Easy Digital Products

Easy Digital Products

de Axel Hardy

Sell digital downloads, products and keys in a few clicks.

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Easy to Use

Attach any files to your products or variants automatically. Upload them fast and track digital orders in the app with advanced analytics!


Easily customize the buttons, texts and the email sent to your customers with a lot of options & templates in just one click!

License Keys & More

Run your license keys business with our advanced features. Protect your files with PDF Stamping, use your own SMTP server, our API and more!

Acerca de Easy Digital Products

Selling digital products has never been easier

Thanks to our user friendly interface, you will be able to transform your products into digital ones in just a few clicks. Pick a product, upload up to 10 files to the same product or variant and that's it! Download buttons will then appear on the order's confirmation page and email.

How does it work?

1 - Pick a product (or a variant)

Create a product in the Shopify admin and select it from our app.

2 - Attach up to 10 files

Open the popup to attach up to 10 files to your product or variant or add the file by simply pasting its URL.

3 - Upload the file and pick options

Upload your files in one click and configure them with powerful integrated features such as license keys, download limits and more.

4 - Orders are made... Download buttons appear!

When an order is made on a digital product, download buttons will appear instantly in the order's confirmation page and in the email received by your customer. If you picked this option, a license key will be displayed next to the download buttons.

5 - You're done!

It's simple as that! Repeat the process for the products you want and make your customers happy to download your files instantly!


  • Now supports attaching files to multiple VARIANTS of products!
  • Incredibly easy-to-use : drag & drop, just 2 clicks to add a file to a product
  • PDF Stamping / PDF Watermark : our app will automatically add the details of your customer on each page of your PDFs to avoid them to be redistributed by malicious users
  • Add by URL : already have your file uploaded externally? Just paste its URL into the app (you can also upload it, of course)
  • Automatic download button : when a file is attached to a product, the download button automatically appears on the order's page. No technical knowledge required.
  • Email template : customize the email your customers will receive when they purchase some digital products on your store
  • Show or hide the download button if you want to only sell license keys
  • Automatic license key : generate a random license key for each order
  • Automatic fulfillment : in one click you can tell if you want the orders to be automatically fulfilled or not
  • Import your own license keys : use your own license keys and they will be attached to each orders made on your store
  • Add your own license keys with tag features
  • API
  • Analytics : track digital orders & downloads stats
  • Download limits : set a limit on the number of maximum downloads for each order
  • Custom SMTP
  • and so much more!

The app is regularly updated based on merchants reviews! Don't hesitate to send me an email if you have an idea to improve the app :)

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  • 3 products
  • 100MB Storage
  • Max 30 Digital Orders per Month
  • License Keys
  • API



  • 10 products
  • 1GB Storage
  • Unlimited Orders
  • License Keys
  • PDF Stamping
  • Downloads Limit
  • Files by URL
  • API
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ...and more!



  • 30 products
  • 5GB Storage
  • Unlimited Orders
  • License Keys
  • PDF Stamping
  • Downloads Limit
  • Files by URL
  • API
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ...and more!



  • 100 products
  • 20GB Storage
  • Unlimited Orders
  • License Keys
  • PDF Stamping
  • Downloads Limit
  • Files by URL
  • API
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • And more!

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


Amazing app. Very easy to use and works very well. The support that offers the developer is also excellent. He has solved an issue i had by updating the app in less than 1 hour!

Respuesta del desarrollador

13 de octubre de 2021

Thank you so much! I'm always happy to help so don't hesitate to come back to me if you have any other questions with the app. Thanks again for your messages yesterday and glad you liked the app :)

SaaS Design

Amazing app that works very smoothly - I haven't received a single support ticket related to customers needing help downloading their digital products, which is the best possible outcome for me. Since my customers use it without any issues or hassle, I'm happy and they are happy. The developer of this app is also very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!

Respuesta del desarrollador

23 de septiembre de 2021

Thank you so much for your amazing review! If the app brings value to you and your customers, my goal is reached. New features are coming to the app in the next few days / weeks, I hope you will like them as well :) . Thanks again!

El Print Latino

Support is great - super easy to use. Very reasonably priced - highly recommend 10/10. Really enjoying and so far no issues with customers downloading!

Respuesta del desarrollador

16 de septiembre de 2021

Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you mentioned the fact that the app is easy to use : it's definitely one of my main priorities when I add new features. Don't hesitate to ask if you need anything else, I'm always happy to help. And thanks again for your kind words :)