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Edited March 4, 2023

At start, it was smooth transfer from Oberlo.
Then we found it, it was ordering the wrong item and blame it on the Oberlo mapping. It happened again and it took a long time to win this dispute.
The issue with dser, it tries to cater for all ie ebay, amazon etc, so you will realise it is a total mess and complex and each uses different method eg variant vs name of product. Due to the supplier, they recycle the variant number to keep the high order number, which causes ordering the wrong product.
Now, we have issues and the ordering platform is annoying smart to lock into the country we are processing the orders. We change it back to our country, language and currency, but dser clears the cookie and all for each order, and the purchase platform believes we are hacking their site, so we have to redo the login details, and it goes back to the visiting countries and then the order details in that language, so messy when we run the report.
Others issues, it does not track the shipping number when the platform change it, it expect us to manually the action which they can do it automatically.
Sadly, it is hard to find a replacement app for ordering. It is like choosing a losing team as there is no other team.
p.s I am not sure why it is taking our customers details eg telephone numbers and emails when it does not need it. I hope it is not using these information for their purposes and we did not sign it to that.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 9 months
May 24, 2022

Switched from Oberlo - and while DSer is less glitchy and has some better features, in general it is far worse and missing so many core features abs things that just make sense. If you deal with multiple Ali sellers, it is super difficult to tell as it doesn’t sort by seller each order or even let you know the seller's name without clicking through (so combining shipping is a nightmare) … doesn’t even say customers' name … the worst part is orders with multiple Ali orders as it just dumps all tracking numbers and doesn’t say which are for which item. Terrible for customers as they have no way to tell what is where or what to expect. Their support is great but just wish they would spend some time making a what could be a good product more intuitive…

Queer In The World: The Shop
New Zealand
Time spent using app: 11 days
May 21, 2022

I used Oberlo lots and was a great app. This new replacement is terrible. Wont sync properly didn't import everything correctly. Loses some features that Oberlo had. I'll be looking for new app to do the same - Poor replacement. Hard to use and understand and I'm no idiot when comes to computers. Used Oberlo for years. hate this new app. Sorry guys.

Scrap n Patch
Time spent using app: 11 days
Edited July 16, 2022

Moved over from Oberlo due to their new integration. Overall positive, however I much prefer the look and layout that Oberlo had as seems cleaner and more user friendly. Had a couple of questions with my first order being placed in DSers, then the customer asking to change colour. Their support was good and gave me advice and screenshots to make cancelling and re-ordering easy. Good team and very helpful. Today another issue and Krystal was super helpful and knowledeagble too :) Have downgraded the rating as the integration did not take care of shipping so when Oberlo removed it my goods would not ship as no shipping profile. No advice on this and Shopify useless. I lost almost a month with no bookings and was not aware until a customer told me they could not buy as says wont ship to their country.
Also the dashboard layout, the upload of new products from Dsers to Shopify is clunky and unfriendly. Can´t see eassily where to amned product details, the price updates and when stock low is really not easy to use. I feel that I am going to have to find another more suitable programme.

Lifestyle Travel Trading
Time spent using app: About 2 months
Edited May 28, 2022

Alen has asked me to leave a review but it's just my first hour. Customer service is very fast and helpful so I am happy about that. So far, Oberlo was much more user friendly so I miss it already. UPDATE: After just 5 days, this app is lacking a lot from Oberlo. I just learned that the real free plan for Oberlo users allows for 3 stores, however only a total of 500 products for the combined 3 stores, not the 3k allowance they advertise. The plan for Oberlo users is called Custom Basic and that's what you get when you migrate. If you want the 3k product allowance total and 3 stores, then you can choose the Basic free plan, however, there is no automatic inventory update or automatic price updates. If you choose the Basic Free plan, you cannot go back to Custom Basic. You really are forced to upgrade to a paid plan. It's user unfriendly and it doesn't function as well as Oberlo at all. The other issues I have encountered are: 1. When there is a notification of a price change, it doesn't give the name of the product in our store until we go to another screen (found this out by accident). Then it shows the name as in our store, but then you are unable to copy and paste it. We track our items on a spreadsheet so we have to manually type it as opposed to copy and paste like we did with Oberlo. Also, it doesn't have the SKU number of the product which also makes it more difficult to find in the store.
2. The notifications for all the stores are mixed together, not separated by store. 3. I just completed a product description within DSers, and selected the images after importing it from AliExpress. I clicked import to Shopify and then it completely disappeared. Customer support was unable to help so I have to re import and redo the description all over again.
4. When items are imported to Shopify, they are automatically put live instead of draft, so you will need to rush to change the status in the store.
5. Also, you have to manually count the number of items in the store, this app doesn't do it for you.
6. When setting up DSers, you can choose what information to import from AliExpress. We chose to only import the Specifications. When we went to import the item, everything was imported, like ALL the main images from the manufacturer's details along with the product images. Customer service had to step in here. Some products it worked but with others, every single image and product detail is imported. I have 2 stores, and this is a lot to have all these issues, that I need to contact customer service everyday. Which is very frustrating, especially when I have to redo work that got deleted. Customer service are very responsive and try to help as much as possible. They are professional.

