Easy Automation

Easy Automation

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Apply actions to orders, products and customers automatically!

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Flow Automation

Automatically apply actions to orders, products and customers matching certain criteria. It requires no manual effort!

Free yourself from routine

By using automated actions your store will be always organized and running while you care of more important aspects of your business.

Improve Efficiency

Automatic tasks save a lot of manual effort that can be translated into more efficient processes. This, of course, lead to more profits.

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Flow Automation

Automate the flow for orders, products and customers matching certain criteria. You just need to setup your rules criteria and the corresponding actions. The app will take care of applying them to your orders, products and customers that match the criteria. Forget about manual tasks and save a huge amount of time!

The Power of Automation

Actions can be virtually anything that is allowed on the Shopify store. if you can't find the action you want to apply please ask us so we can consider adding it!

Build Flexible Rules to Apply the Actions

Use any order, product or customer attribute available in Shopify to build rules that match certain criteria.

Send Emails in Automatic

Send emails based on rules. You can also use any order, product or customer attribute in the email content and subject. The app has a powerful email templating system that uses variables like in Shopify liquid templates.

Create metafields

You can also create metafields if some criteria matches your orders, products or customers.

Need extra configuration?

Do you need some extra criteria or configuration while setting up your rules? Reach to us and we'll add it for you!

Need something else?

Just ask us to build it!

About The Company

We provide other social apps and useful utilities for your e-commerce business. Try them out and get started absolutely for free!



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  • sales@devcloudsoftware.com

料金 15日間の無料体験

Basic Plan


  • Up to 2,000 actions per month
  • Apply actions to orders, products and customers
  • Real time actions
  • Orders actions up to 6 months in the past

Standard plan


  • Up to 10,000 actions per month
  • Apply actions to orders, products and customers
  • Real time actions
  • Orders actions up to 6 months in the past

Advanced Plan


  • Up to 50,000 actions per month
  • Apply actions to orders, products and customers
  • Real time tagging
  • Orders actions up to 6 months in the past

Pro Plan


  • Up to 200,000 actions per month
  • Rules priority using dedicated queue instances
  • Long running processes
  • Unlimited past orders actions

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Excellent app for automation, easy to use & very powerful. Support is great, very quick and helpful.


Ah, yet another fantastic app from my favorite Shopify developer. Easy Tagging and Easy Reports have already helped me automate so much in our store, and this one is the missing link. It's basically Easy Tagging on steroids, as we now can DO stuff with the automation. With the amazing added feature of sending emails... And my man Juan added support for dynamic values and html in just a day ❤️ Some possibilities that opens up with this app:
*Hide out of stock products, and unhide when they're back in stock
*Build your own integrations by using dynamic content from emails, with Zapier(!!!) (Zapier can read the content in the emails, so this can fix any limitations in the Shopify API when automating)
*Email yourself when selling certain products
*Automatically block scammers from making a purchase if you have any
*Email your customer service when an order has taken too long, so you can follow them up (or have it email them directly!)
*Set up tailored Fulfillment emails for other integrations, using dynamic values and html And finally:
*Fix practically any shortcomings in Shopify compared other ecommerce platforms. And this one is key. Practically anything you previously haven't been able to do, can now be done. This one goes on my list of "must-have" Shopify apps for sure, and should be on yours too. Who wouldn't want to eliminate the need for an administration employee? Top this all off with spectacular support, and affordable pricing.


Really powerful automation app that allows us to automatically tag orders and customers when certain criteria and triggers are met. This app is essential for our daily operations, amazing support as well!



Thank you so much for your great feedback! Let us know if you need anything else :-)