and their FBA storage is perfect for dropshippers who can't have inventory to themselves. Shipping also is medium to expensive; it’s especially high with Canadian suppliers, and that will limit your margin. (Consider as well that you need to run advertisements on social as well if you don’t already have followers.) If it’s not bad enough, you are NOT allowed to resell them for lower prices than the suppliers do, so you can’t possibly offer competitive prices on items that are already expensive; we’re talkin like above $70, and you can’t run sales. Therefore you might as well just go on Faire or TradeKey to wholesale from the same suppliers. Some suppliers are registered on those. I should mention, and I don’t think most users know this, but they can ban you for violating this hidden rule. Moreover, suppliers don’t reply, or even if they do, they do very late, so when there is an issue with an order, good luck, CS is your only chance. They also boast 7-day fulfillment, but I’m not so sure; some things are made-to-order in Asia, and I’ve seen comments say their shipments were late (even after covid).

So my problems are with both the app itself and their service: 1) App is buggy and you need Chrome on Windows, basically, 2) People are having a hard time getting in touch with suppliers via the chat system 3) There is a lack of product variety 4) the service is more expensive than Spocket when it comes to Private Labeling which is essential. Speaking of which, I realise why Spocket offers both Chinese and US suppliers. (Because having US suppliers only may not be very profitable.)

That said there are still pros like 1) many products being pretty and photogenic for SNS promotions, 2) CS being responsive and nice, and 3) the ease of placing orders, but I feel like the cons outweigh these pros atm. 3 stars because I was peer-pressured to give a rating. Otherwise, it definitely has potential to be a good profitable service. You’ll find cool suppliers. But it favors only merchants with particular niches.

Victor Aernhart
14 días usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 8 de abril de 2024

Hi there,

Thanks for leaving a review of our app.

There are hundreds of apps that source products from AliExpress but we chose to bring a unique offering by focusing on USA and Canadian suppliers. With this we are able to provide fast shipping times, high quality products, and less returns for our merchants. As for selling on Amazon we will soon be releasing an update that will enable suppliers to opt in to allowing their products to be sold on Amazon, and this will be reflected in the supplier profile and filters. It is not us that do not allow products to be sold on Amazon, it is up to individual suppliers.

Also I would like to mention that I don't believe it is accurate to state we had pressured you into leaving us a review. You had originally left a 4 star review stating

"I give it 4 stars because if I give it 5 stars, nobody will bother reading it."

In response I mentioned to you that anything below a 5 star actually hurts more than helps and that "I'm going to work hard at making improvements to the app so that we can get your review turned into a 5 star. I do really appreciate the feedback."

I don't think it is quite fair to say that we had attempted to pressure you. I never asked you for a new review, I just told you that I received your feedback and was going to work hard at improving.

Either way if that email made you feel pressure I do apologize. I hope that you give DropCommerce another try in the future as we are always listening to our merchants and working hard at improving.

All the best with your dropshipping journey!

Fecha de modificación: 25 de octubre de 2023

My rating and ultimate departure from DropCommerce is due to poor communication. The chat box says it can take up to 3 hours for a response, but it actually takes 24 hrs and sometimes as long as 72 hrs (with no resolution). In addition, the suppliers do not respond to your messages either. I was trying to process an order but the payment due to the supplier was incorrect. My first message to the supplier was on 9/25, my first message to DropCommerce was on 9/26, and on 10/2 after multiple attempts decided to find another app and suppliers. Please note as of 10/19 I still haven't heard back from the supplier. The other issue I was trying to resolve was that the inventory from my suppliers wasn't syncing with my store. Whenever DropCommerce responded (24-72 hrs later) they would give me generic/scripted answers, which didn't resolve any of my issues.
Delayed responses and no resolutions can be frustrating when you're trying to run a business. More importantly, it can be bad for your business. Thankfully my store is new so I was able to pivot before it impacted my customer service. Imagine if I had a ton of orders and couldn't fulfill them for 1 week or longer.
You should really consider having 24 hour/7 customer service with sufficient employees to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Providing exceptional service is important to us and we need you all to accomplish that. UPDATE: Shortly after discontinuing partnership with DropCommerce, I had to reach out to them regarding a billing concern. I am happy to say that the response time was quick and efficient. Shiera was proactive in fixing the problem before responding; she even expedited the request. My issue was resolved immediately and I am satisfied with the outcome. In addition, my concerns above were addressed and full accountability was accepted. I am happy to hear that they are working diligently to improve the service as a whole, including supplier relations. I look forward to testing out these changes and reporting back with a satisfactory update. Thank you for your assistance, Shiera.

