Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

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Convert visitors into buyers with dynamic retargeting. Run your ads on Google with a single click.

The fact a visitor leaves a website doesn't mean he's not interested in making a purchase. Research shows that a user must be contacted at least 5-7 times before he makes the decision to buy. Retargeting techniques allow you to find your visitor on the Internet and show him an ad wherever he is at the moment. Imagine a visitor comes to your online store, views some products, then leaves the website. Now, wherever he is, he will see an ad reminding him of his interest in specific products.

The fact a visitor leaves a website doesn't mean he's not interested in making a purchase. Research shows that a user must be contacted at least 5-7 times before he makes the decision to buy. Retargeting techniques allow you to find your visitor on the Internet and show him an ad wherever he is at the moment. Imagine a visitor comes to your online store, views some products, then leaves the website. Now, wherever he is, he will see an ad reminding him of his interest in specific products. 更多
  • Run your product retargeting ads on Google with no integration required.
  • Configuring and running your ad campaign takes just a few clicks.
  • On average, our customers generate an extra $3 for every dollar spent.
  • 1,000 ad impressions each month for free with our "Free forever" plan.
  • Build brand awareness by customizing the look and feel of ad creative.


外部费用可能由 Rontar Group OU 收取,不会计入您的 Shopify 发票。 详细了解

Free Forever




You will be charged $25 initially and every time the advertising balance gets low. You will be billed for impressions.

  • Unlimited ad impressions - 100% visitor reach
  • Expand retargeting with Similar Audiences
  • Advanced settings available
  • You control your budget

Free Forever




You will be charged $25 initially and every time the advertising balance gets low. You will be billed for impressions.

  • Unlimited ad impressions - 100% visitor reach
  • Expand retargeting with Similar Audiences
  • Advanced settings available
  • You control your budget

所有费用均以USD结算。 定期费用和基于使用情况的费用每 30 天收取一次。

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Dear Shopify business website owner/developer,

They've got a bunch of great reviews that convinced us to sign up and give them our trust and money. Hopefully your experience will be better than ours was if you go ahead and install this app. Because our experience was pretty poor. And if we'd have been paying more than $5 per day I have to believe we'd have caught that poor performance and shut off the app and service many months before today.

Your mileage may vary if you go ahead with this app. All we can say is take a look at our website and decide for yourself if we look like newbies who don't know a thing about marketing and are griping about something that's our fault.

According to the retargeting solution's own stats, here are our results after 8 months of paying "Rontar" / "Dynamic Reargeting Ads" / WFP.ADVERTISING :

* 124,000 impressions
* 137 clicks (0.11%)
* 1495.14 ad spend or paid Rontar ($10.92 CPC)
* 675.75 Rontar-influenced revenue attributed

Not exactly a home run, considering retargeting is billed as the lowest-hanging fruit and best return on investment for digital ads-- and this company claims to be an expert in doing so.

After all, we can buy cold interested visitors for 15% of that CPC spend, with 20x the CTR and actually convert them to sales at a positive return.

Here are the promises we were made before signing up:

1) Our retargeting ads would be seen on Youtube, Gmail, WashingtonPost, NYTimes, ESPN, Fox News, Weather.com

Result: Fail. Not a single employee has seen ads on those sites. Nor to our knowledge have we received any referral visitors from those sites.

2) Average ROI of our 1000+ Shopify customers is average is 450%

Result: Fail. Our ROI has been severely negative.

Even if were we selling products that had no cost of goods cost, we'd still have lost money paying Rontar and whomever they allegedly paid to place ads on our behalf.

3) We told Rontar how many visitors we got to our website and our revenue, and said we wanted to spend 4% of our daily sales as a retargeting budget (estimated $16). Rontar said no problem.

Result: Fail. We instead spent $5 per day every day, and most days had zero clicks. We asked why we weren't spending the requested budget, and were told we didn't have enough traffic to our website.

4) We confirmed cost per thousand impressions was expected to be affordable/competitive before signing up.

Result: Fail. $10.90 per click and $12 per thousand impressions isn't efficient ad spend for a warm audience.

5) There are some basic ad customizations you can do yourself / our algorithms give our customers much more control over the customization of their creatives

Result: Fail. Until long after signup, we did not have any way we could find to preview what the creatives looked like-- much less edit anything.

