DSers‑AliExpress bulk order

DSers‑AliExpress bulk order

by Dsers

AliExpress Official Dropshipping Partner

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i like the multi order feature but the prices dont upgrade so you always end up paying more for your products on dsers than in aliexpress. pls fix this

Developer reply

July 15, 2019

Hi there ! Thank you for your review and sorry for the inconvenience. First, please note that DSers is NOT charging any money when you make payment. The final cost will be the same with what the AliExpress is charging you. If you made a payment with a different price with AliExpress showing, that is caused by the supplier changing the price or the discount event shutting down for a while and you placed the order during the change. Because DSers is placing order via AliExpress API and the API is using real time prices, the difference can't be avoided technically. You can activate Setting-Notification to activate the notification when prices are changed. We are working on new solutions to help alert users when the final cost is higher when you place an order in the near future.


I am giving a second star because it's a free app. I was glad to find something with so many good reviews, but let's be honest, none of the reviewer has really use that application... its not possible.So i will try to write something accurate.
After 2 weeks using it, I have asked few things to the support, and still waiting for good and helpful answers.
Regarding the application, its not very user friendly. After importing a product, you can't:
- select image you want to delete/add
- split product
you have to do that from your Shopify store.

Then when you want to modify a product, it's the same problem, you don't have many possibilities from Dsers APP.
If you want to delete a product from Dsers, it doesn't give you the possibility to delete it from Dsers AND Shopify or just to delete from Dsers. (option available from all other app)
So when you want to use another app, and when you delete your product from Dsers, all products are removed from Shopify....
To linked a product from Dsers app, its a big mess... You have first to push it in you store, and you must activate your product in you store. You can't modify a product which is not yet shown in your store.
To link a product from you store to Aliexpress, here comes the funniest part. Its just amaizingly complicated. Specially when you have product with multiple variants.
you have to press many butons until you finally manage to do what you want. And even when it's done, you are not sure that its correctly done, because the design is not easily made.
After the variants are linked, you have option to choose what will be the shipping method for each variant, which again.. leads you somewhere you don't know exactly where to press, and if you have to do it... its very confusing. because you can also create a shipping method in your Shopify page.
I forgot to speak about the pruducts prices which leads me to remove this application.
There is no update of the price. When Aliepress changes the price, your product cost in Dsers doesn't update.. even after re-linking your product.
And the price and cost shown in Dsers app ended to be completely different when you have multiple variants.
Dsers is doing a lot of advertisement about the bulk order.
They are explaining that you can pay 100 products in less than one minute. I must admit i didn't go till this process, so i didn't have possibility to try the bulk order. i will not comment this part.
Hope my comment will help some, and hope that the dev will design and improve that app.

Developer reply

March 26, 2019

Hello sir! Thank you for your feedback, we are always open to critics! They help us improve as we are still fairly new and developing new features.
Indeed, we do not have an Edit feature in DSers yet, it is coming next week, as for the improvement when you delete a product, and would allow you to do what you mentionned. We understand how it might be confusing for some users to go on Shopify to Edit their products, and we work hard to make this trouble go away.

We have a full set of articles and videos available for the users having trouble to understand some functions, we realize this is not perfect but we would be more than happy to improve based on constructive criticism. -Jean