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Data de edição: 30 de junho de 2017

Please note, that your orders and customers are not part of the default settings. If you miss those there is no other way to import previous order data so you have to start all over again by creating a second shop.

I have a "baby" store. Less than 200 orders. It took several hours to copy and the "Lifetime Spent" and "Average Order" for the Customers isn't copied over so therefore it's pretty much useless to me.

They also nag you consistently to change your review. You gain a second star guys because they acutally answer their email.

If you just want the copy over products, theme, collections over to a different shop, this is your app. If you want to acutal have useable duplicated order data well - better luck trying a paid app which is my next stop.

All I wanted was to change the login myshopify.com domain for my shop and have EVERYTHING else stay the same. Shopify won't let you change it so I wasted hours of my life waiting for this.

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Presidio Creative deixou uma resposta 6 de março de 2019

Since this review we have improved on how customers and orders information is transferred. It's now faster and you can do it in a second step, so no need to do it at the same time you are exporting your products. You can export your products, and once it's completed you can export your customers and orders.

Data de edição: 25 de outubro de 2022

I would strongly recommend reaching out to the developers for instructions before using this app because the provided instructions & video are unclear and caused me many issues in my store. The developer did quickly reach out to me about these issues and was very kind and offered his assistance to resolve these issues and also refunded what I paid for the app which was nice. He also stated that he has made changes to the app to try to prevent these issues from happening to another user, so hopefully that is the case. I ended up deleting the app and just exporting my products (via shopify, just click "export" at the top of your products) then importing them into the new store which was so simple. I only needed to export my products but I'm sure if you needed to duplicate other data from your store then this app might be better for your needs. Just be sure to reach out to the developers for assistance!

Reluxe Vintage
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Presidio Creative deixou uma resposta 19 de outubro de 2022

Hi, this is Guille, CEO from Duplify. We want to apologize for any issue our app could have created. We are working to clarify what happened here. We've reached you in a private message, and we will work it from there. And just to be clear, our app is used daily by many store owners without any issues. Still, problems can happen, and this might be one of those cases. On a first look, we can see your export end up being set up with the same store for both the source and destination stores, and that provably was the problem. Our app has mechanisms to prevent that, but somehow you end up in that situation. We are working right now to clarify it, and fix it if needed. Thanks. UPDATE. We found out there was a way to set the same store for both the source and destination store, and that's what end up happening here. Now we have fixed that loophole, so this shouldn't happen again. We have been in contact with the team at Reluxe Vintage, offering our help to delete the duplicated products.