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It's time for my review of this app. Dser is broken app. First off, the sever lags severely. It's brutal and takes 10seconds or more to perform one action such as drop down menu. Second, Dser regular staff are not very techical minded. You have to dumb down everything you say when you have bugs. Even then they lack understanding how to comprehend it. Third, If you change the name any column data (ie, Color or Material) and push to Shopify. You will not be able to export products to CSV to make edits. Re-Importing products will break mapping from Dser and you will have zero stock.

Red Bargains
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DSers已回复 2021年7月13日

Dear team!

We are sorry to hear that our team failed to explain about how DSers works on your problem and the technical mechanism between DSers and Shopify. I believe that our technical support team has already reached out to assist you. Please check your mail box and Messegner. We will try our best to work it out. Have a great day!

DSers support team


Não estou conseguindo processar mais de um pedido por vez, não aparece o botão de processamento em massa no momento de fazer os pagamentos no Aliexpress. Outros colegas também estão tendo esta dificuldade..

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DSers已回复 2020年5月6日

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that you have issue when make payment on AliExpress. But please note that, there is no bulk payment feature on DSers extension anymore. Please use AliExpress bulk payment feature to pay at most 30 orders per time. Here is the guide. https://www.blog.dserspro.com/post/how-to-make-bulk-payment-with-dsers-pro. And please feel free to contact support when you have questions . We will appreciate if you could update the review after figuring out. Thank you. Have a nice day.


Oberlo was alot better. 1) I have to know pay monthy for what I had for free in Oberlo. 2)The pricing notifications are not clean, and it seems I only get notifications for products that have been ordered in the past. which means I wont get any pricing notifications for any new items that have not been ordered in the past. 3) I can only have 100 variants max per product, but this app doesnt tell you the total amount of variants so that I know how many needs to be deleted. I am very disappointed in this App and for Shopify for making the switch to a lesser app. At the very least, us store owners should be able to choose the app that best suits us instead of being forced to switch

Hello Sexy Boutique
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Wants to force you to install a chrome extension in your browser. Keeps a pestering popup open on top of everything until you install extra software directly on your browser to track you more! I WILL NOT INSTALL A FORCED TRACKER!

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DSers已回复 2022年6月13日

Hello YardSaleCGT,

Thank you for your comment.
We just want to clarify that the Chrome Extension is indeed used for tracking, but for tracking the orders statuses, not you.
Not personal information is used with our extension, it is simply a tool to help you import new products to DSers in one click, place orders fasters, and update the tracking numbers and orders statuses automatically.
We apologize if the explanations were not clear enough, or if you felt too compelled to install it, we'll take your feedback in consideration to improve things!

DSers Team


Alen has asked me to leave a review but it's just my first hour. Customer service is very fast and helpful so I am happy about that. So far, Oberlo was much more user friendly so I miss it already. UPDATE: After just 5 days, this app is lacking a lot from Oberlo. I just learned that the real free plan for Oberlo users allows for 3 stores, however only a total of 500 products for the combined 3 stores, not the 3k allowance they advertise. The plan for Oberlo users is called Custom Basic and that's what you get when you migrate. If you want the 3k product allowance total and 3 stores, then you can choose the Basic free plan, however, there is no automatic inventory update or automatic price updates. If you choose the Basic Free plan, you cannot go back to Custom Basic. You really are forced to upgrade to a paid plan. It's user unfriendly and it doesn't function as well as Oberlo at all. The other issues I have encountered are: 1. When there is a notification of a price change, it doesn't give the name of the product in our store until we go to another screen (found this out by accident). Then it shows the name as in our store, but then you are unable to copy and paste it. We track our items on a spreadsheet so we have to manually type it as opposed to copy and paste like we did with Oberlo. Also, it doesn't have the SKU number of the product which also makes it more difficult to find in the store.
2. The notifications for all the stores are mixed together, not separated by store. 3. I just completed a product description within DSers, and selected the images after importing it from AliExpress. I clicked import to Shopify and then it completely disappeared. Customer support was unable to help so I have to re import and redo the description all over again.
4. When items are imported to Shopify, they are automatically put live instead of draft, so you will need to rush to change the status in the store.
5. Also, you have to manually count the number of items in the store, this app doesn't do it for you.
6. When setting up DSers, you can choose what information to import from AliExpress. We chose to only import the Specifications. When we went to import the item, everything was imported, like ALL the main images from the manufacturer's details along with the product images. Customer service had to step in here. Some products it worked but with others, every single image and product detail is imported. I have 2 stores, and this is a lot to have all these issues, that I need to contact customer service everyday. Which is very frustrating, especially when I have to redo work that got deleted. Customer service are very responsive and try to help as much as possible. They are professional.

Swagg Boss
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DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping no es compatible actualmente

Runoty online
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DSers已回复 2023年5月1日


Thank you for your feedback.
This is actually a visual bug coming from Shopify, and your store can function with DSers normally.
We are working with the Shopify team to get rid of this issue.



