Custom Collections Builder

Custom Collections Builder

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Build collections by most shared, most viewed and many more

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Increase conversion

Increase conversion by presenting your products in a more appealing way to your customers.

No maintenance

Work less by having dynamic collections that grow and change as your store evolves.

Boost with social networks

Create collections from your users interactions with your site like sharing or any other event.

Über Custom Collections Builder

Build your custom dynamic collections

Your store is continuously evolving. Easy Custom Collections Builder will let you create your custom dynamic collections which will change as your store evolves. The APP detects changes in your products and keeps collections up to date. You can create the following type of collections:

  • Last created products.
  • Last updated products.
  • Last published products.
  • Most visited products.
  • Most sold products.
  • Most benefit products.
  • Last sold products. -Last restocked products.
  • Stock ascendent products.
  • Stock descendent products.
  • Most rated products.
  • Randomised products.
  • Price increased or decreased products
  • Top Trending Most Sold products in the last 15, 30 or 60 days.
  • Top Trending Most Visited products in the last 15, 30 or 60 days.
  • Top Trending Most Benefit products in the last 15, 30 or 60 days.
  • Advanced collections.

Filter your Collections:

While creating the collection type you want. You will be able to apply the following filters:

  • Multiple product tags
  • Multiple product vendors.
  • Multiple product types.
  • Multiple product types containing also a tag or a vendor.
  • Multiple product titles.
  • Product price greater or lower than a certain price.
  • Product price between a price range.
  • Product Stock greater or lower than a certain stock.
  • Product Stock between a stock range.
  • Most sold & Most benefit collections can be filtered by country.
  • Exclude products from the collection containing a certain tag or title.

You will also be able to specify the size of your collection. For example, you can create a TOP 10 Collection, which would contain the 10 most sold products.

For the Most Sold and the Most Visited collections you will be able to show how many times a product has been sold or visited. We will save this information in the product metafields.

Collection Updates

You will be able to update Collections every week, day, 2hr hours or create instant sync collections.

Advanced Collections

With the advanced collections, you will be able to create all sorts of collections by just adding a class to your HTML markup.


Easy Custom Collections Builder is dead easy to use, creating collections have never been that easy. However, if you still have doubts the app contains an extensive section explaining who things work.



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  • 10 custom collections.
  • 250 products per collection.
  • 20 custom notifications.
  • Up to 5K products.



  • 15 custom collections.
  • 500 products per collection.
  • 20 custom notifications.
  • Up to 20K products.
  • Randomized collections.



  • 20 custom collections.
  • 500 products pr collection.
  • 20 custom notifications.
  • Up to 100K products.
  • Randomized collections.
  • Fast processing.

Pro Plus


  • 30 custom collections.
  • 1000 products per collection.
  • 20 custom notifications.
  • Up to 120K products.
  • Fast processing.
  • 2 Instant collections.

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Kinky Toy Store

This app works well and is easy to install. This app does what its claims do and is easy to manage. I recommend this app to all.

Antwort des Entwicklers

9. November 2021

Thanks for your review. We are very happy to see that our APP is helping your business.


I was using another collections app that was giving me some heartburn due to speed and accessible. Tried Custom Collections on a whim and was very pleased with the interface and the speed. On top that, they did a custom tweak for me that made all the difference in keeping my customers aware of what products were available in my collections. Recommended!

MyLang Books

I used this app for creating 'trending products' and 'weekly top 10 best sellers' to showcase on our shop's home page. It works like a charm! It is very easy to use and delivers value for money. I am yet to use the advanced collections feature that lets me auto-create collections based on custom events, which seems like a very useful idea! Also, their support was pretty responsive. I recommend this app to other merchants here. One really useful feature that they can add would be: to help create a collection of randomized products meeting certain criteria, which could refresh every day/hour/week etc. This could then be used to set up automated deals.