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16. juni 2024

DropIn Blog was an excellent solution where Shopify's blog limited us, and it helps us with SEO. The little customizations, like authors and categories, are also nice. And support always helps you as fast and as much as they can.

Walt's Comic Shop
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
11. juni 2024

Implemented a few months ago. Very happy so far. DropInBlog solved our Shopify blog limitation and allowed us to create a better blog with proper author pages. Love how it helps guide the creation of each post with an estimated SEO score. I have reached out to support twice so far and both times received answers/solutions within the 1/2 hour. Great experience.

5 måneder bruker appen
17. april 2024

Great customer support! They were so quick to fix the issue when I needed it. The blog itself is fantastic, of course. I love this thing.

Over 2 år bruker appen
17. april 2024

DropInBlog works very well! We've been using it for a couple of years now, we integrated it with our Shopify website. Any time I've needed support they've been responsive and helped me out. I recommend this product.

Kayak Coffee
Nesten 2 år bruker appen
8. mai 2024

In general, this app is only suitable for complete beginners, and it's best if your store doesn't have any existing blogs. If you need to customize blog pages extensively, I would suggest using a page builder (I won't mention the names of these apps to avoid suspicion, but you know, they're easy to search for), or just contact a web development team.

1. Easy to use, can quickly create a medium SEO quality, rich-media blog
2. Customer service is responsive, with a good attitude, and helped solve many problems together

1. Don't expect the blog pages to have many customizable features. Compared to the native Shopify blog, the biggest advantage here is just text-to-speech conversion.
2. The product placement function is very limited, basically only including product titles, images, descriptions, "read more," and "add to cart" buttons. If you don't have web coding skills, you basically can't modify anything.
3. If you have a bunch of old blogs, after importing them into this app, the same number of new pages will be created without any notice, with identical content. I think there is a risk of Google considering it duplicate content or spam, and if you later abandon the app, all these links will become 404, and you will need to redirect them yourself.

PureL1f3 Official
7 dager bruker appen
DropInBlog svarte 27. mai 2024

Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate it.

Yes as you mentioned we're focused on creating clear usable blog posts (our main post design is based on usability testing). So if you're looking for super complex blog post layouts a page builder is the way to go. Our main focus is SEO and getting more potential customers to your blog.

Appreciate the feedback on the Embeded Products feature. Our users love this and we're always working to add new layouts and features to it, so thanks for the feedback. We'll keep improving this.

8. april 2024

This is a great product. It is so good to know the SEO score as you write the blog. Not just the score, but it tells you what to do to achieve a great 90+ score. I had a problem on my first post and hit chat on the app. Within two minutes Hamza not only had an explanation but fixed it for me! I can't give this a higher score but i would!

Elliott Berkshire
21 dager bruker appen
14. mars 2024

I'm really enjoying this blog app. Even in my 60s, I found it easy to install and set up. I appreciate being able to seamlessly add products into my blog content. Initially, that was my main reason for installing the app, but I'm also impressed by its SEO capabilities. My blogs are consistently 100% optimized every time I post. I love it!

5 måneder bruker appen
7. juni 2024

Amazing response rate by the team who genuinely want to help you through the issues that you are facing. Highly would recommend!

Lux Yard and Homes
Rundt 8 timer bruker appen
19. mars 2024

It's a really good basic blog that has much more functionality than Shopify's default option. Customer service is really good too.

Antipodean Home
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
6. mars 2024

Super intuitive app that allows me to make blog posts more interactive and more nicely looking than the standard built-in Shopify blog. I love the SEO-guidance that live tells you where to optimise your blog posts.

Finally, the support service is sublime! Jalal was quick to help me and he was able to fix my issues in a very satisfactory manner!

Can highly recommend :-)

Women of Wine
6 måneder bruker appen