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20 de maio de 2017

If nothing else, this app is worth using simply for it's ability to copy over conditional collections, a feature which has long been needed but which Shopify as yet have not created.

While for the most part the features missing from this app are due to lack of API support from Shopify, there are some things which I would like to see improved:
- Auto-copying of:
- Themes
- Naivgation Menus
- Shipping & other account info
- Ability to specify the duplicate store name
- Better info during the copy process (how far through each step is, reasons for delays such as process queuing etc)
- Clearer completion info

That said, I am impressed by the support from the developers; the quick response times and the willingness to listen and take on board suggestions are a big plus in my view.

Overall, the app saved me a heap of time and while there are some issues to be resolved, I am sure that Small Victories will continue to improve the app going forward.

Farmer N The House
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Presidio Creative deixou uma resposta 6 de março de 2019

Since this review we have improved: ability to specify the duplicate store name, better info during the copy process (how far through each step is, reasons for delays such as process queuing etc) and clearer completion info.

We are still waiting on Shopify to open the API to: Navigation Menus and Shipping & other account info.

1 de fevereiro de 2022

I needed to copy orders and customers across to a new site. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was that I could not do so without copying across products (the products were already in the new site so I had to delete these and copy again). The orders that were copied across triggered email notifications which was also not expected - so it would be nice if the documentation had let us know that before hand.

Warrior Eco Power Equipment
Reino Unido
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Presidio Creative deixou uma resposta 1 de fevereiro de 2022

Hi, this is Guille from the Duplicate app. Thanks for your review and for sharing your experience with our app. It's correct that for exporting orders, we need to map first the product ids between the two stores. That's why products need to be exported first. If not, orders will be empty. Regarding the orders email notifications, just clarify that customers don't get any emails when new orders are exported through our app. It's just the store owner who gets them if in the destination store has the "New order" notification option activated in the "Staff order notifications" section at /admin/settings/notifications.

Data de edição: 18 de janeiro de 2023

Transfer went OK. The app does what it is supposed to do. Found the charges to be confusing initially. The developer has subsequently made them more clear now.

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Presidio Creative deixou uma resposta 17 de janeiro de 2023

Hi, this is Guille from the Duplify app. We are sorry our app pricing model felt confusing. We try our best to be transparent about how our app works out. In short, our app provides you two options: one-time exports (where you pay a fee depending on which categories you decide to export), and a subscription service (meant to be activated once you have completed your export, it allows you to keep your two stores in sync). After your review, we have improved our app description. Thanks for proving your feedback.

27 de março de 2018

This is a great app. It saves you Time but not money. For a full duplication, you will pay $40. Keep in mind that the whole process can be done in a few hours manually if you follow the Shopify instructions.

I needed to duplicate my store fast and this app allowed me to seamlessly do that. And although I can do it all on my own in a few hours, the time saving allowed me to move onto other parts of m project.

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