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without my permission this app install and charges deduct from my bill its scam doing by shopify right now please solve my problem

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Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年5月24日

Hi 69lifestyle,

This is Yassir from the Easy Ads team.

I have noticed that you have left this review before contacting us. We're always more than happy to assist our users in finding success and we also provide a full refund whenever requested.

Kindly note that Shopify processes payments for all Shopify apps, and the app developer (us) has NO access to your payment information to charge you.

However, we understand how frustrating it can be to find an unexpected charge on your bill and that this review is a result of this frustration. That is why our support team is getting in touch with you through email right now. Please reply to our email so we can resolve this issue for you.

Rest assured that you will be granted a full refund if that's how you would like to move forward with this matter.



i install still app for 1 day and decided not to use it so i deleted it, they say free for 7 days but when i got my monthly bill i say a charge from "easy ads".

neatfreaks wholesale
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Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年6月29日

Hi Neatfreaks,

Thank you for taking the time to review Easy Ads for Facebook Ads.

Kindly note that Shopify handles billing for all third party developers like us, we do not have any access whatsoever to your billing information or the ability to charge you. App developers can only approve a refund from their partner portal or issue app credits.

With that being said, we couldn't find any message or email received from you inquiring about this or requesting a refund. Kindly reply to the email that was sent to the email address associated with your account so that we can resolve this for you.

Kindest Regards,


A garbage App !! they are telling you there's a free trial but actually there's no free trial Shopify will charge you once you click subscribe, how would I know that your app is worth paying or not without a free trial and clearness

使用應用程式 11天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年7月6日

Hi HousePlex.net,

Thank you for trying Easy Ads for Facebook Ads.

After checking your install history, it looks like you never accepted the charge. Consecutively, no charge should have been added to your invoice.

We have reached out to Shopify Partner support to report this issue, as billing for third party apps is handled by Shopify.

Please rest assured that this issue will be resolved as it seems to be a bug in the Shopify billing system. We also attempted to reach out to you many times on the live chat on your website and via email without luck. Kindly reply to our email so we can work together and getting resolved as soon as possible with Shopify.

Kindest Regards,



使用應用程式 10天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年5月30日

Hola Hogares,

Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de revisar la aplicación Easy Ads para Facebook.

La captura de pantalla que te enviamos por correo electrónico muestra tu historial de instalación. Instalaste la app el 9 de mayo y la desinstalaste el 19 de mayo, es decir, 10 días después. Nuestra prueba gratuita dura 7 días, así que es normal que te cobren después de que termine el periodo de prueba gratuito y aún tengas la app activada. También hemos confirmado que este es el caso con el soporte de Shopify Partner.

También nos hemos dado cuenta de que nunca te pusiste en contacto con nosotros a través de soporte para pedir ayuda o comentarios sobre tu tienda antes de publicar anuncios.

Hemos aprobado un reembolso completo para usted, por favor espere algún tiempo para que Shopify procese este reembolso. Para futuras referencias, si alguna vez tienes un problema con una aplicación de terceros, debes comunicárselo al desarrollador.

Si lo deseas, también estaremos encantados de ayudarte a validar tu tienda y productos para anuncios primero, configurar tu Business Manager después, y lanzar el embudo.

Sólo tiene que responder a nuestro correo electrónico.

Un saludo,



Tudo Coisas
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Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年7月6日

Oi Tudo,

Observe que você deixou uma avaliação de 1 estrela e não enviou uma mensagem.

Observe que sua assinatura foi de fato cancelada. Responda ao e-mail que lhe enviamos e informe-nos se a cobrança do aplicativo foi adicionada à sua fatura.



Worst experience i have had with this just wasted my money on ad spend, manually i was getting engagement and ad to carts, but using this i also lost the ad to carts. I was really impressed of what they were committing.

使用應用程式 5天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年7月27日


Thank you for taking the time to try Easy Ads for Facebook Ads. We're sorry you didn't like it.

Kindly note that getting sales depends on:

- If your store has clear branding, is designed for conversions, and has good copy.

- If your product has a proven market fit with the audiences you'll target via ads.

Users who have these prerequisites generate sales within the first 7 days of having the app installed. Simply launching an ad does not mean you will automatically get sales.

Easy Ads for Facebook Ads runs ads that redirect to your website product page. Which is why having a proven product and product page is required.

As a Meta Badged Professional Media Buyer, we tried to explain to you that in order to get results from the app, verifying that your website is fit for ads and your products have a proven market fit is required to use our app.