Swagg Boss
United Arab Emirates
Time spent using app: 5 months
November 22, 2021

The team LIES and HIDES DETAILS when you counter their mistakes, ( e.g - one agent said it's a mistake from our end, some said we don't have custom plans and at the same time another agent asking for extra charges) They have HIDDEN CHARGES. Marketing team of DSERS is GOOD and pushy as they ask for reviews from the first day even though I didn't start using the app, but when I purchased and started using the app their attitude totally changed. They are not in favor of showing their good will.Also we can update prices only after 30 days which is quite a long time. Their support team is good as they came with replies very quick and resolved some issues too, but again they did ignore some issues. Not recommended to those who want to look for big projects. but good for those whose targets are small. Conclusion its Disappointed that i believe the DSERS Team.

SOMI Vendors
Time spent using app: About 1 year
DSers replied November 22, 2021

Hello SOMI Vendors!

Thank you for your honest feedback and sorry for the issues you faced. It seems there was some miscommunication with our Customer Service team.
There are indeed some limitations depending on the plan you are using in DSers, those limitations vary for product import, product in DSers itself and so on. We also have a much bigger plan, that is not listed, as we only offer it to our big users who wish to take their business to complete new heights and want to personalize their DSers experience.
Please, feel free to contact us again if you want to know more about something, we'll make sure to give you accurate information.
Have a great day!

DSers Team

October 16, 2021

The app does not allow for fully automatic price updating, when the supplier updates the price. It also only allows you to change the pricing multipliers/rules once every 30 days, something that can be annoying when you start using the service. The customer service is extremely fast and knew most of the problems and potential solutions which is a plus; the only reason I gave 2 stars. They were extremely pushy to leave a review after my first and successive contacts for various other issues which was very annoying, so its easy to see how they have so many ratings (good strategy DSers app marketing team!) The automatic price update is an issue for stores with large catalogues and it renders the app useless to me.

Smart Sales Australia
Time spent using app: 3 months
DSers replied October 17, 2021

Hi Smart Sales Australia,

Thank you for your review! We are developing the automatic price updating feature at the moment, stay tuned! And we apologize if you felt pushed to leave a review, we like to get proper feedback from our users. DSers will keep trying hard to provide and develop more features that will help increase the efficiency of dropshipping. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us. Happy dropshipping with DSers!

DSers Team

July 11, 2021

It's time for my review of this app. Dser is broken app. First off, the sever lags severely. It's brutal and takes 10seconds or more to perform one action such as drop down menu. Second, Dser regular staff are not very techical minded. You have to dumb down everything you say when you have bugs. Even then they lack understanding how to comprehend it. Third, If you change the name any column data (ie, Color or Material) and push to Shopify. You will not be able to export products to CSV to make edits. Re-Importing products will break mapping from Dser and you will have zero stock.

Red Bargains
United States
Time spent using app: 11 months
DSers replied July 13, 2021

Dear team!

We are sorry to hear that our team failed to explain about how DSers works on your problem and the technical mechanism between DSers and Shopify. I believe that our technical support team has already reached out to assist you. Please check your mail box and Messegner. We will try our best to work it out. Have a great day!

DSers support team

Edited March 21, 2021

Very bad app, urgently in need of improvement and perfection!
1. It is not possible to import all shopify products (within 1000) in one click, and import up to 10. After selecting, the confirmation button cannot be found, and it cannot be imported in small batches. 2,I,t will be imported one by one, which is very unfriendly.It does not support batch modification of tag information such as type.
3,The chome plug-in industry is very low-end. It is not possible to import products that meet the filter criteria in one-click batch on the AliExpress page like shopmaster.
2. You need to add tags manually, and you cannot automatically grab and add tags. Tags are meaningless for managing and categorizing products. You need to add or select product types or collections that have been set by shopify. You need to select product types or products when publishing after importing products collections. Now it is impossible to choose shopify’s product type or collection, which is a fatal flaw. Developers do not understand shopifyg rules, and do not know the importance and essential difference of tags, product types, and product collections? Bring great troubles.
,5, The released products cannot be deleted in batches, they need to be deleted one by one, which brings huge workload, which is very painful and the gap is too big compared with shopmaste,

HappyBuy Mall
Time spent using app: About 1 month
DSers replied March 22, 2021

Hello HappyBuy Mall.

First, let me thank you for your extensive review, we appreciate honest feedback and details like you gave us.

Let me get back to you about every point

1. We limit the number of products you can import from your store to DSers to make sure there are no information missing. In case you need to import a big amount of products from Shopify (or WooCommerce) to DSers, our tech team can help you to do it. We know that Shopmaster user tend to have a lot of product, so we are adapting.

2. I'm sorry but we do not support batch import with the Chrome extension. A majority of our user carefully select product they want to import.

3. About the tags, I am sorry but I am not sure to fully understand what you mean exactly. You can tags multiple products in the Import List to organize your products. As for the Shopify collections, you can select them when you send the product to your store, along with the product type. If you met an issue or have trouble with this, our support team will be glad to guide you.

4. About the product deletion, you can also delete multiple products together, you just need to select the products you want to delete and click on "More action".

I hope I have answered your question.
Please let me know if you need help with anything, I will be glad to assist you!

PS: We realize that DSers is different from Shopmaster and we are working hard on bringing some of the features that user need. Feel free to contact our customer service team and let them know your needs!

Have a great day!

May 27, 2020

I had high expectations about this app but they all went to the trash before i even made my registration on their platform... A lot of bugs and grammar mistakes on emails, website and so on... definitely would not trust them by letting them fulfill my website orders...

Time spent using app: About 1 hour
DSers replied May 27, 2020

Hi there! Thank you for your review. It's a pity that you did not have a good experience as we are making a big change on the platform. Please let us know more details about what kind of issue you are having and team will help you out. Any advice will be very welcomed. Please feel free to contact support@dserspro.com