Until we discovered a new "look and feel" tab in the app's settings that may not have been there when we originally signed up (or at the least didn't render an ad preview on our web browser as it did when checked today), we have had no idea what the ads look like they're supposedly running on our behalf.

Repeated questions about this steered us back to the Shopify app-- in which until long after signing up and paying many months we were unable to find any preview.

6) We usually manage to increase an online store's sales by up to 10%

Result: Fail. According to Rontar's own stats, they take credit for fewer than 1% of our sales

7) You should try out Drip Retargeting. It is a completely new approach to retargeting that helps move your visitors closer to the purchase by engaging them with different ads through their sales cycle. This approach was only available before in email marketing, now is possible in our advertising platform.

Result: Uncertain. We can't even verify actual ads were shown, much less of some innovative type.

8) With your search traffic percentage it looks like you will have a significant CTR percentage from Rontar ads.

Result: Uncertain. Is 132 clicks from 124,000 impressions over 8 months considered "significant"? If so, I'm pretty sure we are in the wrong business because any digital ads we've run ourselves have 10-30x better click-thru rates.

9) You should increase your frequency capping to 7 from 5 (many months after signup)

Result: Uncertain. We thought we had already had a frequency capping of 15 impressions per person per month from the time when we signed up. Apparently it was arbitrarily set at 5, ignoring our signup instructions.

10) You can exclude products you don't want to show.

Result: Uncertain. We provided a list of those products. And they may have been excluded from showing in ads. We don't know. As stated before, we never saw any live ads. But the PREVIEW of ads we saw today in the app was definitely showing items we had requested to be excluded.


I don't want this to be flagged as defamatory. So I've tried to stick to just the facts. All 10 of these promises the app/company Rontar/WFP.Advertising/Dynamic Retargeting Ads did not deliver on are in emails to our company from their representatives or else on sales pages / app description of the company itself.

Personally, I've never seen ONE ad supposedly shown by Rontar. Nowhere on the web-- nor on ANY of the websites they claimed to have been doing retargeting ads on. Nor has anyone on our employment team. That's despite the fact that our team spends a large part of our week on our own website and also browsing other sites afterwards like any consumer...and our company was paying Rontar for many months to serve ads on websites and online applications where some of our team members are regularly hanging out.

Yet the app itself claims to have served ads. If they're promising to run ads and not doing so, I feel this company probably would have been outed from the Shopify app store a long time ago. So I must accept that isn't the case. I must accept it to be true that they are serving ads. Therefore, I won't say that the stats they provide in the app are bogus. I must accept that ads were served 124,000 impressions and clicked on 132 times over 8 months-- even though I cannot independently verify these claims from other sources (Shopify, Elevar, Google Analytics).

Perhaps the data is there for us to independently confirm ads were actually served and clicked on...and I don't know how to find it. If so, I'll revise this review to say so.

Even so, I must conclude they've done what we hired them to do very poorly in our case. Here are 3 things I can say for sure that Rontar does:
1) Whack our card every 7 days for more money
2) Send us an email receipt
3) Respond super-quickly to most customer emails

I'm just sorry that the "respond super quickly to emails" fooled us for more than 4 months that this was a business we could trust to help its customers grow their business. After all, it makes you wonder when multi-month customers are reduced to asking simple questions like:

"Presumably we have some sort of log-in to your website as a dashboard with analytics--- but no one here can find it. And though we were promised someone would look over our account and keep us informed about what we should do to increase things...unfortunately I don't really show any email communication from your company in the last 4 months (other than payment notifications). We'd like to have some idea of what we're getting for our money. And if it's worth anything, how we can be spending more with a good return."

(The answer eventually turned out to be that the app name had changed from Rontar to "Dynamic Retargeting Ads" though a bit confusingly, we were still getting billed by another party (WFP.Advertising) and emailed by the original party we hired (Rontar).

In the last couple months, we can find in our inboxes a couple times we asked a question and received no response at all.

Questions like:

"Hey it's been awhile since we could figure out how to log in to Rontar and see what's what. Shopify doesn't even have a Rontar app. What's going on?"

Or "What are you doing for the money we are paying? How is the retargeting going? Can you help me take a look at it?"

Still, nothing will upset a customer on a recurring charge more than 2-3 charges of "new services" while questions go unasked from 2-3 payments ago. And we've suffered that now enough times that we're saying enough is enough.

We're uninstalling this app and providing three stars.

And I took an hour and a half today to give my honest feedback here about this app and this company-- in hopes to save other Shopify owners a possible headache.

