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13 december 2018

W2B is slow to process orders, but seems to be getting better. The new Shopify Sync works well, but the directions aren't clear on how to use it (I don't think they actually tried using those directions or they updated the system but forgot to update the directions). I've figured it out by trail and error, and customer service is helpful and friendly but it usually takes 12-24 hours for a response (not good when you're lead to believe your orders will ship in 24 hours). I think the app will get better once they hire more people to process orders and provide service, or continue to update the site so directions are clear, add more buttons so you can find your shipments/ orders page. I will update my rating when things change. Gave 3 stars because the suppliers I found here are great.
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28 maj 2018

This is a great service, fairly fast shipping on most suppliers. HOWEVER i am only giving this a 3 star after many months of using the app
1. there is a hidden 3% cost for 2B to process your order
2. their app DOES NOT push tracking for orders in shopify, you get an email or need to log in to retrieve each orders tracking. This is a huge problem when you want complete automation and are paying the 3% for them to process an order.
3. A lot of suppliers do not offer any expedited shipping through the app only standard shipping and also only ship to USA addresses.
4. They have too much control over how a product shows up in your shop in terms of price, photo, title, product weight and description. There is a new setting I requested them to provide to help with some of these.
5. Many of these suppliers: photos are too small or degraded quality, non white backgrounds to use in your eCommerce store.
6. customer service is not lightning fast to respond, and when you have a problem order time is always of the essence.
7. If you have other suppliers or apps in your store that have shipping fees it is difficult to process an order with mixed suppliers; the shipping calculation is not possible with shopify without using another shipping app (more $) to calculate correct shipping costs. This has a lot to do with the inability to change 2B's shipping weight for each product. A nightmare really when customers are purchasing more than one item. The shipping fee is multiplied with every product in the cart (no combined shipping option)

Other than all these concerns it is fine. I would give a complete 5 star review if all of these concerns were addressed, after all it is $30 a month. It's almost worth the extra work to hook up with the supplier yourself and process your own orders with them if you are willing to do the work.

Wrought Iron Haven
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21 augusti 2016

Lacks customer support, website servers are not the best slow load times and to many server interruptions.

Whootmart Store
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1 april 2018

Great idea and the tech behind it is really nice, but sadly the cost to merchants is too high. We canceled after an hour of trying to source products with this app.
These are barely below retail prices - shipping is impossibly expensive. Just no margin on anything - particularly when you have to add shipping in the mix Wish it would have worked out, but merchants actually have to have some operating margin to survive and modern shoppers are not stupid.

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