Earth Cart ‑ Carbon Free Shop

Earth Cart ‑ Carbon Free Shop

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Climate friendly shopping - plant trees & offset purchases

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Empower your customers

People want to buy from brands that have a positive impact. Make your customers’ shopping climate friendly, starting at $1.

Support Carbon Neutrality

Show your customers you care about climate. Join a group of businesses who are taking responsibility by becoming carbon neutral.

Grow customer value (CLV)

Be rewarded for your leadership. Get 10% of every tree your client’s purchase, and grow Customer Lifetime Value.

Podrobnosti o Earth Cart ‑ Carbon Free Shop

Earth Cart is an easy way to offer your customers the choice to become climate-positive shoppers with just one click.

Contributions starting at $1-$2 USD at the checkout, plants and protects one or two trees, and offsets more than the emissions from their purchases and shipping.

Customers are looking for leadership

With the impacts of climate change being felt by everyone, it’s more important than ever that businesses show real leadership and offer easy to use solutions that customers can engage with and feel positive about their personal contribution.

Increase your brand reputation by providing real impact to real people

Our projects share the carbon revenue 50/50 with the local communities on the ground who protect and plant the trees. As the only carbon project developers that share, a bulk of your contribution goes to the communities and families who plant and protect the trees. Your customers will be supporting an exclusive carbon offset that provides income directly to the people who are regenerating the planet.

Deep Tech verified offsets

We use 'Earthbanc Satellite AI technology’ in partnership with the European Space Agency BIC to monitor the trees every five days, ensuring your customers’ contributions are making a positive and lasting impact.

Increase your revenue

We believe that sharing the rewards really makes a difference. Get paid 10% of every tree your customers choose to purchase goes back to you in recognition of your leadership.

Free and easy to install

You simply install and connect with your Shopify payments in order to receive commissions for your customers’ climate friendly shopping choices.

Engage your customer with impact stories

Your Earth Cart dashboard provides you with up to date information on the climate friendly impacts your customers are making, and the broader movement of business leaders and customers using Earth Cart. Create valuable content that gives your customers a sense of hope and achievement, backing up the impact with verifiable claims from satellite tracking of forests by Earthbanc.

It's a triple win for your business, the environment, and the communities receiving income from planting trees.

Key Features

Empower climate friendly shopping for your customers in minutes

  • Free App
  • Fast Easy Install
  • Get our team to install it for you or install it yourself, we give you options.
  • Email support
  • We certify our own projects with satellites in partnership with the European Space Agency BIC, and also provide certified VCS carbon offsets which are traceable offset projects
  • Support high impact projects that regenerate the planet
  • Local and global projects

Show leadership. Offer a solution. Together we can make a difference by taking action on climate change.

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Earth Cart collects tree planting funds from your customers & you receive a 10% commission monthly after Shopify fees.

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