Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options


The ultimate app to manage custom options & price calculators

5.0 of 5 stars(7 reviews)

Advanced Custom Options

Create configurable and bundle products with dependencies and color swatches. Apply your own design, make your products unique.

Price Calculator

Calculate product prices using your custom math formula and custom options as the input. Create tier prices and complex discount rules.

Unbeatable set of features

Intuitive interface with plenty of tools for you to manage product options. Get features unavailable in other apps.

About Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options is the ultimate all-in-one solution to manage customizable product options. Create configurable products of any complexity. Add math formulas and build your own price calculators. The app supports dependent custom options, templates, color and image swatches, quantity and tier prices for options, onetime fees, tooltips, absolute pricing, options for customer groups, mathematical formula pricing and much more.


  • Unlimited custom options
  • Visual drag&drop interface to manage custom options
  • Form style: List DIV-based, Table based, Table based with sections
  • Form location: on the product view, or in a popup after clicking "Add to Cart" or "Configure"
  • Option types: Inputbox, Textarea, File, Dropdown, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Multiple listbox, Date, Image, Custom HTML
  • Swatch types: Text swatches, Color swatches, Image swatches, Rich Text swatches
  • Fixed or percentage, positive or negative option prices
  • Quantity for custom options
  • Tier Prices for custom options
  • Onetime fee custom options
  • Shipping weight for custom options
  • Dependent custom options
  • Custom options for customer groups with separate group management
  • Custom options with inventory tracking, options associated to other products
  • Tooltips and comments for custom options
  • Ability to clone custom options
  • Price policies: Absolute price, Relative price, Fixed price
  • SKU policies: Absolute SKU, Relative SKU, Fixed SKU
  • Shipping weight policies: Absolute weight, Relative weight, Fixed weight
  • Data validation rules
  • Options selected by default
  • Custom options per product variant
  • Integrated CSS editor to customize the look of custom options
  • Ability to embed custom JavaScript
  • Custom option templates with ability to use multiple templates in the same product
  • Ability to clone templates
  • Ability for customers to configure custom options in the shopping cart
  • Mass actions for custom options, templates, customer groups
  • Ability to copy custom options between products
  • Ability to translate Storefront texts and validation messages
  • Compatibility with any Storefront theme via customizable jQuery selectors. Contact our support if you need help.
  • Mathematical formula pricing with additional interface
  • Ability to calculate product's price and shipping weight based on the product dimensions or customer's input
  • Integrated Help Desk into the app, the EST time support

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Pricing 15-day free trial



  • All option types

  • All form styles

  • Validation rules

  • Fixed and percentage prices

  • Tooltips and comments

  • Options by default

  • CSS and JS editors



  • All from Starter

  • Options per product variant

  • Text,Color,Image swatches

  • Dependent options

  • Option QTY, weight, tier price

  • SKU policies

  • Mass actions



  • All from Standard

  • Rich-text swatches

  • Onetime fee options

  • Custom option templates

  • Options for customer groups

  • Options with inventory tracking



  • All from Premium

  • Mathematical formula pricing

  • Calculate price and weight based on the product dimensions

  • Formula based tier prices

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 7 reviews

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Most recent reviews


I am only a few days in to the trial period of this app, but I can already tell you it will be worth every penny to upgrade! It is the only app that did what I needed, and the support team was able to help with every detail I couldn't figure out, and customization I needed. Highly recommend!


I dont usually write reviews, but when I do, im fair and square! If you are struggling with options and option forms in general then read this review cause you wont understand things fully until you read all of it.

For starters we had our online store with Shopify for over a year, sadly there are many apps out there that destroy your performance, slow down your website or simply do a half job.

First of all 99% of options apps dont allow a discount code to be implemented but this one actually does. This is also the only app that i promise you doesnt even ask you to install anything lmao.

The last option app we used took us over 4 hours to install and we gave up contacted support and waited 2 days because of the time difference. Not this one!

Those guys respond from 7am pst to 4pm pst, im not against anyone located outside our zone, but im against responding in 48 hours even though you chose a North American Market. They even have a build in Ticketing software, and they respond with good and helpful solutions.

I asked for hard coding cause i got greedy how good this app is and they still satisfied me.

I strongly recommend the $29 version because it will help you with templates.

They also have a really really nice documentation to help you step by step.

Ladies and Gents, this is it, if you dont want to waste more money on things that dont work, give those guys a try.

I know for sure this app will get over 1k reviews within a year or less.

Thanks for hearing me out.


Excellent app, and I literally tried every single product option app that allowed price changes! This one is newer so doesn't have as many reviews, but I'm glad I didn't let that stop me. In my opinion, this is by far the best app out there for options!

I had 2 questions and both were responded to very quickly. The 2nd questions was a bit more "custom" and they made the changes required and let me know what was done.

The reasons I love this app compared to the others in the app store:

1. Dependent options work really well and are intuitive to use. I have a lot of options that depend on the quantity ordered and the prices increase as larger sets are ordered. This app handles the pricing perfectly. Also nice that you can make options hidden at a very detailed level, so you can keep you product page looking "clean" and options reveal themselves as other options are chosen.

2. The interface makes sense when setting up options, but I am fairly computer savvy. I think someone relatively new might be overwhelmed a bit because of all the choices, but that's what makes this app so flexible. The documentation was well written and, again, if you have a questions you could just ask through the app (it has a support tab right in the app where you can track your tickets).

3. This app adds variants to the product when a customer adds the product to their carts, which is amazing! Another bonus to this app is that since the variants are added to the products automatically, all discounts or coupons work perfectly! **OTHER APPS add cloned products to your store so your product admin becomes bogged down in clones. With the OTHER APPS using cloned "hidden" products, the sale would only affect the original item and the options wouldn't show the discount. There was a complicated workaround with those other apps to make it work, but definitely not ideal.** SO, this app is amazing, all discounts worked perfectly right out of the gate and no extra products bogging down your admin.

4. This app seems to load a bit quicker than the other app I nearly kept too, and has a little animated icon to show when it's loading and when it's adding to the cart, so the customer can see what's going on and doesn't have to wait long on the product page.

5. Styling the options is one of the coolest features! Another app I used let you upload image swatches, but even adding my own custom css, I couldn't get different option images to show up as different sizes. THIS app has css areas built right into each option so you can adjust the image size per each type of option - genius! This is an advanced feature and you will need to know css to do this - it's code and not something a beginner would know, but could be researched online or asked about in a ticket if all else fails. So now for my address stamps, for example, I have my main image options in the largest size, my secondary options (that are hidden and depending on the 1st option chosen) in a medium size so they fit all on one row on the product page once revealed, and then my ink color swatches are in a much smaller size. No other app had this functionality.

6. Options are editable in the cart and the popup looks just like your product page options, so it's a good interface for the customer.

7. The option templates are amazing! I can create a template and apply that to many products at once, so if I ever need to edit the options, I can just edit the template and all products will update. I do wish this feature was included in the $19 plan instead of the $29 plan since I don't need any of the other $29 options and other apps include this at the lower level, BUT since I love the app function so much, I'm willing to pay the extra upgrade.