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Google Retargeting Ads

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Fur Baby Whims

Wow! This is a very conflicted review since I saw that this app was working and actually installed it on two of my stores. The problem is, when I installed on the first one, I had responded to an ad for "Forever Free" and planned to try it before switching to paid. I got confused and couldn't find the button for installing the free version as it was at the bottom, under the two paid plans and so I added paid account. (On my second store, I found the way to install Forever Free)

I was told I could not get my $100 back but as soon as it was used up, I could switch back to the Forever Free plan. Now I've been trying to switch back for two days and I'm told it's discontinued. Only yesterday I was sent instructions to switch and when it didn't work, I got the message about it being canceled.

Is it a good product? Yes, I believe so, especially if you have enough traffic to drive it on a paid one. With the free, you could potentially build up to enough. Am I happy? No, not at all. I never would have abused the Forever Free and wanted to use it to truly get on my feet and then upgrade but now I'm upset and am thinking about uninstalling it.

As this plays out, I may be back to change my review. Right now, I'm frustrated.

Developer reply

October 4, 2019


Thanks for your review and for using our app.

Unfortunately, the Free Forever plan turned out to be ineffective for most of our customers. Although it was completely free, stores would get only 3,000 ad impressions under the plan, which is not nearly enough to see any meaningful results in terms of clicks/conversions.

So we’ve decided to introduce the Starter plan, which is 10X more effective than the Free Forever plan used to be. Also, the Starter plan costs just $60, which makes it affordable for virtually everyone.

I hope this helps.

My Dental Wig

This app was installed five days ago. I don't know what Retargeting ads does. It shows "impressions" "clicks" "$revenue". Don't know what that means. For that reason, I give 2 stars. Will update if I get clarification

Developer reply

April 10, 2019

Hi, thanks for your review and for using our app. In a few words, retargeting helps return non-converting visitors to your website and convert them into buyers. This works the following way. Once a visitor leaves your website without making a purchase, we start showing them ads of your store featuring the products the visitor has been showing interest in. The ads will be shown on all major ad networks, including Google and OpenX.

Since retargeting is an advertising tool, it’s effectiveness is measured by impressions, clicks, and revenue driven. Impressions are the number of times your ads were seen by your past visitors. Clicks are the number of clicks made on your ads. Revenue is the value of all your sales made thanks to our app.

Your campaign has already started and your past visitors are already seeing your ads. You can find the first statistics data on your dashboard. Since retargeting shows ads to just your past visitors, the number of clicks/impressions and revenue will increase after some time once we’ve gathered more of your website’s audience.

Hope this helps. Please reach out to our Customer Care if you have additional questions regarding our app or your campaign specifically.

Baroness X

Unfortunately, I can't trust the conversion reports for this app. The very first conversion we got with the app was from a transaction that happened 3 months before we even started using the app. That was very suspicious.

Additionally, we've found other transactions that are from friends/family that we know are also not attributable to any ad.

It does seem like ads are displayed because I've seen them (once). But the conversion reports give you the impression that the ads are working. They are not. In fact, we discovered products that had not been for sale for weeks being advertised.

Overall, disappointed.