Estados Unidos
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20 de agosto de 2023

I've happily installed this app and imported a few products, before realising that some products have shipping costs of 40 - 80 USD. This means that selling products from DropCommerce at their default prices (which is already on the high end) would mean earning a profit of less than 10 buxs and at times even losing profit (due to expensive shipping).

I've uninstalled the app since.

Alrededor de 7 horas usando la aplicación
2 de junio de 2020

Love how many vendors you have for drop shipping, but the prices are very high. Most are already passed the retail price on the internet then to mark it up more to make a profit makes it difficult to get things sold quickly. Then the monthly fee is a bit high also so try to get the yearly plan which is a decent price. HOWEVER the ease of use is amazing and the staff was quick to respond to my questions and concerns. Prices and fees receive a one star rating, the other two stars are ease of use and great customer service.

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Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 2 de junio de 2020

Hi there, thank you for the review!

Since our suppliers are independent businesses that manage their own pricing, our role is to keep finding more high quality, affordable suppliers and to encourage existing ones to reconsider more competitive pricing.

The general rule is that suppliers list their retail price and then they offer 30-50% margin on that, depending on their business.

If you reach out via Live Chat I'd be happy to help try and find some affordable items for you! I'd love to learn more about your business.

Thanks for your feedback,

Patrick, DropCommerce Founder

25 de abril de 2022

First and foremost, I love this product. The app itself makes finding reliable suppliers with amazing products incredibly easy. The integration with the Shopify site is fantastic, and I appreciate the detail to which they allow product importation. Where this app lacks is customer service. I purchased the website build out package which promises 3 months of automated shipping help. I have not gotten the help I need with a single shipment, and have had to complete them all myself, despite following the team's instructions and switching on automated shipping. The one shipment they did assist with, they didn't even pay out for both suppliers so only one of the products from one supplier was fulfilled-- so I had to follow back up and complete the order myself so that my customer could receive the full order they had already purchased and paid for. Then, when I reach out to customer service (which I've done multiple times), they are less than helpful. I didn't purchase their most expensive plan and pay for automated help to receive little to no true support, with customer service reps that could seem to care less if my problem is solved. TLDR; The app is great, the customer service team is less than helpful.

Reverie Wearables
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 26 de abril de 2022

Hey there,

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with our support team. We usually get great feedback on the quality of our customer support, and so I do apologize for any issues that you may have run into!

I believe our support team may have mentioned that we can not activate the automated fulfillment feature for you, as you need to do so on your end which acts as a form of consent to allow our system to do so. We are going to take your feedback into consideration and look at making this more obvious to our users so that there is no confusion in the future.

We want to make this right for you, our head of support Anastasia has reached out to you to discuss further. Please reach out if you have any other concerns or feedback!

30 de marzo de 2020

Selection for my niche is pretty good, not a large selection but some interesting first time items. Had a customer place their first order, recommended charge for shipping to the customer was 4.90, but when placing the order they charge you 10. There is a small disclaimer completely unnoticeable until order checkout about ability to charge 2.99 by completing sales fulfillment (so they reimburse you if you make enough sales) but only limited to 20 orders a month. I'm technically losing money to shipping at the moment, now I have to decide to charge the customers the full shipping price or increase retail price which either way looks bad for the business. Wish this was brought to the seller's attention in the first place, and DropCommerce should just feature this disclaimer as a promotional opportunity rather than an obligation to complete orders to a certain limit.

