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Redigeret 20. februar 2020

Fairly easy implementation, very fast/knowledgeable customer service. Solved an issue many international customers were complaining about.

20 dage bruger appen
26. juli 2022

Jessica was nothing short of spectacular in helping me with any questions I had. Our call was simple and smooth and our situation was handled immediately. Thanks so much!

U Suck at Golf
14 dage bruger appen
Zonos svarede 11. august 2022

Thank you for your feedback. Jessica is amazing and along with the rest of Zonos, are happy to make your experience smooth. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

15. juni 2022

We just implemented Zonos and the implementation process was easy and quick. Zonos has an amazing team.

Nu Sensuelle
13 dage bruger appen
Zonos svarede 16. juni 2022

We are excited to be working with Nu Sensuelle! Zonos is excited to be your cross-border shipping partner and can't wait to see you succeed internationally.

29. april 2020

The customer service provided by Zonos is fantastic. Very quick response times and without fuss. There were some integration issues from our end but Mark was able to rectify them quite easily.

The Pedla
9 dage bruger appen
26. august 2022

We bought this AP and it didn't work. I contacted support and they said I needed a special API from Shopify which only comes with the top-end Shopify plan or $20 a month. I got the $20 a month API and it still didn't work. I contacted support and I got the below response. I would not recommend this AP to anyone. Typically with new stores we have an initial call, to see if Zonos would be a good for your international initiatives. Then we would get you in contact with our onboarding team to make sure everything is integrated accurately to avoid any complications. We don't provide any support for self-installs unfortunately. We do have a pricing agreement in place that all of our customers sign when integrating our services. We charge $1,000 for the initial setup fee, and then our pricing is transactional based after that. I wouldn't be able to provide you with any technical support, but I'm happy to get an agreement in place so we can get our onboarding team involved. They would be able to run through the configurations and do some tests to ensure everything is working properly.

T.E. Inc
8 dage bruger appen
Zonos svarede 29. august 2022

We appreciate your feedback. We understand your frustration and would love to see if we can find a solution that would work for you. We apologize for the negative experience you and will work to improve that in the future.

19. maj 2020

Fantastic app and their support is top notch. I had several questions and Mark recommended a quick call which was extremely useful. Super proactive and helpful

FMW Fasteners
7 dage bruger appen
21. september 2021

Horrendous and confusing 3 weeks of trying to get this app set up- there is nothing easy or straight forward about it as advertised. Waste of time.

The Wild Horse Club
5 dage bruger appen
Zonos svarede 2. november 2021

Thank you for your feedback and for providing us an opportunity to resolve the issues you had with your installation. When we last heard from you everything was set up and working as intended, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional concerns - we're here to help!

4. december 2020

WORST experience I have ever had. First, the only "support" you receive is on how to get charged an additional $150 on top of the monthly fee and transaction fees, to assist you during the setup. Once I had everything set up correctly and launched my boutique, I lost 90% of conversions at checkout because the ZONOS app was calculating the WRONG fees for VAT and Duties, showing customers 4 to 10 times the actual amounts which resulted in abandoned carts and most probably forever lost customers. I usually do not take the time to write reviews when they are negatives, but this time I wanted to prevent other entrepreneurs to lose so much money and effort to a defective product and terrible customer service.

5 dage bruger appen
Zonos svarede 28. december 2020

We appreciate you providing us an honest review, and we take all feedback we receive seriously. As a result, we are no longer charging customers the installation fee. We recognize and apologize that you did not receive the assistance you needed in a timely fashion. We hope you will give us a second opportunity to have our Technical Support team work with you to configure your store correctly so that customers are seeing accurate duty and tax calculations. Best wishes and take care.

9. juni 2021

Hands down, a must have. There's nothing worse than shipping to a customer overseas and receiving hate mail in return because, unbeknownst to them, they have to pay their local taxes and duties to get their order released and delivered to them. Zonos took all of the guess work out of international shipping for us the seller, and more importantly for our customers. It's ability to provide transparency to our customers of their final cost is priceless. We saw an increase in conversions internationally once the app was deployed. It also saved us on the administrative side trying to determine shipping and duties for international orders in advance in order to hold our customers hands and walk them across their purchase. Their support has been awesome. Setup and configuration was relatively straight forward and their support team was rock solid when we ran into any hang-ups.

3 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 5. december 2020

Couldn't install app and all support does is bill your account, they don't help with anything other than asking if you read the documents.

Lake Superior Linen
Cirka 17 timer bruger appen
Zonos svarede 28. december 2020

Thank you for your honest review. We reached out via email and phone to help configure your account further without additional fees but you expressed that you were no longer interested. We're sorry your first impression was not satisfactory, but we're happy to assist should you change your mind and decide to give us another try.