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I tried looking for certain items but could not find. I was hoping for more than what was offered for the price i paid! I also tried to source from your partner sites but was asked to pay again before i could source, customer service is terrible!

DSersが返信しました 2023年6月1日

Hi there,

Thank you for your review, all feedback is important to us and we’re sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience.

Please share more details of your issues with our customer service team, we do want to help you out there
Please contact our customer services team a by below methods

Here is the email address & official messenger link of DSers customer service

DSers Team


Although, this app is very useful I have to give it 2 stars because it is extremely slow to use. At times it is very unusable because of its speed. If I can find an alternative app I would stop using this app right away.

Luv Jewelry & Co.
DSersが返信しました 2023年6月1日

Hi there
Thank you so much for taking time to write this feedabck to us.

Would you mind reaching out to us with more details about the situation? Any more light you could share on what happened and would help us to find the right solution moving forward.

Here is the email address & official messenger link

DSers team


DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping no es compatible actualmente

Runoty online
DSersが返信しました 2023年5月1日


Thank you for your feedback.
This is actually a visual bug coming from Shopify, and your store can function with DSers normally.
We are working with the Shopify team to get rid of this issue.



Purtroppo non si può avere nessuna fattura e quindi non si può registrare in contabilità nulla.
E' un app che solo sincronizza gli shop di Aliexpress, nulla di male, solo che niente fatture. Peccato.

AllaRicerca Shop
DSersが返信しました 2023年3月29日


Thank you for your rating and feedback, every voice matters.
Please understand that everything relating to payment and invoices is done on AliExpress, not DSers, hence we can't provide invoices and such.
Please contact your supplier on AliExpress and let him know about your request, he may be able to help you!

Also, don't hesitate to contact us in case you need help with one of DSers' feature.

Happy dropshipping!
DSers Team


supplier optimizer wich is the whole point of this app never works either its in maintenance so 5 times a day or it just send error message you can search by picture by link or directly in the app it just dont work , the product sheet is glitched as fuck if the supplier have 50 product in stock why does the app put 4800 in my store stock ????????????? pruct cost 3.90 + 2 for shipping and the app give me a price value of 1.99 ???


Update: DSers support was somewhat of a help investigating the issue. Long story short the taxation added to products without much uniformity leaves open the possibility that someone could take advantage of it and charge "tax" and just pocket the money. It also leaves open the possibility that there could be big discrepancies even when nothing nefarious is going on. I would like to see more transparency on how items are taxed.
I don't know what is going on, but here is what they are doing to our orders:

1. An order is placed through DSers
2. One item from the order is deleted by someone
3. The purchase price of the deleted item is broken up into a bunch of smaller numbers and added as “Tax” to each of my other items I paid for on Aliexpress.
4. Collectively these taxes equal the EXACT amount for the deleted item.

DSersが返信しました 2023年1月12日


Thank you for your feedback.
We are glad that the customer service team was able to fix the issue with your order after you manually fulfilled the order by mistakes.

As for the taxation, sadly, DSers cannot decide on the amount charged on products depending on the countries you ship to.
We advise that you try to place some test orders that you can later cancel to get a better idea of the amount you might be charged.

We hope you enjoy using DSers,

DSers Team


Pretty decent app - does a pretty good job importing product and adding them to your store. Too bad the checkout flow breaks b/c the product won't import Ali's shipping costs.

According to DSers Support, you're expected to do that manually, I guess, for every country you ship to times every product you offer. Wow, right? I totally don't need more manual work so that's not even remotely going to happen.

Support (DSers) suggested I factor in the shipping costs into the product costs. Hmm... I got a $3 product that can sell for about $20 but has a $14 shipping cost that leaves me with...hmm... $3! Wow! My store doesn't mask shipping behind prices trying to hustle the customer with "free shipping" as I personally consider that to be a dishonest and loathsomely creepy practice that disrespects customers.

I also despise the fact that support chat is only available with fb messenger - kiss your PII good bye - completely not necessary considering how many viable chat apps are floating around.

Terrible experience once I reached support. Uninstalled.

DSersが返信しました 2022年12月15日

Hi there,

Thank you for your review, all feedback is important to us and we’re sorry to hear that.

You may understand that every solution has its limitation, and while this is in our plan to potentially add this in the future, we hope that you can give us some suggestions on how to improve.

Please drop our customer services team a message via on any below methods

Here is the email address & official messenger link of DSers customer service

DSers Team


I face a lot of problem migrating from oberlo to dsers and honestly still prefer Oberlo! - On Dsers, 17 of my store products did not get mapped automatically during the migration and the support team could not help me recover details of the supplier for that product like Oberlo used to have a link of the ali express site from which the product was imported! Also the image and supplier optimiser has A LOT to be desired in terms of efficiency! I miss OBERLO!! I do appreciate the prompt help and support recieved to queries which is so important when running e-commerce.

Patisaa Fashion Jewellery Company
DSersが返信しました 2022年7月19日

Hello Patisaa,

We are thankful that you left a review and explained your issue. Every feedback is important.
We apologizies for the issue you met. After checking, it seems that the mentionned products were removed from the store or not available on AliExpress at the time of the migration, so we could not get the mapping information.
Our tech team can help you recover the information for the products now available, just contact us when you want!
Here is the email address & official messenger link of DSers customer service


This app is way worse than Oberlo. They add extra steps that take up double/triple the time. Oberlo was easy to use, easy to follow. DSers is the exact opposite

Ciccio USA
DSersが返信しました 2022年6月24日


Thank you for your comment.
Could you please give us more details about the features you think we could improve?
More details about the extra steps you mentioned would be extremely helpful and we will use your suggestions to improve DSers.

Thanks in advance,

DSers Team


Wants to force you to install a chrome extension in your browser. Keeps a pestering popup open on top of everything until you install extra software directly on your browser to track you more! I WILL NOT INSTALL A FORCED TRACKER!

DSersが返信しました 2022年6月13日

Hello YardSaleCGT,

Thank you for your comment.
We just want to clarify that the Chrome Extension is indeed used for tracking, but for tracking the orders statuses, not you.
Not personal information is used with our extension, it is simply a tool to help you import new products to DSers in one click, place orders fasters, and update the tracking numbers and orders statuses automatically.
We apologize if the explanations were not clear enough, or if you felt too compelled to install it, we'll take your feedback in consideration to improve things!

DSers Team