We also requested on several occasions that you share with us a screenshot of your Shopify bill to proceed with a charge reversal and even offered to provide you with a refund on the budget you spent on ads ($30 USD). We didn't hear back from you again.

Please note that our offer still stands, and as a Meta Badged Professional Media Buyer, we, unfortunately, cannot recommend you run ads for your website until you work on improving your website's UI and load speed.

Kindest Regards,


No me gustó para nada muy difícil de configurar y para cancelar el plan pero todavía no encuentro de donde cancelarlo hay mucho mejores que esta

使用應用程式 4天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年4月23日

Hola Rosen,

Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de probar Easy Ads for Facebook Ads. Lamentamos que no haya estado a la altura de tus expectativas.

Nos hemos dado cuenta de que uno de los puntos que has mencionado es que la aplicación es difícil de configurar y nos preguntábamos si te habías puesto en contacto con el servicio de asistencia, ya que no hemos podido encontrar ningún mensaje enviado con tu dirección de correo electrónico.

En cuanto a la imposibilidad de cancelar, ten en cuenta que Easy Ads for Facebook Ads es una aplicación de Shopify. Para cancelar cualquier aplicación de Shopify, lo único que tienes que hacer es desinstalarla de tu tienda.

Si quieres darle una segunda oportunidad a la aplicación, nos encantaría ayudarte con la configuración del Administrador de empresas, ya que te resultará beneficioso tener tu Administrador de empresas configurado correctamente, incluso si decides eliminar la aplicación más adelante, podrás publicar anuncios sin problemas.

A partir de hoy, usted tiene 7 días más en su prueba gratuita (que expira día a día), Si lo desea, puede seguir adelante e instalar la aplicación de nuevo y háganoslo saber para que podamos ayudarle.

Dinos lo que piensas.

Lo mejor,


Zero support over weekends which count towards the 7 day trial, so.the days are wasted and they are key social media advertising days. When I un-installed to start again on Monday I got an immediate email offering me an Extra 7 days free (I.e 14 days in total) so I did reinstall over the weekend. On Monday however when they were back on duty they backtracked on the extra 7 days and told me to uninstall and reinstall but I have a campaign running after much trial and error so that is not an option. Shocking service. I will let my campaign run, then uninstall and find an alternative. I don't do business with dishonest companies who don't keep to their word. It got worse. My generated by them got rejected by Meta for circumventing. I do not recommend them at all. After their response below I rechecked their email. It definitely said an ADDITIONAL 7 days over and above. If I could review any worse I would. Instead of just apologising they continue to try defend themselves and pass the blame to me. It is a useless app. Don't waste your time

使用應用程式 4天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年7月27日

Hi EQshoponline,

Thank you for trying Easy Ads for Facebook Ads, we're sorry you didn't like it.

Kindly note that the email you received is for restarting your 7-day free trial, not extending it. Kindly refer back to your inbox and re-read the email.

Uninstalling and installing the app is a requirement for applying free trial days, as it cannot be done (technically) while the app is still installed. Of course, when you uninstall our app, the campaign will be automatically deleted and you'll need to re-create it. This is a standard procedure that happens when anyone uninstalls our app.

Regarding your ads being rejected for circumventing, please note that the very definition of circumventing that you'll find on Meta is directly related to how your website is set up. It can also be a mistake, which you could report to Meta and request a manual review of your ads.

Kindest Regards,


Dear Maria Chan,

I appreciate your comprehensive response, albeit one that seems to play a complex game of semantics rather than address the core issues. I would like to clarify a few points you have unfortunately misconstrued.

It is notable that you choose to highlight the singular incident of profanity instead of focusing on the root cause of the frustration: the lack of direct support when I sought it. Instead of assigning a competent person to address my needs, I was redirected to a course – a course, I might add, that requires a submission of e-mail to a third party. Like click-bait. Possibly even against the facebook terms.

You mentioned the course is currently priced at $30, not $50 as advertised, (as an international company are you unaware of currency differences globally?) yet this is clearly an attempt to divert from the crux of the issue. You are right about one thing though: the video was not an SEO course. However, your deflection tactics do not take away from the fact that I was given a course instead of a solution.

Isn't it a tad odd that as a representative of the company, you are unaware of the pricing of your own product offerings? I would imagine that someone of your caliber would keep abreast of such critical details. I’m left to wonder how many others are being misled by these seemingly fluid facts.

