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Dropshipping individuell bedruckbarer Produkte für Sie. Erstellen und verkaufen Sie jetzt über 800 personalisierte Artikel!

Wir bieten einen Dropshipping-Service, der es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihre Designs aus Tausenden von Produkten einfach zu erstellen, Bestellungen zu bearbeiten und zu drucken sowie Sendungen direkt an Ihre Kunden zu versenden. Unser Ziel ist es, die Produktkosten zu senken und den Händlern den bestmöglichen Gewinn zu ermöglichen!

Wir bieten einen Dropshipping-Service, der es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihre Designs aus Tausenden von Produkten einfach zu erstellen, Bestellungen zu bearbeiten und zu drucken sowie Sendungen direkt an Ihre Kunden zu versenden. Unser Ziel ist es, die Produktkosten zu senken und den Händlern den bestmöglichen Gewinn zu ermöglichen! mehr
  • Kostenloser und nachverfolgbarer weltweiter Versandservice
  • Über 800 Bekleidungsstücke und Produkte stehen für das Design zur Verfügung
  • Markieren Sie Ihre Produkte mit Kleidungsetiketten, Anhängeetiketten und Verpackungen
  • Direkter Versand aus unserem eigenen Produktionshaus, nie ausverkauft
  • Hoher Gewinn, keine Vorabkosten. Rabatt für Großbestellungen

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Benutzerdefinierte Verpackung, Designtools, Mockup-Generator, Personalisierung, Etiketten der Eigenmarke


Allover-Print, Bekleidung, Handtaschen, Decken, Trinkgefäße, Hüte, Geschenke für festliche Gelegenheiten, Heimdeko, Schmuck, Laserhandwerk, Haustierprodukte, Schuhe, Wandkunst


Massenversand, Nachverfolgung von Bestellungen

Produkte, die du verkaufen kannst

Taschen und Reisegepäck, Geschäft und Büro, Kleidung und Accessoires, Haus und Garten, Haustierprodukte




14. Februar 2020



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Die Nutzung der App ist kostenlos. Der Händler trägt nur die Kosten für die verkauften Artikel.

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Bearbeitet am 24. Mai 2024

One of the worst and best print on demand services. Vast selection of products, which are unusable due to the horrific mockups. Ancient software to design products. How does it have so much selection and products other print on demand services do not have? Their biggest downfall is the complacency in mediocrity. I have been searching the earth up and down for dress clothes for women and men. My store alone cannot survive long-term with casual wear. Sadly, the product I was initially searching for, high heels aren't high, and the shoe sizes run extremely small. Some shoes that are definitely men's are categorized under women's and they run extremely small. but they are somewhat what I wanted and more than I expected. Better than nothing. This app gives you basically direct access to a manufacturer in China that produces a vast array of products. Keep in mind I am a software engineer and I was struggling to even figure out how their software works for about 20 minutes. If the mockups were better, I would be able to put 99% of these products on my store, but at this point, I'd have to purchase the products myself and take product photos. I will say, I hope the quality is decent, but guys please update the mockups and the horrible software, and this will easily be a top app on Shopify. Your product selection is like no other, but at this moment this app is almost unusable WITH INCREIBLE POTENTIAL. So sad to see it be wasted. My ultimate request, is to fix the mockups. Take example from Printful and Contrado. Contrado's apparel mockups are horrible, but their leather goods section mockups are top notch. Your shoe mockups are decent, but still awful as I will end up having to edit them to make them usable. Your apparel mockups are so bad I can't even use them.

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Bearbeitet am 14. Juni 2024

I had given them a bad review a few days ago when we had some miscommunication. DropshipCN emailed me back and fixed the situation immediately and sent me a free replacement order.

Now that's good customer service. Still waiting to receive my products but a couple of products I received before were great. Looking forward to doing more business.

Tuff Tuff Rugs
2 minuten mit der App
10. November 2023

One of the most advanced manufacturers. Very wide variety of products, decent design interface, good quality print and fabric. Of course, you need to order samples for every new design/item, but this is a rule of thumb while dealing with any manufacturer - you need to see how the new design looks, where it needs to be adjusted, where the mockups are wrong (it happens often, but again, it is true for every manufacturer), what sizing for this particular item is.
Manufacturing time varies, not sure what does it depend on, but it's usually longer if I order samples of the new design. I always order with express shipping and include its cost in the price for the customers, though it does make it jump twice as high :( Again, this is the case for the most of manufacturers from that region.
Overall, one of the best manufacturers in that region and around the world as much as I know.
Support response is good but one needs to use a chat at their web site and do it when there's a daytime in China - in this case, the response is instant. If you use email or chat when they are offline, then their initial response may be much slower.
Mockups could've been better, but if choosing between quality of products and mockups, I would choose products, of course, and they are mostly very good.

Holodeck Design
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
6. Dezember 2023

What can I say, I have been trying to use this company for around five years now, and it's so far never improved it's process at all. I'm not surprised that shopify keeps taking the app down.

Refuses to connect and sync to your store.
Unusable mock-ups.
Kindergarten level customer service.
Overcomplicated order fulfillment process.

A large catalog.

I Recommend to everybody to use YOYCOL or PRINTFUL instead

Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
dropshipcn hat geantwortet 7. Dezember 2023

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with our app. We want to assure you that our app operates in auto-running mode for order fulfillment. This means that you are not required to undertake any additional procedures or manual interventions.
The reason behind this issue lies in a recent requirement for an app update from Shopify. To resolve this, we provided a tutorial video outlining some simple procedures to follow. Rest assured, these steps only need to be completed once and will ensure smooth functioning thereafter.
Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our customer team. We love to support you anytime :)

19. Juni 2021

Lots of products to choose from and the design interface is easy to use once you learn how it works. Would love to see the update on the website.

Mile High Gear
Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 2 jahre mit der App


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