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Set up an e-shop and leave the logistics to us. You just sell!

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Sell immediately

Connect immediately to Dropshipping.cz network and start selling your own products in minutes

Save time

Save up to 10 minutes on every order that you do not have to fill up manually

Import with ease

Import & update products easily, automatically from our feed

Dropshipping.cz 정보

How does Dropshipping.cz work and what can it do?

The Dropshipping.cz application (service) helps clients to easily sell goods on the Internet from hundreds of attractive suppliers, without the need to invest in a warehouse, purchase of goods, dealing with complexities with invoicing and accounting. The service will take care of everything for you, including logistics and delivery of goods to the end customer. You can only focus on sales and marketing.  The client receives a commission for each realized order which equals to the subtraction’s result between the client’s wholesale price and retail price, i.e. the price at which the goods were sold.

What can the add-on (application) do?

  • Simple connection with the Dropshipping.cz service which offers a wide range of suppliers and attractive goods. You can immediately start selling in your e-shop, without the necessity to deal with unpopular and expensive activities, such as logistics, warehouse operation, invoicing and paperwork, purchases of foods, etc. It will arrange everything for you, you only sell! 
  • Automated import of the goods selected by you from suppliers from Dropshipping.cz directly to your e-shop (using an XML feed created in Dropshipping.cz)
  • Synchronization of all product information (prices, stockpiles, etc.)
  • Synchronization of orders - automatic forwarding of orders from Shopify to Dropshipping.cz where they are subsequently processed

Practical example:

Your e-shop will receive an order which is immediately forwarded to the Dropshipping.cz application where it is attended by the supplier. The supplier sends the goods to the end customer. In some cases, the goods go directly from the Dropshipping.cz central warehouse to the end customer. Dropshipping.cz has its own warehouses where here it holds a large part of the goods. The client receives a commission for a realized order which is credited to the account (in the wallet) in Dropshipping.cz. The client can have this commission paid to his bank account. 

How to start?

  1. Registration on Dropshipping.cz
  2. Establishment of a virtual shop in Dropshipping.cz
  3. Selection of goods you want to sell
  4. Import of selected goods to the Shopify e-shop (XML feed)
  5. Waiting for the 1st order
  6. Ask for payment of a commission

Main advantages

  1. Quick registration without obligation
  2. No lump sum fees, the service is FREE
  3. High commissions 
  4. Wide range of products
  5. Combination of goods
  6. We will get rid of your paperwork
  7. Zero investments into the warehouse
  8. Zero investments into goods
  9. Customer forever yours
  10. Well-arranged logistics
  11. Flexible support

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