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This is crazy. I don't know what has happened but after launching this campaign by easy ads, not only it took a few days to start running but my facebook account got disabled.

Prior to that, I've run many different types of ad sets and and campaign and it all worked out smoothly. My mistake is that facebook account is connected to two businesses that I'm running and now I've lost access to ads for the other business.

I can't even get the facebook account to review. It's ridiculous. And im sure it has something to do with advertising. And at the time it all happened, the only ads that are being run by that account is easy ads. ONLY.

使用應用程式 4天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年6月10日

Hi Velurea,

Thanks for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

Kindly note that Easy Ads is a Meta Badged Ad Technology Partner, this means it uses the same API as the Ads Manager.

Also, please note that Ad Accounts get disabled for the content of their ads, using a suspicious payment method, or a suspicious ad destination which is your website.

We'd love to assist you in getting in contact with the Meta team or creating a new ad account.

Please refer to our last email to us for more details on this.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

The Easy Ads Customer Support Team


I just installed but didn't use it and they billed me for it what an ass

skylark store
使用應用程式 大約1個月
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年6月26日

Hi Skylark store,

Thank you for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

Please note that for ALL Shopify apps, you are charged by Shopify, not the app developer.

We have no access to your billing information whatsoever or the ability to charge you.

If you get charged by mistake for any Shopify app, all you have to do is to either contact the app developer or Shopify to get refund.

We look forward to hearing your reply to our last email.

Maria Chanaoui
Communication Manager


Installed app, granted them access to my facebook ads account and was immediately hacked and charged over $700 for fake ads that had nothing to do with my account.

Outsider Garage
使用應用程式 4天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年6月5日

Hi Outsider Garage,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Easy Ads app.

I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience with us.

Can you please share with us more details about this? We tried contacting you multiple times, still, no response.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Maria Chanaoui
Marketing & Communication Manager


how to remove subscription of AI - Easy Ads for Facebook Ads from shopify? as it uses to deduct untold charges randomly

Worthy Den
使用應用程式 27天

I installed the app then the problems started !!! they add some things that get in the way and now they have blocked me. AND GIVE YOU MONEY?????

使用應用程式 2天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年6月10日


Thanks for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

Kindly note that we never blocked you and we can't find any communication history whatsoever from you.

I'm sure this is a miscommunication and we'd love to hear more from you.

Kindly reach out to us via the live chat on our website: easyadsapp.com as all our attempts to contact you via email failed.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

The Easy Ads Customer Success Team


Je tiens à exprimer ma profonde déception concernant l'application Easy Ads sur Shopify. À mon avis, c'est une arnaque complète. Les avis positifs que vous pouvez lire semblent complètement faux et trompeurs.

Le support client est particulièrement incompétent. Au lieu de fournir une assistance utile et adaptée, ils m'ont simplement conseillé de cibler le marché anglophone avec mes publicités, alors que mon site est exclusivement francophone. Cela montre une incompréhension totale de leur part des besoins spécifiques de leurs utilisateurs.

En termes de résultats, l'expérience a été désastreuse. J'ai dépensé 350 euros pour des campagnes publicitaires via cette application et n'ai généré que 4 commandes. Le retour sur investissement est inexistant et cette dépense n'a fait que creuser un trou dans mon budget marketing.

En résumé, je déconseille vivement l'utilisation de Easy Ads sur Shopify. L'application ne tient pas ses promesses et le support client est loin d'être à la hauteur. Économisez votre temps et votre argent, et cherchez des alternatives plus fiables pour vos campagnes publicitaires en ligne.

使用應用程式 9天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年7月4日

Bonjour Custonimo ,

Nous vous remercions sincèrement pour votre retour détaillé concernant votre expérience avec Easy Ads. Nous prenons très au sérieux vos commentaires et nous regrettons profondément que notre service n'ait pas répondu à vos attentes.

Concernant le support client, nous reconnaissons que la recommandation qui vous a été faite était inadaptée à votre situation. Nous allons immédiatement revoir nos procédures pour nous assurer que nos équipes prennent en compte les spécificités linguistiques et géographiques de chaque client.

Nous comprenons votre frustration face aux résultats obtenus. Les performances des campagnes publicitaires peuvent varier considérablement en fonction de nombreux facteurs. Nous aimerions examiner en détail votre cas pour comprendre ce qui n'a pas fonctionné et voir comment nous pourrions améliorer l'efficacité de vos futures campagnes.