To be fair, our company has seen similar non-results with these other automated ad-generating solutions, too.

* Abaco
* Poln
* CommerceCentral
* Shoelace

Though we got great results from YahooCommerce/ Lexity before I guess they were closed down years back.

After what seems to have been our 6th waste of money with an automated remarketing solution (Rontar), I'm beginning to think we were wrong to think dynamic retargeting could work for our business.

But I don't really want to believe that. The model can and should work. After all, these are warm prospects and we ought to be able to compete in the ad netwrorks for their attention and make good on the "retargeting is among the best ROIs in all digital avertising" promise. Our remarketing efforts via email (Klaviyo) work fine.

So hopefully the 7th time is the charm! If any digital ads service provider reads this and wants to collaborate to run our remarketing for CubicZirconia.com and our other jewelry brands, we'll probably sign up and give it a try. And we'll be just as effusive in our praise if your solution is worth it as we have been in speaking honestly-- but less than glowingly-- about the companies and apps who made big promises and didn't back them up.

Cubic Zirconia CZ
11个月 人在使用应用
Rontar Group OU已回复 2023年1月23日


Thank you for the detailed review of your experience using our app. We were pleased to work with you, and our team truly regrets that your retargeting campaign's performance did not meet your initial expectations.

In response to your review, we would like to underline that the bidding model is quite complicated. The ads are displayed on those websites and ad places which are the most cost-effective and optimal according to the campaign's settings. The number of impressions is verified with Google so you can be sure that all impressions were shown to your visitors.

Let us explain how retargeting with Rontar works: people visit your website, review products and then see the ads containing the same products they reviewed in your webstore on other websites. All products are taken from your website's product feed. Additionally, we would like to note that all settings in the account are divided into 3 groups (general, advanced, look and feel). These settings can be reviewed and changed by the Customer any time.

As we operate internationally, we receive payments via a payment processor. Thus, when you see transactions to WFP.Advertising, it means that you are charged for Rontar's advertising services via the WayForPay payment processor.

To sum up, we would like to clarify that all retargeting providers work in a similar way.
Your Account Manager tried different combinations of settings for your campaign but unfortunately it did not bring the results needed. Thus, if this is not your first try to use such a kind of ads from six different providers but all attempts were not successful, we would recommend you to select other tools to promote and sell your products.

We always try to keep long-term relations with our customers and find the best solution for them. But, unfortunately, in this case the retargeting campaign did not appear to be as effective as we all expected.
Anyway, we hope you will find an efficient tool to develop your business.


i will basicaly say go for it, if you thinking about getting visitor to you sight, just know, you need to hit them at least 5 difrent point for them to conver so this app do just that, in a click of a botton, you can get you pixel up and running and start making money online the right way, hope this help.

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Saw my own ad today on a webpage after using this for more than a year. My ad had a broken header so it wasn't showing my logo, it was showing old product images from longer than 8 months ago which were removed from the shop way back then when the new ones were put in. They had no idea something was wrong. I'm guessing all their customers are probably affected. I've spent around $1,966 on advertising through them which I reckon I just wasted. They offered me a $25 credit as the remedy for 8 months of showing old product images that weren't converting instead of the new ones I'd evolved massively. Are you joking? Shopify what the hell I expect a certain standard in here.

Candle Monster
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Rontar Group OU已回复 2023年7月7日

Thank you for your review and being our customer for such a long time.

We would like to assure you that we continuously update product information, which is shown on the ads, but product pictures are updated not more often than once a month. Such configurations are set on purpose in order not to overload customers' servers.

It is necessary to mention that you periodically suspend your campaign and then restart it in a while. In fact, you were running your retargeting at the beginning of the year and then made a pause. After that, your campaign was restarted in June. Therefore, your pictures have not been updated yet as your campaign was activated after our latest update of the pictures.

Based on the above-mentioned information, we confirm that your campaign was running with the part of outdated pictures for just one month. We understand that this could influence the conversions but according to your statistics the number of clicks was not lower than usual.

For now, all your pictures are updated. It was made as soon as we received your request. We truly regret that you were not satisfied with our services during last month, but we hope that you will accept our bonus offer and keep cooperating with us.


love it, it was easy to manage , now im just waiting to see miracles;) and i will comment again nest time

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Great really good like it so far will see how it go's for a bit but so far so good very easy to use thats a big help

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