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8. april 2022

The software is seamless and the customer onboarding experience was great. I can't recommend Zonos enough. The interactive duties/taxes help button on our website is just a cherry on top of this great program. Thanks Shawn!

Cirka en måned bruger appen
Zonos svarede 13. juni 2022

We are excited to be working with DynaVap and appreciate your feedback on our products. Shawn is one of our valued onboarding team members and we are glad that your onboarding experience was great! We look forward to working with you.

14. december 2019

The support from Travis and the team was fantastic! Zonos app provided a key need in our international strategy, and should be your go to for an ideal cross border customer experience. We're two weeks in and it's been a big help for our international shipments.

30 dage bruger appen
3. juni 2021

I can ship international orders with confidence. This helps get rid of the looky loos who would abandon an order on the backside. dk

28 dage bruger appen
11. maj 2022

Zonos has an extremely helpful and easy onboarding process. It will help alleviate any issues with shipping on international orders, having the duties and taxes listed up front. Our Integration Specialist was extremely knowledgable and answered all of our questions quickly and efficiently!

Three Nails Clothing
27 dage bruger appen
Zonos svarede 13. juni 2022

We appreciate your feedback and value working with Three Nails Clothing. Zonos is happy to contribute to your success by adding transparency and ensuring unexpected charges to your international customers. We are glad you had an great experience with our onboarding team and will provide your feedback to them.

3. januar 2022

I agree with the previous review. The app is supposed to give International customers a heads up into Duties/Taxes and make it easier for them to pay. Unfortunately, I'm losing more International orders than gaining because of the extra Zonos fees and Brokerage fees I could otherwise discount or rid of if I were allowed to use my UPS pricing agreement and a second account number. International is expensive as it is. Tagging on Zonos Fees and exxagerating to cover the spread is not generating more business. Not worth $99 in new orders after more than two months.

Signature Polish
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
Zonos svarede 3. januar 2022

Thank you for your feedback and for the opportunity to provide landed cost quotes for your international shipments. I will have someone from our team reach out to you today as our app does allow you to use your negotiated UPS rates along with a second account and we are happy to assist you in getting those set up. If your Brokerage fees are waived with UPS then they will be waived in Zonos landed cost quotes as well.

4. november 2019

we've been using Zonos for about 2 weeks now, and so far so good! we haven't had a ton of international transactions yet, but i'll report back once we've had some more activity. Customer service is great and super helpful!

FATCO Skincare Products
24 dage bruger appen
1. september 2022

Really excited to open up our store to international customers. Onboarding was super easy and being able to calculate and collected full landed cost is an absolute game changer for anyone shipping international. :)

Antihero Gallery
22 dage bruger appen
19. maj 2023

If you're looking to expand, Zonos is the absolute best way to do so! Their app integrates seamlessly into your store, and customer service is top-notch.

Movement By David
21 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 20. februar 2020

Fairly easy implementation, very fast/knowledgeable customer service. Solved an issue many international customers were complaining about.

20 dage bruger appen
10. april 2021

Zonos started off great, had it for over a year with not one issue. This year they are clearly going through some ‘changes’ I.e expanding too fast. Constant issues, they make changes to our store tax set up without evening letting us know, one minute charging no tax for a country and the next minute they are. Meaning all our website text is incorrect about shipping. The reply is the government have changed and it’s now mandatory to collect x amount in this country, well Zonos, how about an email to your stores letting them know! Rather than letting them go for days thinking sales are slow to find out customers are now paying hefty fees at checkout went they weren’t before! It’s called communication or a blanket email that you have/are changing the current set up to do XYZ for instance. Pretty naive to think you can just go around changing stuff and not have an effect on checkout conversion. I think the best one was when zone started charging duties on or EU products to the EU. Without telling us, once we realised I received a reply that they had a new blanket rule about preferential rules of origin and had decided our goods didn’t meet the criteria, yet they didn’t think to tell us and lastly were wrong! Our goods are of EU origins and are duty free. Hopeless. Also now makes me laugh support are Monday to Friday, great when they make changes on a Friday and disappear for the weekend leaving the store loosing money. AVOID

Cirka et år bruger appen
Zonos svarede 28. april 2021

Thank you for your honest review. We want you to know that we value EVARAE as a customer and take all feedback we receive seriously. We recognize that the issues with Brexit and the new UK VAT taxation law have been frustrating, and we apologize for the problems you’ve experienced when dealing with the changes that came because of this new way of countries handling/enforcing tax collection. We always strive to make sure we get the proper information before making changes on our end, but we recognize that our in-app communication and emails may not have reached the person that needed to see them. For these reasons, we apologize and hope to learn from these mistakes and do better for our customers. We have reached out to your team separately via email, and hope to get further insight on a scheduled call to understand how we can improve and if there is anything we can do to accommodate any customizations your store has. We also recognize that our customers need support around the clock, and we are currently working on providing weekend support for our growing customer base. We look forward to speaking with you soon.