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17 de abril de 2024

Super easy to figure out. I was able to get a store with a product up in literally 5 minutes, thats insane! Takes out all of the repetitive effort from having to build out stores every single time. Super excited to use this app from now on!

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17 de abril de 2024

I have been looking for an app that can build me out good converting stores to run up on tiktok I found this app and it literally only took a few minutes to build me out a highly detailed store with no issues at all. I tested it out for my own personal brand where I make POD shirts and I run organic traffic from tiktok and ever since I used this ai to make the store ive noticed my sales have increased a lot more. I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself its so much easier than paying somebody to make you one and a lot faster.

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8 de maio de 2024

Just made a store with an accessory item to a store I already run and it turned out phenomenal. Super impressed with how fast and easy it was. Highly recommend, especially if you don't have a lot of time to create an entire website.

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10 de maio de 2024

This app not only saved me so much time but also gave me a fantastic foundation to build my store off of. I didn't have the best idea of what a good looking shopify store looks like but this app built something for me in like 3 minutes that looks like an official brand. Now I know this is in it's beta stage, but I have to give it so much credit for helping me lay a solid foundation to build off of. I had to manually go in and tweak some copy here and there but it saved me hours of building a store with only 3 minutes of work so I highly recommend this to anyone to kickstart their Shopify store! I'm looking forward to the full release of this.

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24 de abril de 2024

this is the error that appears when i try to generate the store when i add the Aliexpress link,,

(Please, enter the valid url, only alliexpress.us and amazon.com urls are supported for now)

the App doesn't work and despite contacting support i never had a reply, shame

Reino Unido
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Dropshipt deixou uma resposta 3 de maio de 2024

Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble with the error message! Right now, our tool only supports links within the USA. We’re excited to let you know that we’re working on expanding this to include more regions soon.

We realize the error message could be clearer, and we’re on it—making sure it’s more noticeable until we’ve got global coverage sorted out.

Also, about your email not getting a response—that’s unusual for us. It might have been a slip-up on our end, and we’re looking into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Warm regards,
Dropshipt Support Team

2 de maio de 2024

works great recommend save alot of stress and time

Roe’s paradise
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13 de maio de 2024

Thank for Dropshipt AI Store Generator. they make you page easy

Darik Fanarik
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7 de abril de 2024

Just generated a store with this app and it saved me tons of time. Game changer for anyone looking to dropship, will be using it again in the future!!

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13 de maio de 2024

Been in and out of ecom for years, had to try out the store builder just to SEE what has changed over the years and I will literally NEVER build my own store again after this.

Couldn't believe how good of a store was nearly INSTANTLY generated for a new product, genuinely going to open a few more and run some testing.

If you're new to ecom, this is the best app you're gonna find for getting started.

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3 de maio de 2024

Made a store with a luxury bag and it turned out extremely modern and chic. Highly recommend. It built a landing page, contact page and product page in literally under 3 minutes! LOVE!

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