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I wanted to check out this app because of all the reviews I read but then upon further research, I found out that the reviews were fake!!! These stores don't even exist. They're just trying to get you to download.

What a bunch of fake ass people and they should be reported!


Developer reply

January 20, 2020

Hi there ! Thank you for being willing to try DSers. If you are a normal user who wants to grow your business, I suggest to focus on testing the app and reading our blogs to find out how DSers work and why users think we are helpful instead of investigating reviews of our users. Our users are honest and kind people. They should not be doubted like this. Here is the information about DSers if you like : www.blog.dsers.com

Zoomies 4 Pets

Absolute joke! It's basically the same as Oberlo just in a different color. wast of my time signing up. I thought it was going to be different and good but it isn't.

Developer reply

January 20, 2020

Hi there! I am sorry that you have difficulties to understand what is the difference between DSers and Oberlo. Hope the article is helpful to you.

Year Round Holiday

This app is a joke!

the 5 star reviews here are fake! Do not install this app and waste your time with it. You'll definitely regret it.

Don't believe the reviews as they are fake. The 5 star reviews are fake!!!

Mom Emporium

I was trying to check my options with suppliers so I stumbled upon DSers. I think the various steps to importing products is a bit hassle haha other platforms allow you to do this in a few clicks so like the number of steps with this one as opposed to the others kind of made me lose interest.

Also it kept on showing 404 error and I tried refreshing so many times, but still no luck. A bit disappointing, hopefully user experience can be improved!

Developer reply

January 6, 2020

Hello, thank you for your feedback, it's always appreciated.
It actually takes 2 clicks to import a product from your supplier to Shopify, so i'm not sure what steps you are referring to, our customer service team would be more than happy to help you set things up if you find it difficult.
We are aware that our platform is not perfect yet, but we are working hard to improve things and welcome every critics in that regard.
I wish you a happy new year and lot of success!


Thought I'd give this a try but I really don't see any difference between this ad Oberlo. At least Oberlo is organized and the products are in the app. I don't see what's good about this app. Such a waste of time installing and looking through


NOT user friendly! This app is just a waste of time, app not recommendable. I uninstalled the app right away.

Developer reply

January 2, 2020

Hi, we are sorry that you are facing issues. We accessed to your account but didn't find any potential issue. We provide free online customer service to help you out. Please feel free to contact. Any detailed information would be very helpful for us to improve.

Steph is Coming

Heard about Dsers and Oberlo on Youtube and gave both a test try. Oberlo is 1000 times better and more professional. I wouldn't even bother using Dsers. It's a fake Oberlo. (Maybe good if you are moving crazy volume, but for 99.9999% that don't sell crazy amount, Oberlo is the obvious choice for Aliexpress dropshipping)


This app is confusing and I would prefer Oberlo instead I'm sorry but 1 star for now. Thank you and happy holidays!


I tried to check the app before I signed up and it was indeed true that it 's more complicated than it appears! It tried to make sure to understand how it works and when I felt like I am ready, it's way more confusing to get the items activated! I tried to see if I can get support but all I get is
"We typically reply in a couple of hours.If you need to talk to us, leave a message with your shop's name and question!" what if I need the answer hso I can proceed in working with your app, I need to wait for 2 hours? unbelievable!

my life starts here

Did these guys just copy Oberlo and made it worse and worse? Ugly and they don't even have support. There is just Facebook messenger there. Who is going to contact you on Facebook? How about privacy? Stick to Oberlo guys. 0 star.

Developer reply

December 23, 2019

Hi My life stars here team.

Thank you for your review and we are sorry that you did not get what is the difference between Obelro and DSers. Oberlo is a great app in this industry but DSers is indeed different from it. Please check the most different point by clicking the link https://www.blog.dsers.com/post/how-to-place-and-pay-for-multiple-orders-on-dsers. And as required by Shopify App Store, we provide support via email. If you checked carefully on Shopify-App-DSers, you will find it there. Hope it's helpful to you.

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