Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options


The ultimate app to manage custom options & price calculators

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Advanced Product Options

Create configurable and bundle products with dependencies and color swatches. Apply your own design, make your products unique.

Price Calculator

Calculate product prices using your custom math formula and product options as the input. Create tier prices and complex discount rules.

Unbeatable set of features

Intuitive interface with plenty of tools for you to manage custom options. Get features unavailable in other apps.

Sobre Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options is the ultimate all-in-one solution to manage customizable product options. Create configurable and bundle products of any complexity. Add math formulas and build your own price calculators. The app supports dependent custom options, templates, color and image swatches, quantity and tier prices for options, onetime fees, tooltips, absolute pricing, options for customer groups, mathematical formula pricing and much more.


  • Unlimited custom options
  • Visual drag&drop interface to manage custom options
  • Form style: List DIV-based, Table based, Table based with sections
  • Form location: on the product view, or in a popup after clicking "Add to Cart" or "Configure"
  • Option types: Inputbox, Textarea, File, Dropdown, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Multiple listbox, Date, Image, Custom HTML
  • Swatch types: Text swatches, Color swatches, Image swatches, Rich Text swatches
  • Fixed or percentage, positive or negative option prices
  • Quantity for custom options
  • Tier Prices for custom options
  • Onetime fee custom options
  • Shipping weight for custom options
  • Dependent custom options
  • Product options for customer groups with separate group management
  • Product options with inventory tracking, options associated to other products
  • Tooltips and comments for custom options
  • Ability to clone custom options
  • Price policies: Absolute price, Relative price, Fixed price
  • SKU policies: Absolute SKU, Relative SKU, Fixed SKU
  • Shipping weight policies: Absolute weight, Relative weight, Fixed weight
  • Data validation rules
  • Options selected by default
  • Custom options per product variant
  • Integrated CSS editor to customize the look of custom options
  • Ability to embed custom JavaScript
  • Custom option templates with ability to use multiple templates in the same product
  • Ability to clone templates
  • Ability for customers to configure custom options in the shopping cart
  • Mass actions for custom options, templates, customer groups
  • Ability to copy custom options between products
  • Ability to translate Storefront texts and validation messages
  • Compatibility with any Storefront theme via customizable jQuery selectors. Contact our support if you need help.
  • Mathematical formula pricing with additional interface
  • Ability to calculate product's price and shipping weight based on the product dimensions or customer's input
  • Integrated Help Desk into the app, the EST time support

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  • All option types
  • All form styles
  • Validation rules
  • Fixed and percentage prices
  • Tooltips and comments
  • Options by default
  • CSS and JS editors



  • Starter+:
  • Options per product variant
  • Text,Color,Image swatches
  • Dependent options
  • Option QTY, weight, tier price
  • SKU policies
  • Mass actions



  • Standard+:
  • Rich-text swatches
  • Onetime fee options
  • Custom option templates
  • Options for customer groups
  • Bundle Products with separate SKUs



  • Premium+:
  • Mathematical formula pricing
  • Calculate price and weight based on the product dimensions
  • Formula based tier prices

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5.0 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Cedar Nursery - Plants and Outdoor Living

This app is great to get around the problem of Shopify's maximum variants/options. There are lots of ways to display the options and it looks good when live on the store. It's also useful to be able to increase or decrease prices by a percentage or fixed amount.
It does take a bit of getting used to, but the customer support is excellent and it gets easier the more you use it. Would definitely recommend this app!


Just downloaded the app this week. They have the best customer support of any app I have ever used. There is a bit of a learning curve with the UI but the app is extremely functional if you learn how to use it.


10 start from 5. The best APP in Shopify. We were able to create the massive configurator generating to our customers a huge bundle kit created from hundreds of individual components. We have tens of of individual questions in the product, each with up to tens of buttons (some with qty selections) (in real time feeding the product information like title/price and photo from ERP) with hundreds of additional divs with custom html content around. All together hundreds of individual elements in one product - each with its own multiple dimendional conditional logic. The same content running in customers browser our team uses also on their iPad just with different visual template for processing orders as it allows us to create interactive portable pick list checkbox from the huge bundle kit - always in real time synchronised with the newest revision published on the web! . The robustness of the admin interface is endless and if there was something missing (which happened few times), Roman was happy to offer the custom made solution. The app can do much more than its has been designed for when you have a vision and access to good front end developers. The app actually does not have to be used for product creation at all- that is just bonus. Thanks to the endless conditional logic you can for example create the UI of virtual salesman automatically guiding the customer based on his answers in helping making HIS decision or providing the required information based on the previous input (right at the moment when he needs it). Is the app perfect? No.. there is so much space for improvements in the admin interface that could make our work much faster and get us better overview on our project. The magic of this app is that you do not want to search any downsides as currently there is nothing like this on the market that would be even close of this app and we could not imagine to sell our products without it anymore. No matter how crazy your vision of the product builder is. This app will possibly do it. If you are prepared to spend additional thousands of $$$ for front end developers that shift your visual ideas into the reality this app can generate completely all content between header and footer of your shop and any smallest element in the product page can have its own conditions when to not/appear. This app will handle all the heavy work easily and the end result for your customers will be amazing.