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Location United States

Hello All,
I really want to work with dropcommerce.com, and i have handful of their items in my store, but I am finding it very hard to add more items. The vendors prices are too high to make a profit and i also see that the vendors are selling their products cheaper than what i can sell.
I am going to wait one more month and if nothing changes, i will have to delete the styles from my website, cancel the $19.99 monthly subscription. Here is one example:
Jolie High-Waisted Athletic Shorts with Hip Pockets $15.84
Walmart $14.72
Lightinthebox $12.19 Can someone give me some insights on this?

Developer reply

May 28, 2022

Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback! As we specifically only work with high quality USA and Canada based suppliers, the products on DropCommerce are typically at a higher price point, however we do guarantee a minimum of 30% off retail prices from our supplier to our merchants, with the average being closer to 40%. As for seeing price discrepancies, please feel free to reach out to our support team so that we may address them!


My Shopify store has been enabled for about a year, and in August 2020 I decided to try DropCommerce. The main problem I have with DropCommerce is the 14 day trial period is way too short, and their basic "paid" plan is too limited allowing only 25 products. For me to continue with DropCommerce it needs to be a Win-Win situation. But currently they win, and the I lose the monthly fee, and several hundred dollars in marketing expenses with no sales. I am struggling to make sense out of this model where I have to pay them to sell their products for no personal benefit. To optimize a Shopify store for SEO could easily take months with zero sales. How about billing merchants as soon as they start making sales?

Developer reply

October 27, 2021


Sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the app.

First off, you'll be happy to hear that we've recently added a completely free plan where you can add 25 products to your store. Although you cannot process orders with it, this will allow you to start taking orders before you ever pay a dime in subscription fees.

Second, it sounds as though you're having some issues with your marketing strategy. That can certainly be frustrating. If you're spending hundreds of dollars without seeing any sales, you'll most likely want to revisit your ad campaigns and make some optimizations to your store. Relying on SEO for dropshipping is unlikely to work out, since you'll be competing with e-commerce goliaths like Walmart and Amazon.

I'd like to invite you to reach out to us for a free 1-hour consultation with our marketing specialist. It's not something we normally do, but we want to help you be successful. He can take a look at what you've been doing and offer some feedback on what can be improved :)

If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us at Partners@DropCommerce.com

All the best,
DropCommerce Support Team

Your Better Wellness

DropCommerce is not a smart choice for anyone serious about building an ecommerce store/brand. Profit margins in most product categories, are very low, and do not allow for sustainable profitability and growth; especially since potential buyers can always purchase the same brands directly from customer-facing suppliers in US/Canada, for a slightly higher price.
And whatever you do, DO NOT PURCHASE THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, unless your store is already established. I went ahead with the annual subscription (skipped the trial, my mistake), but after realising the very low profit margins in my store category (wellness/beauty), I asked that my subscription be transferred to a different Shopify store. I was told that my subscription could only apply to the original store I subscribed to. In other words, if you need to close your store, say, three months into operation, you cannot transfer the balance of your annual subscription to a different store. I then went ahead to ask for a refund of the unused period of my subscription (11 months), and up till now the "customer support" has ignored my e-mail. And they have no problem keeping your money. Now that's a shame.

Piper Lane Kids Co

The platform is pretty straight-forward - easy to integrate. But that's where it ended for us, hence the 2 stars. We signed up as a supplier (not a retailer), and as such, vetted retailers when receiving requests - prior to approving them to carry our products - well within our right to do so given the option, and were met with negativity when inquiring about said retailers. After not being able to find clear information regarding "product sampling requests" and receiving negative remarks from customer service chat member - "Patrick," we decided to part ways, albeit for a multitude of reasons - including one that raised red flags. The most important - I can’t imagine another brand being told that expecting to do business with “legitimate” retailers is an “unrealistic” expectation in drop-shipping and with DropCommerce! We do business with a couple other Drop Ship platforms and have never EVER been told that. Further, DropCommerce even states on its FAQ’s: "DropCommerce Products are not Your typical Dropshipping products. We only offer the best US and Canadian suppliers on the app — so never worry about the quality or where it's shipping from. Our suppliers actually care about the products they ship to your customers." As a brand, you're right! We absolutely care about who we allow to carry our products or who we choose to do business with – as any reputable company should do! But being told that because we deny more than we approve and are the problem - leaving retailers – whether legitimate or not – with a bad taste is completely unprofessional, not to mention quite unnerving. As any reputable brand should and does, we work hard to establish an image and under no circumstances are willing to knowingly participate with “false storefronts” or someone’s scheme to get a quick payout. While we know that isn’t the majority, we also know that they do exist. If what your chat rep Patrick advised me is true, then your response on your FAQ section for suppliers is not. You can’t expect a legitimate brand to not vet a potential retailer – which is exactly what we do – prior to approving them for listing products. Besides, we are a niche brand and as such, expect our retailers to be familiar with the product. How it’s made, warranty information, etc. Not just sell it and move on. We want to partner with retailers by all means, but not if it means tarnishing our image or what we’re building in the process. I can only hope this is a lesson learned for your staff and your company going forward. Chances are – it won’t matter, as we’re only one brand in your “thousands of genuine sellers.”

