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13 de julho de 2024

I was using paid version of this app. The file upload started injecting a long url link with their app information on my checkout page where the file name should be. Huge privacy issue and confusing for my customers. Their support said it's not their problem to fix, it's Shopifys. Took 3 days of them not understanding English or my problem to tell me they won't fix it. I'm leaving Shopify as support for Shopify apps is terrible and developers in other countries don't understand English or fix their broken apps.

Pet Bestie
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
Easify deixou uma resposta 15 de julho de 2024

Hi Pet Bestie Store Owner,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, and we sincerely apologize for the challenges you’ve faced with the Easify Product Options app. We truly value your input and are genuinely disappointed that our previous attempts to address your needs haven’t fully met your expectations.

Please understand that there are certain limitations within Shopify that restrict our ability to customize the checkout page fully. We’re always striving to find solutions, but these constraints can make it difficult at times. We encourage you to explore our other product options apps as they may have similar limitations due to the platform's framework.

I also recognize there may have been some misunderstandings during our discussions, and I apologize for any confusion that caused. We’re committed to improving our communication and ensuring clarity moving forward.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue working with you. Our Product Owner has reached out to clarify your issues and to discuss the best possible solutions we can provide. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we genuinely want to make things right.

Thank you for considering our request, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Easify Team.

13 de março de 2024

Absolutely pointless free version. It limits a very basic feature, which is price per variant, to the point that the free version is completely useless. Is like I'm offering a free car but with no wheels, engine or steering wheel.

Ivy & Bark
Reino Unido
27 dias usando o app
Easify deixou uma resposta 15 de março de 2024

Dear Ivy & Bark Store Owner,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We genuinely apologize for any frustration you've encountered while using our app, and we're committed to finding solutions that meet your needs.

We understand your concerns about the limitations of our free version, especially regarding the price per variant feature. Our aim with the free version is to provide essential functionalities for merchants, while reserving more advanced features, like the option price feature, for our paid plans.

We acknowledge that from a merchant's standpoint, this feature may seem straightforward to implement. However, behind the scenes, our team invests substantial effort to ensure that it functions seamlessly with every order and transaction in your store. Additionally, ongoing updates are essential to ensure compatibility with Shopify updates and themes, adding to the complexity of maintaining this feature.

Despite these limitations, we strive to offer a generous free plan. Unlike many other product options apps, we do not restrict the number of option sets or impose limitations on the number of products or orders to which custom options can be applied. Additionally, features like conditional logic, typically exclusive to paid plans elsewhere, are accessible in our free version. Furthermore, we provide in-app live chat support to all users, irrespective of their plan, ensuring timely assistance whenever you need it.

We understand that our free plan may not fully meet your requirements, but we sincerely hope you'll reconsider and give our app another chance to serve you. Our team has reached out to you via email to gather more detailed feedback and explore potential solutions tailored to your store's needs. Please check your inbox and allow us the opportunity to connect and assist you further. We're here to listen and resolve your concerns to the best of our ability.

Best regards,
Easify Team.

2 de março de 2024

The most garbage app, I immediately recommend you TO NOT USE THIS. You can't even save any Options Sets, it's actually a bug, with no live chat.

I'm telling you right now, litterally, there is no save button, so you can not even use this app properly. It takes you 30 mins to figure out the entire app is not functioning. Absolute garbage, waste of time, nasty, ugly design, doesnt even integrate into any themes or page builders, such as PageFly.

DO NOT even bother, trust me.

My Store
28 minutos usando o app
Easify deixou uma resposta 4 de março de 2024


We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, and we're genuinely sorry to hear about your frustration. We believe there might be some misunderstandings, and we'd like to address them:

1. Save Button Visibility: The “Save” button is always visible on our new option set page (Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/VNU1HgqdNDHf). Please revisit the page, and you'll find it right here.

2. Live Chat Support: We provide live chat support for all users, both free and paid (Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/fYBqiWQMdoVd). If you didn't notice the live chat icon within our app, it might have been overlooked. Many users have successfully reached out to us for assistance through in-app live chat. Feel free to send us a message, and we'll be glad to assist you promptly.

3. App Usability: If you find our app challenging to use, please consult our comprehensive user guide at: https://easifyapps.com/product-options-docs/. Your insights are valuable, and we're open to any suggestions you may have for improving user-friendliness, features, or design.

4. Integration with Themes: Our app seamlessly integrates with Shopify themes; you can find detailed installation instructions in our guide at: https://easifyapps.com/docs/app-activation/. We assure you that embedding our app is a straightforward process.

5. Integration with Page Builders: While our app is compatible with popular page builder apps like PageFly, we are not currently listed as their official partner. As a result, our app may not appear in their suggested integrations. However, you can still integrate our app with PageFly through simple settings. For example, you can view this product page (https://easify-product-options.myshopify.com/products/wedding-dresses), which is a demo of a product page built with PageFly and includes our Easify product options.

We are committed to listening to user feedback and continuously improving our app. Your opinions matter to us, and we'd appreciate more details on any specific areas you think we can enhance.

Thank you for your understanding and for bringing your concerns to our attention.

Best regards,
Easify Team.


UPDATES (03/04/2024): We tried contacting you via your personal email, but encountered an issue ("Address not found" on Gmail - Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/PEo0QWUMhnEw). Therefore, we sent our message through your website's contact form. Since your store seems incomplete and hasn't started selling, we're uncertain if you received our email. Kindly provide your active email for further assistance.