Excel CSV Bulk Tracking Import

Excel CSV Bulk Tracking Import


Easily Import thousands of tracking numbers in one click

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Very easy to use. One click !

Just have a datasheet csv file with one column for the order number and one column for the tracking. That's it, just upload it in one click!

Upload all tracking at once

Your datasheet can have an unlimited number of tracking. So you can upload all your tracking at once. Hundred thousands if you need !

Highly customizable

You can just have 2 column with order and tracking or you can also add custom carrier and tracking link. Custom location also if you need...

Excel CSV Bulk Tracking Import 정보

This App will help you to go to the next level

So you have an Agent or you use a Fulfillment center or maybe you are even fulfilling the orders yourself... In all those cases our App will be a lifesaver for your business. Our App is as simple as powerful !

I guess you are looking for a quick way to mark those order as fulfilled without having to spend hours doing the same repetitive task. Maybe you even want to mark them as fulfilled with a custom carrier or a custom tracking link. And if you have several location (several warehouse) it is also supported.

Just one click to upload all your tracking number !

How to use it :

  • Put in the first column the order number, with the "#" or without it, it is ok. You can even have some text before the "#" that is also support. For example : #1002 1002 and mary#1002 are all support
  • Put the tracking number in the second column And basically that's it
  • The other column are optional, if you need, you can put :
    • shipping carrier in the third column
    • tracking url in the fourth column
    • location in the fifth column (the warehouse from where you are shipping if you have several warehouses)

If you are dropshipping or if you have a lots of order internationally, you definitively need an agent and a warehouse in China.

We are agent and fulfillment center in China for already several years and we have been helping small businesses to become very big by shipping millions of parcel for them without any problem and with a strict quality control. So if you are a big business or a small business planning to grow big, you will be so happy to have us by your side :)

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  • support@dropflow.org

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  • Bulk import tracking numbers


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  • Bulk import tracking numbers

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Total rubbish, I tried it yesterday just doesn't work! I have had no responce to my email either. All round crap experience cheers guys!

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 5일

Hi, the app is working perfectly. We just reply to you.
Like all the people give 1 star, it's all the problem of their connection or sometimes they are new to shopify and they don't know how to use it and they just give 1 star but the app is working perfectly. There is a lot of customers using it everyday without any problem

HiEnd Accents

It worked initially, but quit working after awhile. Would randomly update a few POs and the worst part is sometimes it would randomly update POs that have not been shipped. Did not response to support tickets or direct emails.

개발자 회신

2020년 12월 7일

The app is actually working because other customers are using it very well...
And we reply to you immediately but then we never get you answer...
Today we sent you another e-mail. Please look at it.
Thank you


DON'T WORK AND EMAIL SUPPORT IS INEXISTENT. Pensavo fosse una buona app, invece no,mi sono dovuto ricredere

개발자 회신

2020년 12월 7일

Hi, Sorry that you had a problem using your app, but our app is actually working well. Other customers are using it without any problem.
And also we reply to support under 24h normally, so maybe we didn't receive your mail. Please contact us again if needed and we will help you to solve the issue.

Best regards