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19 de octubre de 2017

Wholesale2B is a comprehensive app. You can find more than 10,000 products for dropshipping. I recommend this app.

Pioneer Kitchenware
11 días usando la aplicación
10 de julio de 2019

I used this app for several months. It takes more than 24 hrs to hear back from customer service regarding any issues and when you do it's never completely answered, resulting in more emails and days until issue is resolved. When an item is out of stock you're not notified for days, resulting in lost sales and negative ratings against your store. You can only email, no chat, and there's only 2 people answering emails. Some of their suppliers do not provide tracking numbers if an order is under a certain dollar amt. More frustration than it's worth. People want fast results, not days to see results.

Estados Unidos
2 meses usando la aplicación
2 de mayo de 2018

Thanks !
Huge services, big discounts on many products which allow me set huge margins and make competitive retail prices !

Fast and immediate support responses !

5+ stars !

Mega Jewelry Store
Estados Unidos
9 días usando la aplicación
8 de mayo de 2019

This app has a variety of products, great customer service if you need help & is overall a great supplier for drop-shipping your products!

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
Onlinestorebiz LLC respondió 8 de mayo de 2019

Thank you for the great review. It is much appreciated.

28 de mayo de 2018

This is a great service, fairly fast shipping on most suppliers. HOWEVER i am only giving this a 3 star after many months of using the app
1. there is a hidden 3% cost for 2B to process your order
2. their app DOES NOT push tracking for orders in shopify, you get an email or need to log in to retrieve each orders tracking. This is a huge problem when you want complete automation and are paying the 3% for them to process an order.
3. A lot of suppliers do not offer any expedited shipping through the app only standard shipping and also only ship to USA addresses.
4. They have too much control over how a product shows up in your shop in terms of price, photo, title, product weight and description. There is a new setting I requested them to provide to help with some of these.
5. Many of these suppliers: photos are too small or degraded quality, non white backgrounds to use in your eCommerce store.
6. customer service is not lightning fast to respond, and when you have a problem order time is always of the essence.
7. If you have other suppliers or apps in your store that have shipping fees it is difficult to process an order with mixed suppliers; the shipping calculation is not possible with shopify without using another shipping app (more $) to calculate correct shipping costs. This has a lot to do with the inability to change 2B's shipping weight for each product. A nightmare really when customers are purchasing more than one item. The shipping fee is multiplied with every product in the cart (no combined shipping option)

Other than all these concerns it is fine. I would give a complete 5 star review if all of these concerns were addressed, after all it is $30 a month. It's almost worth the extra work to hook up with the supplier yourself and process your own orders with them if you are willing to do the work.

Wrought Iron Haven
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 21 de octubre de 2019

As I am pretty new to the drop shipping world, customer service is best seen when you have many questions and or problems. So far things have been pretty frustrating. Communication is slow at best, no phone number to call to resolve an issue quickly, delayed processing & shipping times and depending on who is responding to your messages, concerns may not be fully addressed. This has happened several times, showing a poorly ran company. On the other hand Shopify has been a very good experience to work with and has been a great help in resolving issues with Wholesale2B. Thank you Shopify. Also for some reason I had to leave a minimum of a 2 star rating - know that this review is a 1 star.
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando la aplicación
Onlinestorebiz LLC respondió 22 de octubre de 2019

Hello. Please allow me to provide more information. We send orders to the suppliers within 1 business day from when the order is processed by the store owner. Then the supplier handles the packing and shipping and returns the tracking code to us. This usually takes a few days.

In the case of order 63621, you processed this order on October 17th and Wholesale2b handled it with the supplier the same day. Since this supplier needs an average of 3 days to return tracking codes, it was provided today on the 21st. You can see the average time taken by each supplier to provide tracking codes by clicking on your name (from your wholesale2b account) and then choose the Shipping Time Report.

I hope this helps.

In regards to customer support, we answer all support tickets within 1 business day (unless we need to wait for a response from a supplier).

If you have any other issues with our App please let me know. We want you to be happy with our App.


19 de octubre de 2020

Its been 2 years using the APP and we find it best in the the market. We'd recommend the APP to growth hackers!

Estados Unidos
8 días usando la aplicación
12 de octubre de 2021

These are not wholesale prices. The are priced 50% - 100% above what the retail price is. You also have a 3% fee for a transaction and a $29.99 monthly fee. A seller has to sell 3 times what the actual retail rate is to make any profit. Nobody is going to pay 3 times where they can get it a lot cheaper. You cannot make a profit using your app

Top Vitamin Mart
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
Onlinestorebiz LLC respondió 2 de marzo de 2022

Hi Top Vitamin Mart,

Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn that you've had a dissatisfactory experience with us.

The prices of the products are indeed wholesale, and they come directly from the suppliers - and we provide them to you 'as is', without inflating anything.

Also, any fees (for example, the 3% fee) that are added to the products come directly from either the supplier or payment gateways - Wholesale2B does not intervene or inflate the prices at all. You can circumvent this fee by creating an account with the supplier itself, we provide you with all the details as required.

We'd be happy to address any concerns that you have with our app. Please log in to your Wholesale2B account and create a Support Ticket so that we could assist you and get the issues resolved. We're open to any kind of feedback that you may have for us. Thank you for being associated with Wholesale2B. We're grateful.

Thanks and regards,
Peter Caradonna
CEO - Wholesale2B

5 de febrero de 2021

I had a problem with this app at the beginning but with the help of support services, all have been fixed. Hope it is my last problem.

5 meses usando la aplicación
5 de febrero de 2018

Great support and services !
Uses already on few stores !
Very satisfied and highly recommend !!!

5+ stars plus service !

Recommend for professional sellers who has knowledge how make business !
Usually newbies confused with any unknown for them things !
I recommend to all people who left negative feedback always read TOS and policies about feedback ! You must always contact professional Wholesale2b support team and they very fast will help you !

Wholesale2b has huge wide selection of different products from many suppliers so very easily set any niche store with competitive prices !

Thanks again for great service !
5+ Rating !

Global Auto Tools
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7 días usando la aplicación