I acknowledge that the language I used was inappropriate. It was borne out of frustration, not malice. However, it seems to me that you would rather focus on painting me as the villain than reflect on why such a situation arose in the first place. Does the customer service not bear any responsibility for escalating a situation to the point where a client feels unheard and frustrated?

As an esteemed Meta Ad Technology partner, shouldn't your priority be client satisfaction? Your focus seems to have taken a sharp turn from resolving customer complaints to nitpicking on the manner in which the complaints are conveyed.

In your last response, you offered to assist me again, but only under the condition of maintaining respectful communication. I find it interesting that you've now withdrawn from further replies on this thread. Is this the commitment you pledge to your customers?

To conclude, I would advise that you reconsider your strategies when dealing with customer grievances. It's apparent that there is more interest in winning an argument than solving the problem. A solution was what I sought; a debate was not.

Forever keeping the $50/ month you could have and watching as your 1-star reviews keep climbing..
Afterglow Party Lighting

You have have a significant number of 1 star reviews. Should you keep blaming me for your woes?

Afterglow Party Lighting
使用應用程式 2天
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年6月8日

Hi Afterglow Party Lighting,
Thank you for taking the time to review Easy Ads for Facebook Ads, we're sorry you didn't like it.
The type of ads Easy Ads for Facebook Ads launches is Advantage + Catalog ads, these ads by default, perform the best when the audience is broad, which is why the app doesn't have this feature as it can hinder your audience targeting.
Also, kindly note that Easy Ads for Facebook Ads is a badged Meta Ad Technology partner, companies get this badge after using the API for 5+ years, managing millions in ad spend, and providing a positive ROAS for customers. It is not granted to anyone or everyone.
We did indeed experience a miscommunication, which we apologized for and corrected. However, we do not tolerate the disrespectful manner in which you spoke with our support agents.
We'd be more than happy to assist you again with the condition that you maintain respectful communication.
The course shared with you is a FREE Facebook and Instagram Ads 101 course, kindly check the chat again. We do not offer SEO services nor do we have courses in this regard.
The course was shared with you because your question was about interests and the course has a detailed guide of finding interests. The agent misunderstood your question and thought the course would help you.
Here’s the course link again: https://101course.scalify.com/

**Again, this has been corected in the chat, apologized for, and and explained, yet you continued to be disrespectful.

All of our support agents are human, and it is disrespectful to insult them in this manner.
Our app subscription starts at $27.96 USD (all new users get 30% off their first three months) not 50 USD, and we have a 30-day refund policy that is granted without any extra questions asked.

Feel free to post the chat log, but please keep in mind that it against Shopify’s TOS.

The chat log also contains your disrespectful way of talking and profanity used against our support agent which we went ahead and reported equally to Shopify.

You have proved to not want a solution for the miscommunication occurred but to insult our agents and prodcut.

We won’t be adding any further replies on this thread.

Kindest Regards,
Maria Chan


This app EASY AND FOR FACEBOOK ADS was installed on May 18th and uninstalled on the same day. Then installed again on the 25th and uninstalled on the 26th, so it wasn't even used for 3 days and they're charging me 30 dollars for using it. I want to know where I can request a reversal of this app and find out if there is still an UNDUE SIGNATURE because I have never used it and will not accept a new charge and I want to review the one made now.

使用應用程式 大約22小時
Easy Ads 已回覆 2023年6月12日

Hi Andaleofficial,

Thank you for trying the Easy Ads for Facebook Ads app and taking the time to review it.

We noticed that you never reached out to support via any support channel. We also tried contacting you via email and WhatsApp without luck.

Kindly note that Shopify calculates trial days from the moment you add an app to your store. The trial period ends when it's expired, regardless of if you used an app or not. Since you installed the app on May 18th (as you can see in the screenshot shared with you via email), your free trial ended on May 25th.

Also, please note that you are charged by Shopify for any third party apps you install. App developers like us, have no access to your payment information or the ability to charge you, which is why the app's charge is added to your Shopify bill and not a separate bill.

In case you encounter this issue again, all you have to do is reach out to the app developer, our support email address and website are mentioned on the same page you left a review on.

Now, since the bill is not paid yet, we'd be more than happy to issue a complete charge reversal, as it is a standard request that happens all the time, when merchants are just testing an app and they get hit with an app charge.

Kindly reply to messages either on email or WhatsApp, and send us a screenshot of your bill that shows the app's charge being added to your bill as well as the currency.