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27 de mayo de 2022

The move from Oberlo to DSer is rough. Everything is new and different. I received great help from tech support to alleviate my pain. I have yet to understand its ease of use.

Tech Way Less
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 7 de enero de 2020

Good App, still need some work, especially for the import product section.
It's a good alternative for Oberlo.

Smart and Cool Stuff
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
13 de mayo de 2022

Having migrated less than 24 hours ago, it at first was a bit daunting. You know how you get used to an app and expect a like for like. Having set up and tried all functions apart from a sale, it seems ok. I did have to contact support via messenger and spoke to a fab agent called Nephele who's responses and clear instructions meant my problem was solved. Nephele continued to answer my questions and put my mind at ease. My only gripe currently is that as I was hoping this would be a like for like system albeit looking different, I have found that price change notifications only happen if you're on the free plan for products sold in the last 10 days. This means, for me, that I will now have to upgrade to a paid plan to ensure my pricing is as it should be. So far, so good though. Change isn't always easy, but I will persevere.

Gemwaith Serenity Jewellery
Reino Unido
1 día usando la aplicación
22 de mayo de 2022

Le support technique est très réactif, à l'écoute et compétent. J'aimerais un bouton d'imports de produits à partir des pages de fournisseurs. merci

Alrededor de 7 horas usando la aplicación
9 de junio de 2022

Eu quero agradecer a Sr Emma, que me mesmo não resolvendo o meu problema no dia em que aconteceu (que agora já está resolvido, Amém), ela me deu o melhor atendimento que já recebi desde que começei a usar internet, teve muita paciência comigo, educada, me passou até confiança para eu passar meu e-mail para ela, para tentar resolver meu problema, ela teve tanta vontade de me ajudar, e tanta paciencia que entrou na minha própria conta, peço desculpas a emma por não ter respondido mais as mensagems, pois eu disse que meu problema tinha sido resolvido (eu realmente achei que tivesse sido resolvido) fiquei chateado com o meu problema da época, então sem graça simplesmente abandonei, e ela me perguntou se estava tudo bem, creio que por ter visto que eu não avaliei ela depois dela ter me pedido, pois eu ainda não conseguia acessar o App para fazer isso, então peço desculpas a você emma, e Obrigado!

Alrededor de 5 horas usando la aplicación
DSers respondió 9 de junio de 2022


We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review, especially about our customer service. Our customer service team works very hard to be responsive and attentive. They are dedicated to helping our users in every way they can. Don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any questions. Happy dropshipping with DSers!

DSers Team

14 de septiembre de 2023

8 días usando la aplicación
DSers respondió 18 de septiembre de 2023


Thank you for your review. We are glad that you seem to enjoy DSers.
We'd be happy to hear any feedback you may have, or any ideas on what we could improve.

DSers team