Developer reply

November 5, 2020

Thank you for your feedback!

As explained in our private chat, DropCommerce provides value to dropshippers by allowing them access to our network of quality US suppliers.

Many dropshippers are brand new to ecommerce and just building their store, and we've found that when suppliers are unwilling to work with the majority of dropshippers looking to sell their products, it creates a net-negative impact on our ecosystem as a whole. We want to help everyone, but we also don't want to set up dropshippers to be regularly disappointed by suppliers who are unwilling to work with the majority of sellers on our platform.

Situations like this are tough, and I apologize if expectations for your experience as a supplier were not met.

We will take your feedback seriously and see if there's anything we can to to improve this system moving forward.


Patrick, DropCommerce CEO & Founder

Lil Furry Paws

I purchased a prebuilt template for $199 thinking it will be unique but it's the same template I saw in their sample site. Even the wording and photos. I made my first sale, which I was excited about. But I was charged 17.99 for shipping but on my end it says shipping was 4.99 for the product. I ended up owing $5.77 just to complete the purchase. Now I'm rethinking this app because I am unsure of the real shipping charges for the other suppliers.

Developer reply

September 11, 2020

Hi there, I'm sorry if there was some confusion about the prebuilt templates. We show the templates so that you know exactly what you are getting in advance.

Regarding the shipping cost, I'd love to speak with you to figure out what's going on! I can assure you that we did not intentionally mislead or overcharge you. If you reach out to support@dropcommerce.com I would be happy to help figure all this out and make sure your future orders are profitable :)

I look forward to speaking with you,

Patrick, DropCommerce Founder & CEO

L & M Kee

I have used the app for almost a year and even paid for the annual subscription. I will not renew because the products are too high priced to make any profits.

Developer reply

July 28, 2020

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you found the products expensive. To be transparent, we operate as an open marketplace, so the suppliers set their own rates, and we mandate that they offer at minimum a 30% margin, but since a lot of the products are made in the US with high quality materials in small batches, prices do tend to be higher.

However with that being said, the higher price points comes with an opportunity for happier customers and repeat business as our suppliers offer higher quality products and faster shipping times than many other dropshipping platforms.

We take all feedback into consideration and we do appreciate the opportunity to improve!

I will reach out directly to see if there's anything we can do to help.

Thanks a lot,

Spencer, DropCommerce Founder

Happy Kids Happy Family

cannot combine the variant in import list. .................................................................

Developer reply

June 1, 2020

Hi there,

Because our products are synced with the accounts of real US brands, we are not able to allow the combining of variants from different products at this time, but if you reach out to us via Live Chat I'd be happy to see if there's anything we can do to help with your needs!

We'll look forward to hearing from you,

Patrick, DropCommerce Founder

One American Store

[Updated 2] I'm lowering my rating. Be wary of the fine print: The listed shipping prices are not what you will pay! You will pay a higher fee that is not advertised in a very upfront way in my opinion. They will reimburse the difference for up to 20 orders a month. Read low rated reviews and you will see several people like me feel tricked into thinking shipping prices are lower only to find out we are losing money paying these not so obvious fees. This left me feeling cheated. Had they told me upfront I'd be paying more, I could make an informed decision about investing 39.99 a month. Well, they got my money, but I won't be using them anymore. This was the last straw for me on top of other often mentioned issues related to cost and suppliers insisting one sells their products at outrages markups. This app has potentials Just know what you are getting into.


Items are over price, not sure how you can make a profit! $25 bags are $90 on this app. They must get a cut off of each item.

Developer reply

March 11, 2020

Hi there,

I'm very sorry that you feel that the items in our app are overpriced. All prices are set by the suppliers, and we do not any any cut on any items. Each supplier manages their own profile, so it's up to stores to choose which suppliers offer products at prices that work for them.

We require that suppliers show their true retail prices on DropCommerce, so if you're actually seeing the same item for cheaper elsewhere, we would happily look into it and remove the item if that's true.

Would you mind letting me know which supplier you're referring to so we can look into it?

I will reach out personally to see if we can work this out.

Thanks for your feedback,

Patrick, DropCommerce Founder

Smart Hub Brasil

The shipping fee is very expensive, there is no cheaper option. The products are great, but this shipping is not feasible.

Developer reply

September 6, 2019

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Based on your store name it appears you may be from Brazil?

If so you may have noticed that international shipping can sometimes be a little bit higher. Most of our USA shipping rates are $10 or often less.

We sent you a personal email and so if you are interested we would love to chat with you more to learn more about your unique situation and challenges to see if we can better assist you!