Earnbox ‑ Automated Loyalty

Earnbox ‑ Automated Loyalty

by Earnbox

Helps Shopify store owners boost return and repeat customers.

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About Earnbox ‑ Automated Loyalty

Earnbox is a fully automated loyalty reward program that helps Shopify store owners boost customer loyalty by rewarding customers with cashbacks.

By adding Earnbox to your Shopify store, you will:

  • Grow your customer base
  • Boost return & repeat customers
  • Lower your marketing costs

It's easy to setup, maintains itself and is completely free to use.

Happy customers, happy business.

Consumers like loyalty programs that are transparent, simple to use and truly rewarding. Earnbox is build from the ground up with all these things in mind.


Most loyalty programs try to get as much information about your customers as they possibly can. In the end, this will only violate your customer's trust and thus, loyalty.

Earnbox doesn't require your customers to give away any information. In fact, we don't even ask them for a name or email address ourself. Earnbox is designed to get your customers to buy more of your products, more often.


Consumers don't want a savings card or app for every store out there. They don't even want a different loyalty program for every store. They simply want 1 attractive loyalty program that rewards them whenever they make a purchase.

We've created a very easy, fully automated way to reward your customers after every purchase they make.


Most loyalty programs let consumers earn points or credits. Every point is worth a small amount of money and can only be redeemed whenever a certain threshold is reached.

Earnbox lets your customers earn real money by rewarding them with cashbacks. Every time your customer makes a purchase, he or she gets a percentage of their purchase amount back which can be spend later on one of their following purchases (at your store).


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