Quant à l'authenticité des avis, il est important de noter que Shopify vérifie rigoureusement tous les avis avant leur publication sur l'App Store. Shopify s'assure que chaque avis provient d'un utilisateur réel de l'application. Si vous avez des doutes ou des questions concernant ce processus de vérification, nous vous encourageons à contacter directement Shopify pour obtenir plus d'informations.

Nous souhaiterions avoir l'opportunité de rectifier cette situation et de regagner votre confiance. Pourriez-vous nous contacter directement à support@easyadsapp.com afin que nous puissions discuter plus en détail de votre expérience et explorer des solutions potentielles ?

Encore une fois, nous vous présentons nos sincères excuses pour cette expérience décevante et nous espérons pouvoir travailler avec vous pour résoudre ces problèmes.

L'équipe Easy Ads


This app is horrible. It will take credit for every sale even if the add had nothing to do with it. They should be closed and not allowed to operate. Scam. Funnel doesn’t work either. When you try and reach out you can only speak to ai and there ai answers barely answer questions they just forward you frequently asked questions that don’t answer your questions. Easy ads more lie throw ur money down the drain!!!

Stoked Snow
使用應用程式 28天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年3月5日

Hi Stoked Snow,

Thanks for reviewing Easy Ads!

Kindly note that Easy Ads for Facebook Ads is a Badged Meta Ad Technology Partner; any data shown on the app is tracked by your own Meta Pixel.

In fact, you can double all data shown on your Easy Ads dashboard on your Meta Ads Manager.

Since the introduction of iOS 14, attribution issues have become more common and not limited to third-party app users. We encourage you to research this and learn more from the Facebook Ads community.

Also, kindly note that our customer support is formed by humans, not AI. In fact, AI technology is not advanced enough to operate a live chat on a scale such as Easy Ads.

Our support team replied to your message which you still need to read.

We look forward to getting your reply on the email sent to you.

Maria Chanaoui
Marketing & Communication Manager
Easy Ads for Facebook Ads


facebook blocked my account because of this app

使用應用程式 1天

why you guys are still charging me on shopify plan i have uninstalled your app

使用應用程式 6天

I installed the Easy Ads App in late December 2023. Let it run for a few weeks and it didn't generate any sales.

I asked for help through their support, and all I got was excuses about why it doesn't work, instead of solutions. I actually was pleading with them to assist me in getting it to work.

After no joy in dealing with two different people, namely: Ouissal and Millenni, I then told them that I'd rather delete the app.

After this, someone else named Maria suggested a call with me to get it working and directed me to their calendar to schedule the call. Which I happily tried to do. Unfortunately, the calendar was fully booked.

So I contacted them again asking when could a slot be made available and was told they would get back to me if a cancellation happened. This was on the 24th of January 2024. Today is the 12 Feb and I haven't heard anything from anyone.

The scary part is that the diary is probably fully booked because so many people are having trouble using the app and are booking support calls.

I was rather disappointed as I believed that the "Easy Ads" app was a good app and that I was doing something wrong and thus asked for help. Sadly it was not forthcoming.

Anyway, I am now exploring alternative solutions. I've given these guys more than enough time and opportunity to assist me in getting their app to work.

Moving forwards and onwards.

Ascend Forex
使用應用程式 22天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2024年2月19日

Hi Ascend Forex,

Thank you for sharing your experience with Easy Ads. We're sorry to hear about the challenges you encountered and the frustration it caused you. As the Marketing & Communication Manager, I want to extend my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you faced.

It's disheartening to learn that despite reaching out to our support team, you didn't receive the assistance you needed promptly. I understand how important it is to have reliable support when utilizing our app, and I regret that we fell short of providing you with a satisfactory resolution.

Regarding the scheduling of a support call, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the fully booked calendar. Our intention is to assist all our users promptly, but unfortunately, this can lead to scheduling constraints at times.

Additionally, I want to clarify that while our calendar may be busy due to the high demand for our free setup service, it doesn't solely reflect users experiencing issues with the app.

Our calendar primarily serves for scheduling a free setup for new users, not specifically for issue resolution. The email you received should have clarified this, and I apologize if there was any confusion.

I assure you that we take every user's feedback seriously, and your experience will be thoroughly reviewed to identify areas for improvement in our support process.

As you explore alternative solutions, we respect your decision and wish you success in finding the right fit for your needs. Should you ever reconsider using Easy Ads or have further feedback to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at support@easyadsapp.com.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment you experienced. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention, as it helps us in our continuous efforts to enhance our services and support.

Kindest regards,

Maria Chanaoui
Marketing & Communication Manager
Easy Ads