Tytanium LLC
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 30 de marzo de 2020

Hi there,

I'm sorry that this reimbursement option wasn't made clear enough up front!

It does show in the initial product pricing/shipping details area, but I can see how it could be missed. Sorry about that!

This is a new feature and I will absolutely forward your feedback to our development team so we can improve this in the future.

Thanks again for your feedback and if there's anything we can do to help, please contact us via live chat support in the app and we will be happy to chat.

- Patrick, DropCommerce Founder

Fecha de modificación: 20 de noviembre de 2020

The app itself is pretty well done, better then most really. The issue here is that most of the products on here are priced terribly high leaving no room for profit. There are quite a few products where once you pay shipping and for the product, the total is substantially higher then the suggested retail of the price, which makes little sense. Other items on here you can find online selling for less then what you can actually buy them for on here, again makes little sense. If you can spend a lot of time and effort you can find a few items that might actually provide profit and offer faster shipping then most other places. 3 stars simply because its a well done app, if only there was something profitable to sell it would be a winner.

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5 meses usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 10 de agosto de 2021

Thanks for the feedback! As a marketplace, we allow the suppliers to set their own prices as long as they are giving a margin of 30% or more. However, shipping can certainly eat into that margin if you aren't charging customers for it.

With over 23,000 products on our platform, we have a fair share of products offering 40%, 50%, or 60% off retail. But we understand if these products don't align with your chosen niche. We're working on it!

Overall, thanks for giving us a shot, and for taking the time to give us your thoughts on how we can improve :)

- DropCommerce Support Team

Fecha de modificación: 13 de mayo de 2020

Shipping is not 2.99 or less to ship from US to Canada. It's 9.95 US on each item. Cost prices are high already and to add a profit and shipping items becomes too expensive for the consumers.

Vanilla Eboutique
3 meses usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 12 de mayo de 2020

Hi there,

I'm so sorry to hear that you experienced a glitch while trying to order samples. I'll reach out to you directly by email to try and get this sorted out right away!

It's true that Canadian shipping generally costs more in our platform. We operate as an open marketplace where the suppliers manage their own profiles, so we are unfortunately not in control of the shipping cost there.

I'll be in touch directly to resolve your sample issue :)

- Patrick, DropCommerce Founder

Fecha de modificación: 30 de enero de 2023

I signed up for the free trial and cannot get a hold of anyone to cancel before the trial is completed. DO NOT pay for the full year up front. I'm afraid I'm not going to get my money back.

**update: they did refund my purchase, however, the app still was not a fit for my needs

Kait's Post
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 31 de enero de 2023

Hey there,

Sorry to hear that you are looking to cancel!

Our apologies that you did not receive a reply right away, our support team currently operates between 9am-5pm PST every day.

You certainly do qualify for a refund based on our refund policy, and so it has been issued to you.

We hope to see you on DropCommerce again in the future!

3 de enero de 2019

I really really want to like this App, but I have yet to find anything worthwhile to sell that will make a profit. Items cost are already high, then you have high shipping, their commission, etc. You also need to account for credit card charges, etc.

I've researched over a dozen products now and find that they are selling online for very low prices, which in effect leaves about a 5% to 9% margin IF I were to buy from DropCommerce. That's just to small a margin. And if you consider returns, ad costs, operation costs or other issues, you can't break even.

If you were scaling up it might work, but then at that point you could have other choices such as an agent in China, or even operate a small warehouse. So at this point, I want to love the fact that there are US and Canada products, but with too few products, high prices already factored in, and high cost of shipping, you cannot make a profit.
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Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
DropCommerce respondió 24 de agosto de 2021

Thanks for the feedback! We do have a lot of higher ticket items, so perhaps you were just finding your chosen niche a bit restrictive.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you get set up!
- DropCommerce Support Team