Venant d'Oberlo je trouve cette application très compliquée et vraiment pas intuitive. Bref une vrais galère à utiliser. Le mapping avec les options est vraiment prise de tête. Et que dire des notifications ! On ne peut pas les supprimer et on ne voit pas tout de suite de quel produit il s'agit. Je met une étoile parce qu'il faut rester positif...

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DSers已回复 2022年6月6日


Merci pour votre commentaire.
Nous comprenons que DSers peut etre un peu complique a prendre en main, a cause des nombreuses fonctions disponibles.
N'hesitez pas a contacter notre service client, ou a regarder notre centre d'aide, nous ferons de notre mieux pour vous aider.

DSers Team


I am giving a second star because it's a free app. I was glad to find something with so many good reviews, but let's be honest, none of the reviewer has really use that application... its not possible.So i will try to write something accurate.
After 2 weeks using it, I have asked few things to the support, and still waiting for good and helpful answers.
Regarding the application, its not very user friendly. After importing a product, you can't:
- select image you want to delete/add
- split product
you have to do that from your Shopify store.

Then when you want to modify a product, it's the same problem, you don't have many possibilities from Dsers APP.
If you want to delete a product from Dsers, it doesn't give you the possibility to delete it from Dsers AND Shopify or just to delete from Dsers. (option available from all other app)
So when you want to use another app, and when you delete your product from Dsers, all products are removed from Shopify....
To linked a product from Dsers app, its a big mess... You have first to push it in you store, and you must activate your product in you store. You can't modify a product which is not yet shown in your store.
To link a product from you store to Aliexpress, here comes the funniest part. Its just amaizingly complicated. Specially when you have product with multiple variants.
you have to press many butons until you finally manage to do what you want. And even when it's done, you are not sure that its correctly done, because the design is not easily made.
After the variants are linked, you have option to choose what will be the shipping method for each variant, which again.. leads you somewhere you don't know exactly where to press, and if you have to do it... its very confusing. because you can also create a shipping method in your Shopify page.
I forgot to speak about the pruducts prices which leads me to remove this application.
There is no update of the price. When Aliepress changes the price, your product cost in Dsers doesn't update.. even after re-linking your product.
And the price and cost shown in Dsers app ended to be completely different when you have multiple variants.
Dsers is doing a lot of advertisement about the bulk order.
They are explaining that you can pay 100 products in less than one minute. I must admit i didn't go till this process, so i didn't have possibility to try the bulk order. i will not comment this part.
Hope my comment will help some, and hope that the dev will design and improve that app.

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DSers已回复 2019年3月26日

Hello sir! Thank you for your feedback, we are always open to critics! They help us improve as we are still fairly new and developing new features.
Indeed, we do not have an Edit feature in DSers yet, it is coming next week, as for the improvement when you delete a product, and would allow you to do what you mentionned. We understand how it might be confusing for some users to go on Shopify to Edit their products, and we work hard to make this trouble go away.

We have a full set of articles and videos available for the users having trouble to understand some functions, we realize this is not perfect but we would be more than happy to improve based on constructive criticism. -Jean


The app does not allow for fully automatic price updating, when the supplier updates the price. It also only allows you to change the pricing multipliers/rules once every 30 days, something that can be annoying when you start using the service. The customer service is extremely fast and knew most of the problems and potential solutions which is a plus; the only reason I gave 2 stars. They were extremely pushy to leave a review after my first and successive contacts for various other issues which was very annoying, so its easy to see how they have so many ratings (good strategy DSers app marketing team!) The automatic price update is an issue for stores with large catalogues and it renders the app useless to me.

Smart Sales Australia
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DSers已回复 2021年10月17日

Hi Smart Sales Australia,

Thank you for your review! We are developing the automatic price updating feature at the moment, stay tuned! And we apologize if you felt pushed to leave a review, we like to get proper feedback from our users. DSers will keep trying hard to provide and develop more features that will help increase the efficiency of dropshipping. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us. Happy dropshipping with DSers!

DSers Team


Update: DSers support was somewhat of a help investigating the issue. Long story short the taxation added to products without much uniformity leaves open the possibility that someone could take advantage of it and charge "tax" and just pocket the money. It also leaves open the possibility that there could be big discrepancies even when nothing nefarious is going on. I would like to see more transparency on how items are taxed.
I don't know what is going on, but here is what they are doing to our orders:

1. An order is placed through DSers
2. One item from the order is deleted by someone
3. The purchase price of the deleted item is broken up into a bunch of smaller numbers and added as “Tax” to each of my other items I paid for on Aliexpress.
4. Collectively these taxes equal the EXACT amount for the deleted item.

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DSers已回复 2023年1月12日


Thank you for your feedback.
We are glad that the customer service team was able to fix the issue with your order after you manually fulfilled the order by mistakes.

As for the taxation, sadly, DSers cannot decide on the amount charged on products depending on the countries you ship to.
We advise that you try to place some test orders that you can later cancel to get a better idea of the amount you might be charged.

We hope you enjoy using DSers,

DSers Team