Easy Color Swatches

Easy Color Swatches


Convert your product options into color swatches with ease

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有關 Easy Color Swatches

Easy Color Swatches

The purpose of the app is to convert product variant options (typically dropdowns) into color-, image-, or text swatches. The app provides the following types of swatches:

  • Text swatches
  • Color swatches
  • Multi-color swatches
  • Image swatches

If your product has multiple variant options you can use different swatch types at the same time. For example, use color swatches for color options, and text swatches for size options. Or upload your own images and show your product variants as image swatches.

You can manage swatches per product individually or globally for all products at once, what saves time. The configuration is simple:

  1. Select a product from the list you want to manage color swatches for.
  2. Choose the swatches shape: Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded.
  3. Choose the swatches size: Small, Medium, Large, or Custom.
  4. Select colors or upload images for option values.

If you have a lot of products with the same variant options simply create "global swatches". It is no longer needed to configure swatches for each product individually. All products with the same option will load the global swatch configuration. Just list all option names and all possible values, and configure them in one place.

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Nos utilisons cette app pour ajouter des Swatches à notre système de personnalisation afin de pouvoir gérer les stocks. Elle fonctionne parfaitement et est très facile à prendre en main. Elle est complète et a beaucoup d'options. Le service client est vraiment extra et rapide. Ils ont répondu à toutes nos questions et nous n'avons eu aucun problème. Ayant testé d'autres app, je ne peux que recommander vivement cette dernière :-)


apps works great . we had a few issues to set it properly with our theme and the support team is really very quick to support . Thank you for all your efforts and help . Highly recommended